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Sunday, August 16, 2009


Da Special Kitty Unit all founded homes on Sunny Day!!

Harlee went furst.
Den Munch and Olivia wents to a home.
Den Elliot and Bella wents to anufur home!!

We finks dats funny dat Munch and Olivia iz purrtnerz now!

Elliot lufs Bella... Him waz groomin hur and upside down doin da Q!
Mom hopes ta hafs fotohz and a longer update, but Ize wanna gohs home now!

-Daisy May

(Daisy iz meowling and gonna keeps our frind Mike up...and he hazta goh 2 werks at 5:30 in da mornin! Itz akshully 10:20 on Sunny day rite now... Soh short update and longer one latur! -Katie Kat who iz nots in France.)

Now ifnz dat Maxie goh bye bye to a noo homz!!!
- Bootsie Woo
who iz having a luv/hate time bout Maxie,
cuz hur is skered of big male catz.

In da meenz timez, pleez reed bout Gloria da Kat
who waz rescrood frum a
glass crushin machine!
Gloria gets Rescued!
Hur iz in Marblehead Masstoosetts
and needz a home

- Katie Too

=^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^=
(12:50 AM) Diz here is Daisy n Katie Too wif dis biggur update...dis kinda da storee.

On Sunny Day, Me (Daisy May) n da Special Kitten Unit wints 2 our frind Mike's house 2 waits on dehr noo detective misshunz. Dey lurned about hallways and dat carpet tiles are not alien creeturhz efn if dey flops up frum da floor and curtainz iz nots fur climbin...

Harlee was da furst ta goh... hur wints on an "
In Plain Sight," Furry Bureau uf Investigashun mission to purrtekt a nise lady in an apurrtmint wif a shitzu named Bella. Mom iz gonna calls da ladee latur dis week n see how Harlee iz doin. Hur iz gonna gets a noo name fur dis witness purrtekshun misshun.

Den da uther 4 wents sleepy til dehr misshun peeplez came.

Olivia and Munch purrtnurd on an undercover mission to investigatez a hows wifs an oranje gentleman cat... Since dey is undercover, dehr names will be diffurnt. Da peeplez dat iz handlin dat case will email us a repurt and promised dat dis iz an inside mission.

Elliot and Bella wents on a diffurnt assignment to helps a teen age gurl named Sarah dat is takin fotograf n actin classes. Dey willz be keepin dehr names n Sarah iz gonna sindz fotohs uv dem.... Sarah's Mom fell in luf wif Elliot and Sarah likes Bella lots so dats iz goods!

Sarah came by wif hur brother rite after Harlee left. Sara waz gonna jus pik up Bella fur dat misshun, but wanted two kittens (she liked Munch). She hads to talk to her Mom Bean furst bout takin any kittenz fur a missun at all. After Sarah left, Ellie fell in luvs wif Bella and givved hur a bath...den Munch and Olivia gotted pikked afore Sarah came bak wif hur Mom. So we wz furry glad whn Sarah's Mom let Ellie n Bella both goh on da same misshun!!

Daisy May and Katie Kat.


  1. Congratulations on finding homes for your da babies. Now if you can just have the same luck with getting your house in shape for da inspection.

  2. We are over the top happy the kitties all found good homes to go to....

  3. We're so please that all of the little kitties have new homes now. Sending big purrs to help them settle in, and for Maxie to find his own home,


    Gypsy & Tasha

  4. This is great news. We will purr that Maxie finds hos place soon.

  5. I am glad the babies found a forever home. I would like to send a bunch of purrs to you guys, love cats.

  6. Oh, that's wonderful good news!

    Rocky & staff

  7. So glad they all found new homes.. Thank you for visiting me.. I love visitors.. I will put you on my visiting list for sure..

    Hugs GJ xx

  8. We are all soooo glad that every one of the kittens found good homes, and that most of them were paired off so they have at least that consistency! That's so wonderful!


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