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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Our Nana iz furry sik...

Diz iz Bibi Gurl repurrtin... Ize lives wifs Katie Purrsons Mom.

Plz lets efurrybuddy knoh dats Katie Purrsonz Mom iz furry sik.

Hur iz da Nana purrson (granmawmee) to da Katie Katz and hur iz Katiez Mommy too. Katie iz Mai Sisfur Purrson.

Andywayz, Nana Mom bin sik fur sum dayz and nots gettin bettur.

Hur hadz a blokage in hur tummy dat passed yessurday n hur iz hurted and coods be bleedin wehr dat blokage waz...Hur pulse iz way 2 hi. Da Katie purrson iz comin home ta takes hur to hospittal.

Da Katie purrson wz tryin ta makes green fings by givin beanz derh fonebooks - why dey need doze I dontz knoh... but hur iz takin da whole trukful bak cuz Nana Mom iz bad sik. Me iz furry worreed.

And plez purr fur Nana Mom and my sissur bean Katie. Deyz needs ta cums up wif 438.00 greenz by 30th ta makez our house paymint... Ize like dis house.

Ms Bibi Gurl

UPDATE: Nana iz a bit bettur...hur blokage iz goned, but hurz intestinez hurtz still. Hur wants to wait til morning and goh tooze clinic and not scary emergencee room. Weze keep u posted... Katie Too
(One goods fing... da Katie Katz iz ats LOL SPOT - fur sum comedy reliefs - plz scroll down till ya see Daisy and Two Kits... We iz da August 19 posting - Katie Too)


  1. We's purring an purraying fur you Nana Bean and Bibi Baby, hers kitty.
    Love & Purrs,

  2. We are purring very hard for you, your Nana and Katie and the Katie Katz. Wish many good things for you!

  3. We are sending out all our positive healing energy for your mama to get well. We hope for good news soon.

  4. Sending lots of purrs to your Nana so that she is better real soon.

  5. I hope and pray that Nana will get well soon. I also hope that you can get the green papers you need.

  6. I am praying for Nana, hope she has a complete recovery.

  7. Just dropped by to see if there was any news about Nana. We hope she is ok and feeling better now.

    Whicky & Family


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