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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Precious Princess Update 2

Princess just loves brushing and will even reach up for the brush when I stop! 
I think she likes dangly toys.  Will check that out.

She is such a dainty lightweight girl underneath all that purrtee fur.  I believe my mother's neighbor told me last December that Princess was around 8 years old.

She seems to like corn free dry food that I feed my other foster kitties.  (I found one at Walmart.)  I am also feeding her Healthful Life by Purina and small amounts of canned food as a treat. (She likes Fancy Feast!) So far she hasn't shown any signs of more constipation, and she likes her litter box with fragrance free corn litter called Fresh Results (
Her love of brushing will help keep a lot of fur out of her tummy.
Having the Miralax that Dr. Jones recommended to have on hand is still a good idea.

She still has some watery eyes and stuffed nose issues, but has remarkably improved.   
Dr. Jones recommended using a saline solution to clean her eyes and I've tried that and the tiniest bit of mentholatum on top of her nose.  Her purrs are sounding much clearer (instead of sounding like snoring, poor little sweetie.)

My tuxie girl, Katie Kitty Too sometimes gets watery eyes. A lysine product called Viralys and an ophthalmic ointment seemed to help Katie Too.

Any one who has or had Persian kitties with stuffy noses or runny eyes?
If so, what did your vet recommend?
Also Princess already has a potential new mommy!!
Purrz for Princess,
Katie Kat.

More Photos Furry soon...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Precious Princess

These are photos of Princess sitting on the counter at the vet's office.  Isn't she a ham!!! She gotz her bath done and her fiestiness all back.  Hur am all ready to get outta there!!

All her organs tested just fine!! No diabetes and nothing wrong with her thyroid! Dr. Jones (Cat Hospital of Wichita) said Princess might need a laxative when her gets too much hair in her tummy, and recommended Miralax. 

Monday and Tuesday this little precious girl had no constipation so far while eating corn free food.

She has been furry good and using her litter box like a big girl.  She is already gaining weight, her eyes are clearing up, but still has the sniffles. The petite sweetie tries to purr and ends up sneezing.

She just finished her antibiotics... will see if she needs anymore.  The tiniest bit of Mentholatum on her itty bitty nose helped a lot this evening.

Thanks for all your purrz, purrayerz and support of Precious Princess...

Hugz and Paddy Pawz,
Katie Kat.
(p. s. just changed the margins on the blog layout. plz let me know if it is too wide for you monitors. kthx )

Sunday, March 18, 2012


More Good Mewz!! No Thyroid problems!
More in new post. Purrz,
Katie Kat.

=^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^=

Good News about Princess!  

Took her to the Cat Hospital yesterday.
No diabetes!!!   She may have an overactive thyroid which means she will just have to take a pill everyday, but she is so good with taking pills.

The antibiotics are making her feel better.  She's eating and drinking water just fine.
She is staying at the vets until Monday.  

Princess is constipated though and will get an enema.  And a real bath!
Such a spunky little girl.

More details furry soon.

Purrz n Kitty Hugz,
Katie Kat

Purrz p.s.  Will find out how much this cost on Monday.  My brother is going to help up front, but will need to be repaid.  If anyone can help, please use the donate button on the right.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Help me Save Princess the Persian Kitty

The Mom - that is me - haz been furry overwhelmed lately by all sorts of stuffoms, specially by caring for umpteen kittiez....

This kitty needs help asap.  Her name is Princess and was living with My Mother's Neighbor who brought her home from the humane society.  This is how she looked in December.  A small healthy older kitty with a feisty but gentle lady cattitude. That's me holding Princess while MMN takes the photo.   

Here is Princess today all scruffy looking after I tried to give her a bath with warm vinegar water and trimmed some matted fur.

When My Mother's Neighbor was evicted from her home almost two weeks ago, she left her cats and puppy with "A Neighbor" who couldn't care for Princess. Not that she didn't try, just too much responsibility for "A Neighbor" to handle - she was afraid to handle a petite older cat.  Princess was left in a carrier where she soiled herself constantly. Her carrier was cleaned, but not Princess.

Unknown when she became ill before or after the eviction, since I was told that Princess began hiding and not using the litter box after Halo, the male cat My Mother's Neighbor had lost last year was found and brought home from the humane society more than a month ago.

Princess is furry sick, but eating and drinking lots of water for now.  She may have developed diabetes.  She holds her urine in for way too long and has the sniffles.  I gave her some Clavamox today and hope to take her to the vet in the morning.  She desperately needs an auction to pay for her bills. (all funds fur Princess Auction will help Princess only) My brother will help fund tomorrow's visit, but will need to be paid back as soon as possible.

If Princess perks up after vet care, I may have a home for her in Oklahoma with a member of a Persian Rescue Group.  Princess needs lots of Healing Purrs too.

Hugz n Paddy Pawz,
Katie Kat