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Friday, August 30, 2013

Indubitably Doobie Repurrting

Hellow every furry purrson, So much happened sense last post dats da Mom haves been tireds and starin at da pootur wif writing blocks.... Ize hads lots of cat naps soh me do da post today.

Furst we knohs its am Fridaze, but weze wants to say a Thankful for Thursdays.

Last week da foster lady (dat waz lookin after Angel an hur kittens) gotted really bad hurted.

Some mean man clawed her wif a knife.  Her gotted slashed under her arm and her neck and hads to go to hospital. We ams so furry thankful her am alive.  

Weze also thankful her proudly served in da military.  And weze am sooo thankful dats her lovez animals and loves helpin save dehr lives.

Buts we am mads dat all da news medias repurrted dat her waz da one wif a knife...  dats sooh dumb... how cum u am all dum, Newz Repurrterz???  (Plz helps da mom tell deze newz repurrterz how dum day are and comments on deze articles - links above. Plz looks fur the moms comments. Ifns u wants more info, just email da mom.  Fanks!)

Thankfully dat mean man waz all rested... noh dats not right... MOM!!!

Oh... him was Arr Rested.  dats meen him was growled at, puts in a cage and cant get out!! YAY!  Bad Man go bye bye!

Last week Mom got Angel n Kittens cuz da foster mom can't look after them now.   

Day stayin at a house Mom's fambly needs to sell. Mom checks on dem evfurry day. Dayz doin real goods... and bout 4 weeks old.  Dayz eatin sum soft yummies and nursing wifs Mommy Angel. 

Seconds, Laurie and Lulu ams doins much betters now from the sniffles.  (Weze am Thankful dats Annie not gotted sicks!) 
Annie May
But Joey had to haves a different antibiotic.  Da Clavamox not worked fur him and him was wheezy and stuffs last weekend. Soh Dr. Johnson. gave the Mom sum doxycycline and cerenia fur him.  Hur crushed da doxycycline in Joey's foods n him ate it! Da cerenia pill am small n easy to takes wif food.  Joey now nots haves any wheezies.... 

Well da Mom hopes to gets my nieces and nephew, dats Lulu, Laurie, Annie and Joey, dehr lady and gentleman opurrayshuns furry soon and her am still looking fur dehr furever Mommies. And Angels 4 kitties gonna needs to find dehr furever Mommies furry soon too. (here am Laurie, Joey and Lulu on da couch)

Purrz Indoobietably,
Uncle Doobie Davey.
(I'm trying to talks the Mom in keeping me wifs hur... I gots a plan....)


  1. OMC, we are so sorry to hear that the foster lady got hurt like that. How terrible! We're glad to hear that Angel and the kittens are doing better and are safe and sound with another foster. Hopefully Joey's new antibiotic makes him feel better. We're purring for him!

    1. Actually, not another foster... although the Mom is looking for one. The entry got corrected... Angel and the kits are at another house that needs to be sold so that the Mom and Nana can find a home to live in together... The Mom can't live there due to mineral dust from ceiling tile in some rooms that she is sensitive to.

  2. We hope the foster lady recovers soon and isn't too traumatised by that awful attack.

    The kittens are looking so well, and the others too, we hope new homes can be found very soon for all

  3. These photos are so wonderful! I can see you really have your hands full. God bless you for the willingness to care for these dear sweet kitties!



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