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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Urgent Need For Silvia Today And Opt to Adopt

UPDATE:  Good Mewz! Silvia now has 120.00 toward rent for today! Only 30 more dollars needed.  Thank you so much!  She goes to the new house to clean tomorrow and rest of the week.  Silvia also has 2 interviews this week: one as a church receptionist and the other for office help.  Thank you for all your prayers for Guero.  He did not have to go to vet yesterday!  Hooray - so far Guero is winning the Pee Wars, just like Brian at Brian's Home! Gordo is doing better too, he coughed up some ginormous hairballs. Bless his heart - nothing serious.  

Purrz and Prayerz from Katie and Silvia.  
Please share! Almost there for Today! 

Silvia loves her fur babies and would do anything for them...

It is for her kitties that this fundraiser is so urgently needed until she has steady income. Because of ice storms yesterday, I was stuck at my house with no access to the internet, no smart phone and couldn't post an update... 

Just found out that for past 3 days, Gordo has vomitted off and on. Sent message to Silvia asking about Gordo. And thank goodness only hairballs!  Mol!

There is only 35.00 for rent today!! Only need 115.00 more dollars.

If money comes in today, I can use my PayPal card to pay. Silvia has to have rent by this evening. 

Please, Please share. 
Thank you so much... 

Katie Kat, Silvia
And her fur babies, 
Gordo, Guero, Ronnie, Natasha and kitty Mom Narcisca.

 About Pixie:
Pixie is not in the shelter, but in foster care. Please call (316) 524-9196 to learn how to visit her! "Hello! I'm a very sweet kitty that LOVES attention, but only when I ask for it. Don't worry, I'll be sure to let you know when I'm ready. I LOVE to play - wand toys are my FAVORITE! I also like to play with water from the faucet and try to bite the water - I'm so silly!"  See More 
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November 14, 2015

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  1. We sure pray some help will come through.

  2. We too hope that help will come through !
    The only good thing about the mom-persons all work work work is the green papers she will get for it next month :)

  3. Hope Silviz can come up with the rent. Glad everyone is helping her out and that Glad to hear that Guero is doing better.Good news all the way around.

  4. guys....heerz hopin all de best for Silvia N we haz 984 paws crossed her getz her new job ♥♥♥

  5. Pixie is beautiful and we are keeping paws crossed for Silvia. Thanks for joining the Tuesday Tails Blog Hop!


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