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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Pearl Growed and Mitchel's Urgent Mewz

Pearl am Growed... 

 Pearl went from 1.33 lbs to over 2 lbs in seven days! Her am at least 8 weeks old. Katie Mom started her on a different antibiotic yesfurday. Her am still sneezing, but gots lots of energy and eating goods... Please keeps her in your purrz. 

Tons of Thanks to Erin the Cat Princess, Pearl still has funds for blood work or xrays if she still keeps having breathing trubble. Will keep ever furry one posted...

-Katie Kitty Too, Jr Repurrter

5pm UPDATE: Liz took Mitchel and Stormy to Carbondale Veterinary Clinic at 3:00pm CST. Mitchel knocked down a pepper plant and Stormy chewed up a pepper, then threw up and nearly passed out... Stormy got something for pain and inflammation. Mitchel had an upper respiratory infection. enlarged glands and tummy sick. My vet had only dewormed for round worms. Mitchel got a tummy calmer, steroid, antibiotics and another broad spectrum dewormer.

Bill was $202.48. Any amount toward  vet bill to Liz's paypal snowbearsmom at gmail dot com would really help. Will keep you posted on how Mitchel and Stormy are doing. (Liz also makes beautiful rosaries if anyone is interested in exchange for paying) -Katie

Mitchel and hims mew friend Worf (see Mr. Worf and Stormy):
EMERGENCY PURRZ PLEASE / CALLING ALL PURR WARRIORS.  Mitchel needs to go back to vet asap!

Mitchel started a low grade fever again and lethargic this morning...does not want to eat. Drinking water. Vomiting again.

His Mew mom Liz Cornish needs to get him back to vet asap. (Mitchel is negative for FIV/FLV and previously tested for Distemper/Parvo.) 

He responded well to Amox and mirtazipine last time, funds needed for blood work and tests not done before. She goes to Carbondale Vet Hospital in Topeka, KS.

Yet the vet isn't set up to take payments over the phone. Please send what you can to his Mew Mom's paypal - snowbearsmom at gmail dot com vs sending to KFM - that way she can use it asap. Paypal email is snowbearsmom at gmail dot com 
(Will find out if her vet can take checks mailed in care of Liz' account.)

Thank you fur your purrs and helps fur Mitchel. 

- Katie the Mom and 
Katie Kitty Too, Jr. Repurrter.

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  1. Poor sweet Michel, we sure hope he makes it and we're sure purring and praying. We sent some green papers to his Mom.

  2. We are glad Pearl is growing and we will keep on purring! Poor Mitchel. We are purring and praying for him and his mom, too!

  3. I am glad Pearl is doing well and I am praying for everyone else.

  4. Update on Mitchel - Bill is paid! Thank you so much! Posting thankful Thursday sometime tonight. - Katie Kat

    1. Didn't make it over to my brother's house until now... posting thursday update


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