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Saturday, July 23, 2016

A Barrelful of Updates and Art Too.

Pearly Updates Furst

Helloo!?! This am Pearl... I get to help write most of the blog today.  I wents back to vet this morning. Thats why we am lates with Caturday.  My lungs am much betters. I still gots nasal congestion so Katie had to buy me more yucky pills... Dr. Jones am furry nice and played with me. I like her temp thingy goes in ears...and makes funny noise! Katie missed taking my photo when I jumped and looked at thermometer... What you make sound in my ear for?

Katie thoughts I was almost 3 pounds... nope. last time I weighed likes 2.40 (not 2.80)... Today I weighed 2.60.  I gaining slowly now.  Having lots of pooh cause of yucky pills doesn't helps gain weight though.  And I don't get the litter box thingies just yet unless I'm in my sleepy kennel.  Imodium made me jittery. I hates jittery... I feel like giving Katie the bitey then! Katie Mom gots me some yogurts fur my tummy instead.  She let you know if I likes it and if dat helps with me has less potty accidents! I likes eating Iams and that foods gots prebiotics. Katie gonna gives me more Iams and less Sheba fur now.  

Puppy Arts
Has you seen Katie Mom's pretty Puppy arts?  Her am almost done with dat... Just gots to brighten eyes, do more shading and finish background. Den her done. Her say it not purrfessional... what dat mean? I don't remember meeting any puppies afore, I might likes to play with a small puppy though. When her done with puppy then the puppys mommy will buy the drawing. Katie going to lets the Mommy decide how much it worth to buy.
- Purrz from Lil Pearl Electra

Maxwell Tigger Has Rash Again
Hello Internets. I don't blog alot. I like to stay laid back and out of the way. I'm actually a very big fraidy cat, although I do love a good game of track ball and hanging out in a cool sink. I'm one of Katies oldest cats, around 7 or 8 years old... Mom needs to check the calendar.  You may have read about me last month when I hurted my paw. (Maxwell Tigger) All healed now. If I could just get rid of this rash.  I'm taking little pills every day and seems to help. When the rash is down, I will have Revolution in case fleas am the culprit. Could be seasonal allergies or could be foods.  Please keeps me in your purrz.  -Maxwell Tigger.

On Monday, Katie has to takes Uncle Mike's car to the auto doctor, cause she gotted rear ended... (Insurance will be fixing the bumper and trunk)

Thanks to his mew Mom Liz sending photos, 
Young Mitchel wants to share more handsomeness on Selfie Sunday!

And now fur some really purrful mewz...
Silvia and I were sure she would have a part time job with a rescue friend doing housework by this week. Several scheduling conflicts, accidents and Facebook glitches later - hasn't materialized  May still be a possibility - yet past time to check other avenues. For those who have asked what about McDonalds or Walmart or anywhere? She has applied to both and more.  We haven't updated lately because of the generosity of caring folks, her rent and food has been paid. All your help for Silvia and her cats have gone to her and no one else. Yet that job we were counting on may not materialize. I was so sure that the rescuer who found Mitchel was going to interview Silvia and have her go out on a job by now, that I tripped on the don't put all your eggs in one basket sign...  Here we are at square one needing 150.00 for rent next week. 

Silvia's heart is so compassionate... 
This kitty comes to Silvia's motel room every night looking for food and someone to love him. KFM is trying to get him local help with a foster and vet attention. Right Now, he needs funds to be seen and someplace to go after the vet visit.  Wichita Animal Action League may be able to take him in and keep the kitty at their vet for the 3 day hold, get his FLV/FIV tests and antibiotics for wound on his face. If he is negative for FLV/FIV, he can be placed with a foster. Looking into other possibilities too of someone who can take him in.

He's very shy, but friendly. We may have someone who can help get him on Sunday, but not sure where he will go after that.  All up in the air and needs lots of purrs... I am hoping if any amount of funds comes in for him, that WAAL will step up to the plate and help. I don't have anyplace to keep him and Silvia can't risk her kitties either.  WAAL just needs a good faith effort up front that some funds will be there for his vet bill.  FIV/FLV test, possibly lancing the wound and antibiotics, plus something for fleas and worms...

Thanks and May God Bless you fur all your Purrz, Prayers and Support of God's creatures great and small...
-Katie Kat.

Purr.S. As you can see by the photo above, I'm drawing again! And I would love to draw your sweetheart for any donation to help Katiez Furry Mewz. 

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  1. I am praying for you all to be better and get the moneys you need.

  2. I've never seen a vet use an ear thermometer. what a great idea, much better than the other end.. We are purring and praying for all of yous!

  3. We sure do hope all works out for everyone!

  4. Hope everything works out for you all.

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  5. Hope everybody feels better soon and it all works out,xx Speedy

  6. Hope everybody is better very soon!
    Have a super Sunday...

    Noodle and crew

  7. Oh No, mommy's heart skipped a beat when we read da pawrt 'bout Iams. It has been known to cause pee purroblems fur kitties. Mommy had a kitty dat developed serious stones after eatin' a bg of Iams. And da fing is, da Sheba and Iams be made by da same company. MOL Anyways, we's sendin' purrayers.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

    1. oh my... we didn't know that Iams had caused problems fur kitties... It gots the best prebiotics. Us kitties barely affords dats Iams. Weze can't afford another higher priced food. You gots any suggestions? Katie Kitty Too, dats me, I eats corn free Authority... -Katie Too.

    2. Maybe you can buy da pro-biotics and use it on da Authority. Not sure why da pro-biotics are a concern, but there are several foods touting those these days. And of course they can be bought separately. We'd have to look fur da name, but one of da Astro's powders we gave to sis Lexi was a pro-biotic, and it would be more economical and better fur da kitties than da Iams. Sorry to have worried you, but there are certain foods dat cause us to panic cuz of da effects they've had on animals. We did say dat da same company makes da Sheba, and Sheba's not been known to cause any such purroblems. We don't know how much Iams costs, but there are purretty decent cheaper type foods, such as Food fur da cat lover's soul, Authority, and a few more. You might check da website where you could read about a lot of different foods in one place for comparison and read a few reviews too. Dat's what mommy does a lot. Sendin' purrayers.

      Luv ya'

      Dezi and Raena

    3. Thank you furs some advices on foods... The Iams Probiotics was fur Doobie having good pooh with that... Da Cat Lady Doctor didn't say nuffin about Iams Kitten being bads... and her am goods at letting folks know. We could try da PetsMart Authority fur Kittens. -Katie Kitty Too.

  8. We're purring and praying for you all, dear ones!

  9. We cross our paws and hope everything goes well and you all feel better very soon. Purrs


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