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Sunday, July 03, 2016

Rescued Kitten's Furry Furst Selfie Evers

Dis where you do selfies???  
Pearl has singed whiskers
Da Katie Lady call me Pearl (Pearl Electra). Her and Uncle Mike rescued me from parking lot ( Walgreens - like CVS) right afore tons of rainy waters fall down yesfurday. And me not has gotted founded if Uncle Mikes and Katie gone to other store... but lightning hits sompin and dat store hads no power!  So Wow! Dat lightning saved my lifes... cause dey wents to da store where I gotted losted instead.

Pearl in her rescue blanky.
How I gets to parking lot? Katie thinks me hidded in a moving rumbly warm metal thing with wheels and when dat stopped... ouch! my whiskers!  I ranned out and not know where me waz.  Me finks beens in dat bush fur likes evers! hungry and cold and all bony. Me only weighs abouts one and a quarter pounds. What happened to Mommy Cat??? Me cried and cried fur her...she nebers come.  Uncle Mikes and Katie Lady saw me and wanted to helps, but me scared...I hid in bushes. Den me hears a Mommy mew sounds... Me come to edge of bush and stared at Katie Lady. Me mewed, cause her calling likes Mommy Cat did. 

You nots Mommy! Me not lets her touch meze... Me ranned back under bushes and found yummy stuff (Friskies) and gobbled dats up! Uncle Mike was onda other side of the bush and he gotted me in dis blankie when I ated.  Ize already beens on Facebooks cause dats all Katie cans do on dat fing her holded.  (mobile phone... tried to blog from mobile and got an error message this morning: the browser you are using is not supported... Windows browser!?! mol.)

Well me was soo hungries dats I ated too much (Friskies) and couldn't tell difference Katie's fingers and foods... I nipped. I gots teefs!  Katie had to rub my tummy to gets it to works.  I kept my foods down buts has runny pooh... and I dont wants to eats no mores. I may haz bronchial congestion too.
All me knohz dats hard to meowz now. Me been crying too longs and tummy gots heart burn and my purrz nots rights (clicking sound when she purrs... that's the trachea trying to close) Katie want takes me to vets, yet all dis Fourth stuffs and booming noises...dehrs no vet peeples til Tuesday, unless her takes me to ER and what am greenies? Katie say her not has any... Hard to breethes and hard to keeps foods down. I no want to be sicks.  I love shoulders... and I wants to grows and get biggers with a forever Mommy.

All dem scary booming and crackling nosies...  wait maybe dats how I gotted scared and hid inda car engine?  or was dats thunder... me only member my mommy loving me and feeding me milk and den me lost!!!  And den Me gotts saved right afore da rainy happen and soo much waters fall down dats all the roads waz flooded... Me glad not in bush no mores.  Can you helps me gets to a forever Mommy and help me gets to vets? Katie lady said dehrs a buttons on the side.  ME WANTS TO FEEL BETTERS! AND GETS LOVES...

-Purrz from Little Pearl Electra.
In other Mewz, Mitchel doing really well and had is furry bestest poo today.  He is still taking antibiotics, but he is well enough to travel to his forever home tomorrow... 

Only thing - need someone to watch over Pearl and she needs to be seen by a vet asap.  I don't want her to stay alone, because I hear clicking when she purrs... Need to make sure she doesn't have a collapsing trachea, which would mean she could fall asleep and stop breathing.

Her upset tummy is keeping her from eating. She did not have any fleas, amazing! She started her purr motor the minute that Mike caught her in the blanket.  

Providence brought Mike and I to that Walgreens... I had found a completed throwaway Walgreens camera from ages ago. Been carrying it around for weeks. Something told me to take care of that camera right now! We had planned on stopping by a different Walgreens to find out if they still developed film, but that particular store was in a power outage.  Wound up going to the one where we found little Pearl.  Then of all miracles, the rain waited until she was safely in the car, where upon the sky poured so hard, the depression in the bushes where she was staying would have filled up with water...

Please pray we find a way to get her to the vets and someone to look after her or of all miracles, someone to take her forevers before tomorrow afternoon. Otherwise, may have to postpone taking Mitchel to his forever home.

Purrz, Katie Kat
and Katie Kitty Too...

See The Cat On My Head fur more Selfies... all the rest of them... we iz lates and probably last... dats am sads... all cause blogger no likes windows mobile browser. Hopes somebody comes by and gets to sees me... -Pearl.


  1. I wish I could hep, but I just spent $1,700 for Sammy's bladder stones to be removed. I am praying for her though- you are definitely her angel.

  2. Good thing everything came together for her! She's a cutie! Thanks for rescuing her.

  3. Wow, one emergency after another. We sure do hope everything will work out for Pearl. Cute little one.

  4. OH my gosh, thank goodness you found that little sweetie!

  5. You have my email, let me know what you need for Pearl.

  6. We will be praying for little Pearl. We have a post tomorrow that the TNR/Rescue our mommy and daddy works with needs help or we would try to help. (Mom and Dad are spending all their green papers on our sisfur Fiona.) Looks like Brian's dad, Terry, is going to be able to help out. Thank COD you found little Pearl. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  7. Awww so cute,praying for little pearl,xx Speedy

  8. Well ifin we lived closer we could watch her but alas... Sendin' purrayers dat all goes well.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  9. We cross our paws for the little Pearl. Purrs

  10. Pearl is such a cute young lady, I wish she were here at the Palace.... We have left a little gift left via paypal, hope it helps. purrs ERin

  11. Awww sweet little girl. Fallen right into your hands to take a purrfect Selfie :) Sending lots of Good Luck Pawkisses for the little Pearl and to you too <3 <3 <3


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