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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Pearl Toe Selfies and Mitchel at Forever Home.

Hellooo??? Dis here Pearl...

Guess whats I dids? I gained a whole pound in a week!  Wanta see my bigger toes?

Katie Mom Say dats I growed! I still has burpy tummy but my poohs am all solid now and I ams goods with a litter box.  I loves to play with everything! 

Dats clavamox not working much though. I gots breathing purrblems.. Katie Mom trying hards to helps me breathes through da congestion. Her gived me Golden Seal - dat tastes yucky. But then I eats my turkey foods! I loves turkey.  Katie Mom gonna call doctor in morning and ask fur different antibiotics... I may go see a nice lady at Cat Hospittle too.  Katie Mom sure needs to finds another foster to looks after me. Her not has rooms for a bigger me! And dehr am concrete dust at her house... cause somthing called unfinished basement... Another home be betters where I can breathes. Katie gived me pine litter.  No clay dust fur my litter box!Pleaze keeps me in your purrz... -Little Pearl Electra.


Hi Everyone, Mitchel here...

Stormy and Mitchel's Ball Track Toy
Mr. Worf wondering who that kitten am...
Friday evening (July 9th), I traveled two hours to meet my mew Mom inside of PetsMart in Topeka, Kansas. I wasn't sure what was going on at furst...Katie sure surprised me! I loved the car ride though, but we gotted to PetsMart in  Topeka ten minutes afore closing. So I didn't git much chance to say Hello or goodbyes... Katie gived me a kissy then into my Mew Mommy's carrier.  I love my mew home! I gotted two housemates. Stormy and I are learning to likes each other. I brought my ball track toy and he likes it alot.  Mr. Worf doesn't know what to thinks of me yet. Katie and me will keep you posted...You can reads about my mew housemates and my Mom in this postie: Mr. Worf and Stormy

Purrz from Mitchel the Mew Kit on the Block!

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  1. Pearl, you are real picture, and that toe sure has grown. I'm sure your new mom can get that cold sorted out with a change of meds, and then find you a new home. I'd invite you over here to the Palace but I suspect you are still too young to fly and would need a guardian to come with you. purrs ERin

    1. Thanks Erin! I hopes I grows to be as bigs as you! Mouses!

  2. We sure hope you get better soon Miss Pearl and Mitchel little pal, we're so very happy for you.

  3. We're purring for you, precious Pearl, and YAY for Mitchel's new forever home!

  4. We're purring for Pearl and celebrating Mitchel's new forever home!!

    The Florida Furkids

  5. Congrats on the new home Mitchel and please get better Pearl.

  6. Glad things are lookin' up. Mommy says she needs to pawlogize, she spent da weekend throwin' up and just couldn't call, but her plans to. As fur da fishy bowl, mommy says we's had it fur over 15 years so we don't member where we got it. No kitty ever played with it so it just say behind da piano till Raena found it and she luvs it; so mommy moved it out so she could play with it. As fur da car, we don't knoiw what's wrong with da window, but on da expensive end, it could cost $200.00 to fix (parts and labor). As fur da a/c, it's da compressor so we's lookin' at 'bout $300 -$400 dollars. Least dat's what da mechanic quoted mommy last year. Anyways, sendin' purrayers fur all.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  7. I am so glad about the new home!!! Well done!!!!!!


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