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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Pear In A Pearl Caturday Arts and Some Good Updates.

Hiya folks on the internets - dis am Pearl. Ifs you hasn't reads about my miracle rescue, please go heres: Pearls Furry Furst Selfie Ever
and Pearl bloggie Posts - Here I am at Cat hospital on Thursday evening. Dr. Jones had already checked me out. I weighed almost 3 pounds! I getting lots of good foods!  Dr. Jones was furry nice. She said my tongue was purple... cause I nots getting nuffs oxygen. Her said I hads pneumonia and still hads round worms, even though I tooks lots of yucky meds before!

Her wents to go gets me some meds and I looked fur a way to gets down.  And then I started hacking... Dr. Jones came back and gaves me Baytril antibiotic and Drontal for wormies.

So yesfurday (Friday),  Dem wormies was deaded!  I has to takes another Drontal in a few weeks.  By yesfurday afternoon, my tongue gotted pinks! I was so happy to breathes better dats I wanted to play fight with Mommy Katiez fingers and toes... So Katie tries to gets me to play softer... how you do that? I likes chomping on fingers and toes... why Katie say no? How else me tells her I wants down?  Katie say I haz to calms down and then I gets down... I don't get it yet. And why do i haz to goes in box when dehr am mewspapers near by?  Katie Say I gots lots to learns! I am almost 3 pounds now and almost 3 months old!

Anyways Mom Katie say that internets am magical place where all sorts of things cans happens... and looks where I founds myselfs... in a Pearl! I'm a Pearl after all... Here am our Arts on Caturday!
Pearl Effect at Wish A Friend
Me so glads that Mitchel - I gots to meet him - am doing much betters. Him getting bigger too and loves his mew home with Stormy and Worf.  

Me hopes to finds mew home too! Katie say I gots work on my manners first, likes not chewing on fingers, plus using the box and not the mewspaper.  Me discovered sleeping in the sink! Mom try to gets cute picture of me doing that.

Purrs from Pearl 

(who am too Electric to be Electra now... mol)

Dis hear am Katie Kitty Too Repurrting on Ronnie:

Ronnie's Mommy Silvia gaves him some cottage cheese yesfurday and den he coughed up dats bit of toothpick. He gotted seen by the vet yesfurday and gots a shot to feels better. Him may gets xray on Monday to make sure he not hurted no mores.  Katie say Ronnie am always getting into things and chewing them up... Auntie Silvia has to watch him alla times. Hims a furry silly boy 

Well Katie Mom said we was going to mention Blog the Change for Animals and link up, but the site am down. Dis hear am their blogging Badge.  Ifns we finds out more, den we will add something here...  

Katie Mom tries to Blog the Change and helps animals likes Pearl, Mitchel and Ronnie alla time.  Please keeps my Mom in your purrs her am furry tired and depressed today. Too much to do and no times to do dat. And after all her hard work trying to gets somethings done... someone else drops the ball and dat ball fell down and rolled away somewheres. -Katie Kitty Too.

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  1. Glad to hear good news about Pearl and Mitchel ! Purrs

  2. We are so happy you are breathing better Pearl, you are a sweet pearl! Mitchel, hooray little buddy, keep doing good. We're glad Ronnie coughed up that wood thing too.

  3. You are a special pearl indeed. I am glad you are all feeling better.

  4. You sure have been through a lot, Precious Pearl. Your artwork is just darling!

  5. Glad you are feeling better. Love your art!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  6. SO glad for this wonderful news, sweet babies. xoxoxoxox

  7. You're lookin' very purretty Pearl. We're sendin' purrayers fur all.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  8. Glad Pearl is doing better. Sounds like she has plenty of energy. Sending lots of purrs that she continues to do well and finds a wonderful home.

  9. Thank you so much for celebrating my 10th Birthday with me! Purrs, Dragonheart

  10. We hope your mom is feeling better now. She works very hard to get things done!

  11. So purrleased Pearl is doing better, sending many gentle purrs.

    Basil & Co xox

  12. Hi Katie Kat, I think I have the wrong email address for you because I emailed you about your winning bid but haven't heard back. Can you email me: anniclan AT aol DOT com thank you!


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