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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Wordiful Wednesday - Heetur update!

Hiya Evfurry Buddeez!!

Mawmee gettin da idea dats nobuddeez needs helps writin anyfing... or no buddeez wants helps back!!

Otay... soon as hur art studiohz is fixedid - she send u all sum furry drawings n paintings den. And whenevur weze gets our moveez dun - we sends dat on DVD too!!

Hear iz da Heetur update!!

Fanks to Walmart gift cardz n KC at da Cat Bloggiezfurr sendins us stuffomz dat Mawmee could return... (sum fingz didnt fits - update on dat furst furry box soon as Walgreens fixes dehr defeloppy fing)

We gotz a noo heetur!
Mawmee say dis iz heetur iz frum SunBeem

Sunbeam(r) HEATERS
Low Profile Heater with EcoSmart(tm) Technology - Model: SLP3310-UM
* Low and lean design stays out of the way
* Digital thermostat with multiple heat settings
* Eco Smart options to help save energy and money
* Silent, convection heating circulates air evenly
* Ideal for medium to large rooms that need consistent heat
* Eco Smart(tm) options for energy savings
* Adjustable wattage control
* Overheat protection

Now dis heetur iz 12.5 amps n weze only gotted 15 amps to use
datz burrowed frum Granmawmeez house.

Soh We needs evfurry ones ta purr dat dis effishencee heetur dont blow granmawmeez braykur!!!

Ovfur fings we gotted at Walmarts:
Foodies fur babies n beanz
Bean Meddies fur Mawmee n Granmawmee.
Gloveez fur Mawmee n Granmawmee
Warm Sockees fur Mawmee
And git inna box toy wifs thwee round holes on da sides

one fur each sides n den da bak aint got no hole init.
We gotted Bootsie a cutsie pink harness but she couldnt figurez outs how to walks init cuz it waz reely fur goggeez. Sohs we tooks dat baks n used da money towardz da heetur!

(Weze still needs harnesses likes da one dat Daisy da Curly cat wearz. Dehrs a fotoh in uv hurs watchin buttrflies go bye bye. Any babies knohs how ta gets one likes dat??? Petsmart dont gots one.)

Happy Wordiful Day!

Katie Ann Kitty Too
offishul KC Repurrter


  1. Yeah for the new heater!!

    That's a Puppia harness. I love mine and I've had it a few years now. Just search online and you should find some links- I think Amazon sells them too.


  2. Spirit and Ezra sez... In a few weeks Momma may need help with the typing and formatting of a screenplay for a class. Maybe your Mawmee will be able to help.

  3. We are glad you got a heater. We hope it keeps you much warmer.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

  4. The fings I sended you from Walmart did some of that? I's so proud. I can send more, mine Mommie sisfur in law buys at Walmart and sends us a huge box effurry month... at least.
    Love and Purrs,

  5. Hooray for getting a warm heater and snuggly warm stuff to wear and foodies!

    My pink harness and leash is made by Puppia. I won mine in a contest, but I think lots of places sell them on-line. It is really comfortable.

  6. Mom don't haf a need fur writing help right now but it's good to know where she can get help if she needs it. Being warm is good, mom turns da heat down alla time and den dad whines he is cold and turns it up. Dis starts a discussion about him putting on some clothes. We don't haf dat prollem, we wear our fur coats and snuggle and stay warm.

  7. Thats a great new heater!! Enjoy your new stuff, it all sounds very nice!
    ~Maggie May and The Creek Cats~

  8. We're so glad that you got a good heater plus some other stuff you needed. We don't need help writing stuff now, but like Speedie said, it's good to know where we can get some help if we need it in future. Hope the temp agancy situation improves - Christmas gets pretty slow here according to Mum, so we're purring for your Mom to get more work now. Of course, we'll keep purring for your whole family anyway,


    Gypsy & Tasha


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