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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Weze Postin Noo Stuffomz Soon!

Weze be postin noo stuffomz soon!

We bin sittin on Mawmee ta makes hur go ta bed earlee so she kins gets up and borroh our frindz compootur offise to finds werk at home stuffomz.
Weze gotz noo contest prizes and.... and...TOEZIEZ!!

Mawmee showed us how ta sits on da copier and copy our Toezie prints! We show dem and see ifns u kin guess whooz toeziez iz whooz! See ya Thurzdee or Furry Day...

Hugs n Purrz
Katie Ann Kitty Too


  1. Toe copyin? Hmmm dat sounds like a good fing to try!

  2. You shouldn't have said that. Buddy is thinking it might be more fun to butt copy and we're a bit afraid he's going to try it when Jan's back is turned.


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