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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Wittel Update Still URGENT

Mahmee iz writin fur us at our frind Mike's house... hims a furry funny aktor dats builds TV cradles fur hims day job!

Mahmee wentid to gets hur breethin test yesserday... Dey puts hur in a glass box n she breeths into a mouthpiece.... Den she takes a breethin med n duz it again!! dey said dat after hur meds, it improved like a hunert purcent!! We Givs mohr bout dat adventur latur dis week.

Granmahmee goin 2 hur doktur pointmint taday... Mawhmee n Granmahmee iz sharin a car. Soh Mahmee gots ta goh hohm n give Granmahmee baks hur car!!!

Weze cant make Granmahmeez house paymint yet. PLEEZE HELPS WIF DAT!!! Ifns u cood sinds even a dollar, we puts u in our Squillion Raffle...Fanks!

Now Dis mewz bouts Holocaust Memorial Day Toosday.
Luv n hugs,
Da mostly Kosher Kitties of Katie...
Katie Too.

(From Charlotte Observer)
An Israeli girl attaches a yellow Star of David, shaped like the ones Jews were obligated to wear during World War II, to a black banner before a ceremony at the Chamber of the Holocaust museum outside Jerusalem's old city, Tuesday, April 21, 2009. On Tuesday, Israel marked its annual Holocaust Remembrance Day honoring the 6 million Jews who perished at the hands of the Nazis. (AP Photo/Sebastian Scheiner)

Here am a good movee frum too yehrz agoh frum Yisrael. bye bye.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Morh Bad noos wif sum good noos.

Hiya, Morh Bad noos wif sum good noos.

Friday, whn Mahm wen to da bean doktur today, hur waz lookin 4 parkin spot (on curb). Hur ranz da car (datz da movin fing) inta a big bloo publik werks truk. Hur iz fine, but our movin fing iz furry hurtid n cant move noh morh. Mahm say da rite front fendur iz all wrekt up like totaled

Good Noos: Mawm'z bean doktur waz furry good! She gotted noo meds fur asthmatik stuffoms and will goh fur breathin test at hospital nex toosday - da clinik sinds beans to hospital so dat free. Dis clinik ask 5.00 donashun - but dey giv hur bak green fings!

Will send bcc email furry soon... Hur rested yesserday.
Today hur help granmahmee wif stuffoms

Will giv morh updates soon.

Luv n hugs n stuffomz....
Katie Too n da Furry Mewz Gang.=^..^=

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Weze furry sorree 4 bads repurrt.

Hai Dis Iz Bootsie Woo Wif
Our bad reepurrts.

Furst (GOOD NOOS) -
Midori gived us 4 Squillionz n Crochet cat toyz ta help wif da furry funny fotoh contest. Da Creek Cats n Midori waz onlee onez dat entered - So we gonna sind a squillion to da Creek Cats (dey gets ta pik).


Din we gonna have a raffle fur da udder 3 wif da crochet cat toyz!

Secund (BAD NOOS) - Da monee wee still had frum our bloggin frindz waz bout 80 dollarz. We waz gonna use dat 4 vet paymint, but dis what happened - Mawmee was werkin part times lookin aftur a frind's hubbie, Wayne. Jus whn we waz gonna put dis 80 stuff on our vettie bill - Wayne went inta hopsital n him wents ovfur da bridge. Da home health care woodn't givs mahmee mohr assignmints cuz dey jus hired hur ta look aftur Wayne.
We hadta use dis green fings fur human food n gas n cat food...weze bin not bloggin cus we wanted furry goods noos, but we dont gots much uv dat. cept dat mawmee gotted hur food card..(dat helps)... n she gonna c a breethin spesulist tamorroh. Hur gotted asthma an haz trubble wiff all our kitteh dandur n wheet n moldies n lots uv chemikals.

Den Mawmee wents ta gets a food card frum da guv mint... it caym las week.
Hur kan git bean food... but not kitteh foodies. Hur is tryin ta gets SSDI fur dizabillatee (mawmee what dat?) she may goh to lawyr fur helps.

andy wayz she gotz pointmints fur disabled stuffomz cuz she kant werk full times noh morh - too hard on all da pain in hur joints n stuffoms like CFIDS...n bad cartilage in hur knees, essential tremor (like parkinsons). Dis all bin purrgressive.
(Sind email fur Detalez)


Nao Granmamee cant pay da house paymints...hur is behind. Hur needs morh din 5 hundred green fings...
We iz asking helps... pleeze email evfurry buddee.
Hur wants ta go ovfur da bridge too. Hur is furry disabled and kant goh outside... she iz givin ups on life. Hur gots too much pain all dayz long.

Too much ta tells it all here - frum bak surjuree n a brain surjery (headaches all day) - and morh stuffoms... (email mawmee fur detalez)

We waz jus gonna sindz an email, cuz we dont finks evfurry ones shoods c dis cuz dehr is furry bads peeple beanz ya knoh.

But we iz furry worreed. mawmee wont stay hohm wif us... whn she hom she just goh sleepi... we iz furry skairt fur our mawmee. pleez dis is furry bad.

We luvs you.
Bye Bye.
Bootsie Woo.

We try n gits dis raffle goin in da next update....

Monday, April 13, 2009

Pavlov's Cat X-Speermint

Hiya! In July we gonna havs a 4 yehr Bloggiefursari!
Hehr iz dis storee dat postid bout three yehrz ago... We finks u all will likes it agin.
Hope effuryone hadz Hoppy Holidayz likes Eekstur, an Pashovfur, an Rezoo-rekshun Day n Stuffoms like dat.

Bye Bye 4 nao
Katie Too.
-- Katie Too'z Lamp x-speermint, 2006.
(We sendin owts a noo email...n givin awardz away dis week!)
Pavlov’s Doggie x-speermintz bin publisht afore…
Day 1: Rang Bell
Dog 8 food.

Day 2: Rang Bell
Dog 8 mohr food…

Day 3: Rang Bell
Dog 8 mai leg…

But dehrz not mush publisht bout himz cat x-speermints til nao.

Day 1: Rang Bell
Cat twitcht himz earz n goed 2 sleep.

Day 2: Rang Bell
Cat went ta answur door.

Day 3: Rang Bell
Cat telld Pavlov, “Dehr iz a bell ringin.”

Day 4: R
ang Bell
Cat put paw on bell. Bell make thunk, thunk, thunk noize.
Day 5:
Pavlov wents ta ring bell,
But Cat tookt battreez owt.
Day 6: Cat Rang Bell.
Pavlov 8 food.

-Eddie Izzard, Host. Wembley, "We Know Where You Live," Amnesty International
Anniversary Celebration (His Day 1 for Cat--slightly diffurnt)

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Our Furry Furstid (Silent) Movie!!

Diz iz da Full Length Premiere showin uv da LOL Cat Starz: Bootsie Woo and Katie Too in dehr furry furstid (Silent) Movie!! Wif I Can Has Cheezburger and Image Generator stuffomz.

Pleze laff - weze likes dat.

A Musikal Verzhun ta be outs furry soon!

Bye Bye...
Lil Miss Bootsie Woo
Katie Ann Kitty Too
LOL Catz n Jr Comiks,
Kat Renee Purrdukshunz

(P.S. - ifnz u haz bin helpin wif donashuns or leves a commint wif ur email addy, we be sending u an updated email bouts how we iz doin...)