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Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Short Sunday Note

Dis here iz our short sunny day note.

Mom iz gonna talks about stuffoms dats weze bin finking bout in da next times...
Til den... dis here iz a happy update!

Furst, da bank fing iz all fixed now! Our Bank waz furry goods and gotted our green fings back!

We kin gits our pay pal stuffomz n take photoz fur da grey baby raffle!!! And we kin gits da Squillionz mailed!

Now member ta pass dis stuffoms to ur bean frindz
Do not havs anyfing to do wif da followin web peeplez. Dey iz furry bads.

Easy Profit Google & www(dot)blazingkeywords(dot)com


Blazing Keywords
51 W Center St #621
Orem. Utah 84057

Our Second good Fing!
Mom founded our fotoh flash drive fing...
It looked like a fun toy.... wif keys on it
Sorry Mom....

And Now here is somfing fur your tickle bonez...

purrs and mewz,
Katie Too
& Da Katz Gang

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Katie Tattlez on Daisy

Dis hear iz Katie Too Wif a big Tattle Tail on Daisy.
Furst, fanks fur stoppin by and not getting hissy mad at our mommy...
I gotsta tattle on Daisy... since hur all happy bout gettin out and taking advantage uf our mommiez good nature. No udder catz goez out!!! Cuz dis danjurous neyborhood wif scary trains and hiway in our back yard!! Dat Daisy iz daffy fur shure.
Mama wuvz animulez. We was so glad dat we found hur and she looks aftur us. Hur iz savin money ta gets Bootsie n Daisy spayed at our regular vet, cuz da low cost place dont have pain meds fur kitties.
Lady operations can be furry painful. Mine sure was! I was in pain fur two days and our vet kept me in hopsital wif yucky meds and pain stuffoms. I was just miserable!
And ifns you read bout what happined when Maxie gotted nootered at da loh cost place... him was in pain fur two dayz!! ( Noh pain meds! We waz furry mads bout dat! Soh Mom waz savin hur green fings. She coodnt let Daisy n Bootsie be hurted.
But dat sneaky Daisy gotted out whiles Mom waz sleepin...Our back door comed open even tho it was locked. And dat Daisy opened da screen door! (Da back door is fixed now and hur am grounded to da bedroom fur ever!)

Now mom wont spay hur til deze babiez iz borned cuz she cant stand doin dat... she seen too many kittens hurted. Our brothers went over da bridge frum havin too many burthdayz... and she was holding our Boo Bear when him passed on...See, after u haz helded a nooborn kitten in ur handz and bottle fed it cuz da mommy iz dying frum pneumonia (dat was Boo Bearz mommy) and himz siblings wer sick n goh over da Rainbow Bridge... yah just gotta fink uf da babeez...(our mommie iz notz a killer and our biggest rescue plase is not a noh kill sheltur)
We ain't asking fur sympathy or nuffin, just dat we iz gonna gives deze kittens a chance and helps dem since dey iz livin beings n stuffoms... Datz all...and ifns you can, pleze givs dem a chance too. It not derh fault. We show u dehr fotohs n stuff.

Believe me, weze dont need morh babies ta feeds, but dehr dey iz!

We iz gonna make da best of it and gets dem forever homes and den get dat Daisy hur opurrayshun!!

Fanks fur lissenin,
Katie Too

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Da Good Da Bad n Da Cuddles

Hiya Furry Buddiez.... Furst sum good noos:
Daisy da baby mama is doin furry good. Our Mama Kat finks hur carryin at leest three kittens cuz hur iz lopsided... She gettin inta da uncomfortable stage soh we finks its could be in da next 10 days fur hur ta givs birth. Pleez keeps deze kittenz in ur purrs cuz dey iz gonna needs furr evfur homes!!

(Clik here fur Good Noos bout da Squillion Raffle @ Katiez Furr-E-Bay.)

HERE IS Sum BAD NOOS. A wittel bad noos furst - Mama cant finds hur flash drive (2G hard drive key chain thing)... it got all our photoz onit. pleez purr dat we find it soon.
NOW FUR DA REEL BAD NOOZ. Mom gotted hur bank account hamblurglerized... (scammed).... ummm mom what wuz da wurd? Compurrmiced??

Till dis here bank stuffomz gets sorted out - we cants use our money in da bank and will haves ta waits ta finish da Squillion raffle and mailin da Squillionz out.
Do not havs anyfing to do wif da followin web peeplez.
Dey iz furry bads.

Easy Profit Google & www(dot)blazingkeywords(dot)com

Blazing Keywords
51 W Center St #621
Orem. Utah 84057
Here is a blog entry that tells a lot about them:
Ifnz u would like ta help financially or wifs kitty foods fur our baby mama,
please use snail mail, cuz we can't download frum PayPal til da bank account is fixed.
Kat Kittel
P. O. Box 771268
Wichita, KS 67277-1268
Katie Too n da Katie Katz.

"Can I wear your office?"

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Shhh...I gots a seekrit!

Happy Mama's day yesserday!

Dis is Daisy wifs a furry Seekrit... I iz a baby Mama!
I snuk outs and well.... da rest iz purrsonal... You shud see da happy smile on mai face. And wow are mai preborn babiez n me hungry!!! Weze could use some helps ta feed alla us kitties! I iz eatin Kitty Chow ta gets extra nutrishun. (so is Bootsie cuz hur don't eat enuf. Da rest uv da gang is eating Pets Mart Authority brand sensitive diet dat is corn free.)
Ize not tellin who da Baby Daddy iz yet. Mama finks he cood be dis small long haired tabby boy frum cross da street or a big long haired sandy orange homeless fella who takes sheltur in da garage sumtimes. Last time Mama saw da big sandy boy was about a week ago. Him was nappin on our porch swing. Him was hurted and took off slowly when Mom felt hims hips. He hasn't cum bak. Pleze pur fur him.
Mama finks Ize gots a few morh weeks ta goh. Da best part is I gets da bedroom to maiself! Well mama n I finks Bootsie kin share, but noh boyz allowed. Bootsie needs a break from Maxie, too. Him has gotten all bigs and chubby and wants ta chase and wrestle alla time! And me n Bootsie dont wanna do dat! Well I dont need ta do dat and Boostie is wittel.
Pleze purr fur mai babies dat dey iz born safely and healthy n we finds dem furevfur homes n Pleze pur fur Maxie, too. We finks him woulds luv a bruther home where him kin wrestle n stuffoms and lose sum uv dat weight!
We keeps you updated.
Luv and hugs,
Daisy May Daffodil
Dehr is a goods website fur baby mamas,

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Dogs n Kitties go to Heaven!

Diz fur EZ likes Sunny Dayz...
Mom's Frind sent dis bout Dogs goin ta heaven.
Deze two churches is havin a sign debate!!

And Looks what we gotted now!
Two Accounts at T-Shirt n Stuffoms making places:

U kin gets our Official Jr Comik* fan shirt here

And our Exclusive line of Judah's Rose*. (see drawing below)

Our Got Chutzpah* Stuffoms iz here:

Please let us know which one of deze places you likes best, or ifns you know an even better shoppin place!!!

Katie Too

Friday, May 01, 2009