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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Catnip Pillohz Anybuddy?

Since Mom sold our dishwasher and our kind frinds onda innernets, we has bout 200 greenies towards payin Nana Momz house paymint! Nana Mom finks she gots 100 -
***we needs ta finds bout 138 morh greenies by Friday***
2 avoidz foreclosure.
(We iz all stayin wif Nana Mom til da electricity gets done next door.)

We iz purrin fur anuffur mirakul and askin sum churches to helps... dey not got bak to us yet.
And Mom sez hur iz lookin fur works at call centers n stuff.
If anybuddiez kin helps wif da 138 morh greeniez weze sinds u a surprize gift or u kin choose sumpin! We gotted sum photoez wif our scannur:

Da Itty Bitty Kitty Pin Committee (3 kitty lapel pins 2 are playin wif yarn). Each pin iz about da size uv ur fingertip

A Squillion famly fotoh magnet fur da fridge


A pewter pin: kitty sleepin inna house slipper wif hims tail stikkin out uv a hole in da shoe! bout 2 inches across.

FANCY FEAST Cats of the World Playing Cards(dis fotoh iz uf a Fancy Feast Deck frum da innurnetz. Ourz looks jus like dis.)

Here is sum fings not fotohed yet:
A purple dress purse wif silver shoulder strap... furry purrtee shaped kinda likes a butterfly. Good fur a gift 2 a young lady bean.

A tiger bout 13 inches high.
A lion bout 12 inchez hi wif floppy legs n a Santa Claws hat.
Big Tiger and Lion will be morh n 13 oz and...will hafsta goh Priority fur 5.00 p/h

And dehr iz stuffoms not bids on yet at Katie Katz Store and
lots uv noo stuffoms at Katiez Furr-e-Bay!
Likes a wireless mouse for a laptop compootur

Mint and Chamomile herb stuffs!

Andywayz we waz wondurin sumpin:
Mom found dis size XL skirt wif dis cats of man colors fabrik. We placed it on our auction site ta see ifn anybuddy wanted to makes stuffoms wif dis fabrik

Mom coods make sumpin wif dis like little catnip pillows and longer kitty snuggle pillohs. Hur knohs how ta do dat. (kinda sorta - mite take awhile!)Shoods makes a lot of dem, just have ta do sum figurin ta see how many.
Woods any kitties likes sum pillohz if hur made dem?? We coods make sum pillohz frum diz Oxford shurt.
=^..^= =^..^= =^..^=
Do let us knoh... dis will takes a while fur us ta doo n we wants ta knoh what u finks furst.
Mom likes our noo littel Furr-eBay company
and we iz glads dat u do too.

Katie Too n Da Katie Katz Gang.

We gots lotsa stuffoms to puts up at eBay but still no digital camera!
We iz lookin to gets a good used one on e-Bay or sumpin. Duz anybuddiez got one dey dont needs noh morh or cood sell to us??? thx! =^..^=


  1. You seem to be going through such a tough time at the moment, We're all giving our very *best* purrs and prayers from England that you get out of this hole. Hang in there!!


  2. Oh catnip pillows! How fun dey wud be to roll on.

  3. We are so sorry that you're having a hard time. Nanny knows she has to pay the Vet $2400 for the Daisy's surgery. Money that we don't have.
    We wish we could help!

    Sending a lot of purrrrs!


  4. We are sorry that you are going through such a tough time. Our thoughts and purrs are with you and we wish we could help. Just ahng in there. Things will get better.

  5. Th answer to WW Quiz is CHEESE!!! I wouldn't pay any attention if SS were to scold me. I just walk away.

  6. We are very sorry to hear about your hard times. I wish we could wave a wand and make it all right for you....
    We would like to have the kitty catcards from Fancy Feast. Can we send you $10 for them? We are short this month too because we have so many mouths to feed right now...Please let us know.
    Sending love and hope to all of you, Miss Peach


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