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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Katie Katz Points - We iz preparing for the worst

Ifns u dont haves lotsa time,
Pleze reed dis shorter version and den skim da bigger blog below.

Katie Katz Points:

We iz purrprayering fur da worst and purrayin fur da bestest dats kins be...

My first priority right now is finding a place for all my kitties to live. I am worried sick about them... in fact I am fighting an infection from staying up at odd hours trying to sell things on the internet to support my family of cats...The house I am living in must be brought up to code... or another piece of property we "have" must have all the wood (ceilings especially) sealed to become livable in again (and also brought up to code). Either way, the taxes go delinquent on the properties the end of this year.

Which leaves no home for my kittiesThe Special Kitty Unit and Max will be going to the KS Humane Society....

My four other babies may need the help of the entire cat blogosphere to finds a place to live!

Mouse needs a retirement home where she can be brushed and loved on... with a piddle pad cause she has problems with her back end (she can't even jump like normal babies) and corn free food.

I will ask KS Humane Society if they know any local orgs or purrsons taking in "retirement" cats. Barring that, I will drive halfway to anyone willing to take her in... or if anyone knows a no kill shelter that takes in retirees but the cat needs to be a "local" Could you "claim" her so she can have some loving comfort in a furrever place?

I want to keep Daisy, Bootsie and Katie, but not sure yet how that is going to be possible...
Could anyone....look after them until I am no longer "homeless?" (I am now diligently searching for a customer service or Admin job in the Wichita area - the market is picking up a little bit again.)

Bootsie and Katie are partially feral and need a lot more patience, but are very smart and crave human interaction.

Katie Kat


  1. We are really sorry to hear of your plight. We will certainly do as you ask, since we are too far away to help directly. Good luck in your quest!

  2. We are very sorry to hear about this. We don't know much about this sort of thing but is it possible to post on a site like Craigslist in the pets section for a foster home? Sending lots of purrs to you all.

  3. We agree with Pinky Ash and Boo..... our humans have an ad on craiglist right now for the foster kittens. She has made it very clear that personal and vet references are required for any potential adopters.


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