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Friday, August 14, 2009

Stuffomz fur Caturday...

Dis iz Katie Too wif sum updates...
Mom iz worrid bout Mousie... dats our old gurl. Hurz bin hidin... dat always meens hur not feelin goods.
Hur iz 15 yrs old and ifns she needs a vets visit - dehr is no money to take her dehr.
Friday da Eagle seds dis abt KSHS: "We have all these cats in our care and we are just not seeing them adopted out," said Jennifer Campbell, communications director at the Kansas Humane Society...shelter takes in 1,000 felines a month...past few months...numbers have nearly doubled...The campus has 75 adults and 247 kittens.
"It's August and we're overflowing with cats and kittens," said Kim Janzen, president and CEO of the society. "Our foster families are also at capacity and caring for over 100 cats in need of special care."
Now u see why our Speshul Kitty Unit and Maxie iz stil wif us...and not ats da KSHS. U kin do da math... Dems 1,000 sumpin babies wents sumwhers...but nots to homes. Dey cant helps alla dem.
Da no kill shelterz is overflowin too. We iz purrin dat our ad in da papur brings curious moms to wants curious kittens... if dis ad not werks - we puts in a nuffer one!
Curious Kittens 2 4ever homes 3 mos Plz google Katiez Furry Mewz.
Den it gotz our frind Mikes fohn numbr. It be in papur 4 dayze. Purrs, Katie Too
Nowz an update frum Daisy and da Special Kitty Unit.
Now deze iz sum fotohs of mai babiez frum whn dey hads dehr Excellent Adventure at Pets Mart! (Pets Mart did not allow dem ta be given away dehr)
Dey iz inna cart but dey fink it iz a box!!!
Frum top left clocky wise: Harlee, Munch, Olivia, Elliot and Bella.
Dey iz da bestest babiez!! And furry smart and playful... (dey still needs sum lurnin about electrik cords and curtainz)
Bella n Munch meet fans of Bella da Movie
and L&O: SVU...

Babiez Meet Puppy
Fanks fur stoppin by ta sees our fotohz... Pleaze gives us babiez a furrever home! -Daisy May and Da Special Kitty Unit

(Short update frm Katies Furry Bay: We needs a digital camera. We gotted stuffoms dats our camera not showin well! Ifnz enny furry buddiez kin donates a cheep one or sell us one - plz let us knoh. Thanks!)

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  1. No kittens is comin here. No way. I haded my own advefur at PetSmart a year ago or so. I rode in da cart on tops of my carrier, wif my harness on so I couldn't go nowhere (but I jumped onto a shelf where they keep catnip!).

    Mom sed our moofies come frum our Fuji digital camra an she edited dat one in Windows Movie Maker... but while doin it, she said sum werds from Skeezix's bad werd list.

    Purrs, Victor


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