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Monday, November 02, 2015

Our Mommy Needs Greenies To Keeps Our Home

Hiya internet folks... My name am Ronnie and I loves my human Mommy.  Her name am Silvia. I gives Silvia kisses all the time. I have 3 siblings and my Kitty Mama who lives with me.

I gots to tells you that our Mommy Silvia needs 150 green papers for our weekly rent by tomorrow!  So far all we gotted am 15 dollars minus the paypal fees...

We loves our Mommy and wants to stay wifs her!  Can you helps us please?

Please share all over da internets dats weze needs greenies to keeps our home.    Dis bad man caused trouble and now our Mommy can't work at the motel we lives in... Our Mommy am goods at housecleaning and her am looking and looking for works...

We mets a nise lady named Auntie Katie who am helping us finds green papers... 
Her said you can use something called Pay Pal and send da moneys to
laugh_safely ats yahoo dot com on the friends and family option so we gets alla the green papers you send.  

 Won't you please help us not lose our home?  Auntie Katie said dats everyone who helps us will gets a fun surprise thank you fur Christmas!  And everyone will gets something different! And catnips!

Oh if everyone sent a few green papers we might even gets enough greenies for next weeks rent too!  Thank you sooo much for helping us not lose our home....

Purrz from Ronnie
Narcisca (Mama), Natasha, Gordo, Guero and our Mommy Silvia

and the Katie Katz.

Gordo with Ronnie in background
You can also use the button below...Please put in comment for Silvia and her cats.


  1. Weez sendin' purrayers.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  2. I've sent something. I'm sorry it's so small but it's all I have to spare right now. I sent it through PayPal; can you let me know if it reaches you? I'm not sure I sent it right!


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