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Saturday, January 09, 2016

Lion Auction and Joey Am Christmas Paper

Hiya Friends,

Joey here... I was snoopervising Katie Mom take photos of stuffs to sell... before I crawled under the bed and got in trouble... snoopervising boxes of Christmas wrapping paper...  but Mom they're crinkly!

Katie took this photo and made me look all crinkly like wrapping paper.. so how come I can't have fun too?  I don't get it. 

We are rather late joining the Caturday Art Blog with Athena, the Wise Cat Goddess Art Kitty... not to be confused with some other Athena Cat that we don't know about... Athena and Marie talk about the confusion on her blog.

Katie had a long day looking after kitties... then tonight - shopping and cooking and taking photos... and tonight starts the auction of Katie Mom's furry furst painting of 2016!  

We showed a scanned photo earlier this week... Here is a photo of the painting sitting on the bed beside me.  9x12 on 136lb acrylic paper...

Ellen Pilch of 15 and Meowing started the bidding at $5.00 (+5.00 shipping).

The Auction is on a separate page and you can click on that page at the top or use this link:

Judah the Lion Auction
Please leave your bid in the comments on the page and thank you so much for bidding! Painting will be signed on the back with the name of the winner...  Right now the auction may end on January 14.

-- Purrz from Joey and Katie the Mom.

Update on Silvia:  So far Guero is doing fairly well, but he had some Pee War problems today, just not like he has been... yet.  Silvia want to still get him an xray to make sure there isn't any stones...  Also there is 50.00 in donations for her rent.  She worked about 9 hours (as far as I know) this past week on cleaning the house and the owner is trying to wiggle out of paying her cash again.  Last time he paid her with a vacuum cleaner vs cash... This time, I'm asking Silvia to see if he will just pay the 9hr x $8.00 ($72.00) by just paying that much on her rent... Please keep the situation in your prayers....  -Katie.
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  1. I like your wrapping paper art. That's a cool effect. Katie's painting is pawsome and I hope the auction for it does well.

  2. That effect is really neat, Joey! We hope your auction goes well, and we are still purring and praying for Silvia and Guero.

  3. COOL artwork, Katie! Pawkisses :) <3

  4. Cool art! Hope the auction goes well.

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie


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