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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Saturday Selfies at the Vets - Angel and Guero

Hiya Furry Friends of the Internets...
Angel Selfie at the Vets
This here am Angel. Auntie Katie Mom and I were going to do our Chewy Review today and to let you know I was going to visit a forever home today. Instead, Auntie Katie and Uncle Mike took me to the vet, cause mean ole Molly picked a fight with me a few days ago and she really got on the bitey.

Auntie Katie didn't find that bitey when it happened. Uncle Mike was playing with me yesterday and found a bumpy on my back - yep from Molly's bitey so off to the vets we went.

Dr. Johnson checks my bitey wound.
Here are my at the vets Selfie,  and my Dr. Johnson checks the bitey selfie....  I like Dr. Johnson. He am very gentle with me. Him also found out I hads yucky tape worms so I gots a pill for dat - yucky pill!

He sent home liquid antibiotics that taste yucky... Why can't meddies taste like tuna or chicken? 

I hopes to get  better soon, so I can tell you all about the fun and tasty Chewy Products I got to test! 

When I get better, I will be visiting a pawsible furever home, too.  Auntie Katie will let you know how I am doing... Sure hopes that bumpy goes down or I will has to go back to vets!  Cost of my vet visit was about 99 green papers... Uncle Mike helped pay half though.

Now for the rest of the tail... um, tale, Auntie Katie Mom had to help Auntie Silvia take Guero to the Emergency Vet last night.  

Guero Selfie at ER Vet
In case you didn't gets to read update on FaceBook, Guero started having Pee Wars again on Thursday.  Auntie Katie and Auntie Silvia thought maybe the Prozasin had stopped working. Yet on Friday, Guero seemed okay again... so meddies were working... yet then 

Early 2am Saturday, Guero started having urges again. Auntie Silvia tried to take him to her vet yesterday morning to get checked out, but they were tooo busy.  So Auntie Katie met Silvia at ER with Guero last night.  Poor boy kept trying to go and all he got out were little pink drops. The ER vet took the drop on a slide and off she went to the back.

Guero gotted an infection - no small crystals!  Looks like the Prozasin and the C/D foods am working after all.  Guero staying in ER until Monday with catheter and antibiotics and a cone on hims head. He don't likes the cone and don't wants to eat - too scarey and weird there. He been growling scared, but trying to be a good boy.

Cost was under 600.00 (...including a discount for trying to see vet earlier.) Katie used the green papers raised for Guero three weeks ago. Thank you so much for that moneys!  Poor Guero. Him am sweet boy.  Katie Mom paid 350 last night and then has to pay rest on Monday morning... Hopefully no more green papers will be needed. Katie Mom will lets you know.  Cause Guero will has to gets a recheck at hims vet too on Monday or Tuesday (..there is at least 100.00 credit on the account right now.)

The ER vet wants to know why Guero keeps getting infection that don't clear up - The ER vet gave him Baytril and Clavamox, instead of Convenia (which didn't work).

Auntie Katie am awful worried about Guero and hopes dat Silvia's vet gets him different antibiotics if dis happens again. Guero going to stay on Prozasin though and antibiotics from the ER vet... 

Thanks for all your purrs and Prayers for Me and Guero!
Angel, the Fetch Kitty. 


  1. Sure hope those poor kitties start to heal up and stay healthy! Sendng a ton of purrs and pawyers.

  2. Guero has had a tough time, I hope these antibiotics help.

  3. I sure hate that surgery word. Update when you can please.

  4. Those biteys are no fun, Angel, but you did a great job on that Selfie and the vet will make sure you'll be allright in no-time. Healing Pawkisses and purrayers are on the way to the both of you :) <3

  5. Things are SO HECTIC with you. OH my. I am glad guero is OK and we KNOW you will do a great review for Chewy when the time is right and you can ffocus on doing th best post you can.

    Let us know and we will share your Chewy post OK?

    Dash Kitten Crew


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