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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wordless Silvia's Ronnie Tummy and Company

Ronnie Full Monty
Brother Gordo and Ronnie
Mom Narcisca and Ronnie


Now fur the wordy part - the rest of the tale...

Guero Update - Silvia is having trouble getting Guero to drink enough water. She feeds him by syringe. She had to cut back on his canned food yesterday, because his pooh was too runny... She is afraid he is getting dehydrated and is watching him closely. Please keep him in your purrz and prayers.

My mother has a doctor's appointment today and I will be away from the computer until evening (cannot afford a smart phone).  I'm beyond exhausted, but need to keep going... having trouble breathing - asthma kicking in from cold weather.

The 75.00 needed for Silvia's rent did not come in yesterday. I had to take money out of cat food and litter for my kids to make up the difference... and wasn't able to get the food and litter needed for all the Katiez Katz.

So thankful that the money came in for Guero's surgery, because the 100 I thought could be used to help - went to cover my mother's bank account that was overdrawn... she is disabled and all her Soc Sec goes to pay bills... all of it.

Thank goodness I sold my coat and my lion painting is selling - still need 75.00 that did not come in for Silvia's rent yet this week so I can buy food and litter for my kids.  Silvia should be able to get paid for work at the end of next week - that means will still need 150.00 by Tuesday. (Money that I rely on does not come in until next Wednesday and I have less than 200.00 in the bank.)  

Please keep Silvia in your prayers... that a long term job will come in soon. She applied to work at KETCH to help the handicapped and had an interview. She is waiting to hear back from them.

Katie Kat


  1. Y'all are cuties! We sure hope dear Guero will be okay, poor sweetie has been through lots.

  2. I love them! They are adorable! I sure hope everything turns out good for you! Glad I found you on this hop! Following you now.

  3. Those are some cute pictures, for sure. LOVE those belly furs. :)

    We're purring and praying for Guero and Silvia and you!

  4. Purrs and prayers being sent everyone's way. purrs


  5. Purrs and prayers being sent everyone's way. purrs



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