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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Ellie May and Molly Mom Must Find a Home

Most of you have seen Angel needing a home...
Haven't shared much about Ellie May and her Mom Molly in a long while

They still need a furever place to go...

Ellie May may have suffered from a rare reaction to Advantage Flea meds...
after getting a kitten dose last year between her shoulder blades, she nearly threw up.
She also suffered from a bad tummy ache from tape worms for several weeks before the vet gave me the right worm medicine to give her.  All I know is after the flea treatment, she over reacted to any sense stimuli - being touched or smelling anything. She would no longer sniff her mother's nose or let me pick her up.

I have spent months working with her every day, especially at feeding time, getting her to connect good things with good smells and being touched... Everyday is like two steps forward, one step back... Yet now Ellie comes to me at dinner time and turns around to try to rub against me with her back.

If meal time is late... she will get really anxious and try to be good and rub on me.. but her patience is thin and she gets slappy claws...  

My new step has been to ask her... "how you get food, Ellie May?  You know how..." until she calms down and lets me pet her.  Sometimes with my hand, sometimes with a spoon... Sometimes she will rub her head against my hand on her own

She is smart, loves to play laser toy and is fascinated with the mirror left on the floor for her to look at... Keeping her mother Molly with her seems to help her act like a good kitty, yet sometimes Molly will take off when Ellie gets too upset.

I am out of Feliway - dispenser recalled. I tried to prozac, but just can't hold her down to give her pills... won't work.  I don't know of a calming shot - or I would try that too.

Behavior therapy and Feliway work best to help her learn how to be calm on her own... 
Ellie May needs a home where they know how to deal with special needs babies.. who have experience in Behavior Therapy.  Because Ellie May keeps slowly doing better!  My oldest baby, Katie Kitty Too was a slappy girl, but I could reach her... Katie wanted to be held.  Ellie May needs more than I can give.

Ellie May's only hope.... Otherwise, I cannot continue to keep her as my daily responsibilities keep me from giving Ellie May all the Therapy she needs everyday. 

Ellie May and I need all advice on finding that special home or sanctuary that you know.  I must find someone who can take her in.

All help you can give will save her life...Sharing, Information, Anything.  
I am willing to take her anywhere in the U.S. - on the underground kitty network - to save her.  Only alternative is OTRB...

Thank you and God Bless...  Katie.

Update on Silvia... Thank you all sooo much for helping with the rent... Actually 10.00 short- which is kinda funny... I always cover the paypal fees every week. That leaves this week about 15.00 short for me to cover.  

Guero is still struggling with the Pee Wars. She took him into vet today to help relieve his bladder.  Silvia has been applying for work. She does have a room mate now who helps some, but he works in construction - no jobs in bricklaying in the Winter.  

Found some housekeeping jobs on Career Builder, including at YMCA and she applied there today - Please keep her and her fur babies in your prayers... Silvia has a bad cold/flu and I am struggling to not to come down as well.  

Today, her room mate, Alex said that A/C will have to take the cats over his "dead body."  The vet is willing to give all the kids their rabies shots and let her pay later... Will keep you posted... Thank you for your purrz and prayerz. 

-Katie, Silvia and all the kitty kids.

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  1. We sure hope those sweeties get to go home soon. I wish we had some answers for sweet Ellie May but we've no ideas.

    1. Thanks Brian and Terry. I actually spoke to someone on FB and they thought you might have an idea... mol. Could use a list of sanctuaries though. -Katie.

  2. We are at a loss on what to do for Ellie May but do hope her and Mom get homes. It is so difficult with a skitty kitty. Our Miss Fitz would freeze in position for hours at an adoption event. Had to stop bringing her as people thought she was "sick" and then looked at all the cats with that feeling. Even YouTube videos of her jumping in the air did not help. Ah well. Wishing all the very best and homes asap.

  3. Such sweeties. Hope they find homes soon. Shared.

  4. Paws crossed for Ellie May and Mollie. Hope they find furever homes soon. Sharing.


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