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Monday, January 18, 2016

Monday Mewz Saving Lives Every Day

The Day in the Life of Two Rescued Cats Cooney and Jasmine;
From For The Love Of Alex - Rescue

Doing a little promo today - For The Love Of Alex 
 is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation dedicated to the care and rescue of domestic animals with a primary goal of funding life-saving medical care for animals in need.  

They work with reputable veterinary hospitals to establish funds for families who are unable to afford veterinary care for their beloved pet. 

Your donation will save a life, and keep a family's heart from breaking. 
Their site is continually being updated— please feel free to contact them via email at

Please check out

They do so much for soo many...

Here is their Facebook page too.
Baby Stanley

Recently, FTLOA  helped save a very small kitten who injured his front leg.  They couldn't save his leg, but they saved his sweet heart - he is running and playing with his mew foster kitty mom now!

Here is another kitty they helped...

Note: Silvia still needs 100.00 for rent by tomorrow. **

Guero is doing really well on the Prozasin - Silvia wants to give him time to rest before surgery...

Silvia has been helping the Home Owner (of the constructed home she is cleaning) with looking after elderly parents - to make up the money she borrowed for Guero's bills.

If Guero could tell you all - he would say, "Thank you sooo much! I got to have an easy Sunday resting. I loves to nap with my sister Natasha." 

He loves his prescription food ($2.00 a can though) and is taking his pills like a trooper. Although he does play hide and seek!  Silvia's other kitties are doing well... as long as silly Ronnie stays away from tree leaves!  

Purrz of thanks from Guero and Silvia and Kitties...
Will keep you posted about Guero's upcoming surgery.
(Donations for Surgery will stay in the funds and not used for anything else.)

**PS. - I have less than $200 to last til next week... due to covering mother's utilities for her home this weekend.  I don't have funds to cover Silvia's rent.


Dearest Furry Friends, Thanks so much fur visiting and leaving your paw prints. Love and Purrz from the Katie Katz