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Monday, July 04, 2016

Happy Fourth From Mitchel and Pearl

Mitchel, Pearl and the Katiez Katz
Wish you a furry Safe Fourth of July Evening...

WE AM Made in America!!!

Dats whats! And weze am glads to be loved.

Have a Safe evening... Okay?  Cuddles in a blankie or hide under da beds... dems just noises and dats all.

Katie Kitty Too here... Sorry so lates in Repurrting, just couldn't gets Katie Mom to comes into my computer room at Uncle Mike's house and helps me tells you the mewz!

Her gots her hands full being a temp foster for two mew kittens, Pearl and Mitchel at her/our house while I'm in the computer room at Uncle Mike's waiting to blog.

Update on Pearl and Mitchel...  Mitchel has not traveled yet to his forever Mom.   Uncle Mike was going to take him, yet the Pets store we were going to exchange him from one carrier to another wasn't open Too much going on today for Mitchel to be able to settle into his mew home... Katie Mom wants to gets him home as soon as pawsible, cause him needs lots of loves from his mew mommy and stuffs.

Pearl went to the ER vets last night thanks to two kind souls who donated funds...  Katie Mom tooks Pearl just afore midnight with an exam fee of 110... after midnight 140!  Mom says thats highway robbery... whats dat?

Little Pearl am only 1 and third pounds... only 4- 5 weeks olds?  so Katie Mom wonders if her should weigh more and might be 6 weeks.

Her has a nasal congestion and a swollen tummy and lost muscle mass.. so da doctor gave her round worm med and purrscribed Clavamox. Doc saw a wee bits of flea dirt maybe so gave Katie Mom Dawn dish soap to gives her a bath.

Her am eating goods today and Katie Mom am rubbing her tummy. Her not hads a pooh yet today. Her hads poohs on Sunnyday and Monday morning though. Her loves Turkey baby foods and nots wants to eats anything else...  Mom am going to try and gets Pearl to see regular vets tomorrow... Him might think her needs Propectalin to helps her tummy have a pooh.  We coulds use some funds fur dats visit tomorrow... ifs you wants to helps wif dat, please email us at Mom lets you know how much dats be... we gets a discount so that helps.

 Have a safe rest of the fourth!
and all week, cause some folks don't know when to quits those booming fireworks!
Katie Kitty Too
Junior Repurrter,
Katiez Furry Mewz.

P.S. Just to lets you knows... I not mets Pearl or Mitchel cause I am an ornery girl and wants Mom all to myselfs in the computer room... cause how I gets mewz done wif kittens around?   I knows Mom am lookin after them cause her smell like kittens... oh well, Mom just don't bring anyone in here..kay? -Katie Too.


  1. So glad to formally meet Pearl Electra and I'm glad she's in wonderful hands <3

  2. Hope mew had a Happy & Safe 4th Katie & Co!


    Basil & Co xox

  3. Hope your 4th was happy and safe. Pearl fur sure be at least 6 weeks old. As fur her weight, Raena weighed a pound at 6 weeks old when mommy picked her up. A week later after eatin' good foods she weighed almost 1 1/2 pounds. She's held purretty steady at dat weight now since then. She's finally a litter closer to 2 pounds, but she runs and plays so much dat she's constantly burnin' calories and thus not geining a ton of weight. Pearl is purrobable a bit malnourished, but with luv and purropurr feeding she will gain weight. Da congestion is makin' her not wanna eat. Same as Raena, but fankfully she's doin' purretty good. Raw, Freeze Dried Raw and Avoderm chicken and duck in gravy are what we've found she likes bestest. You can massage her tummy or give her a bit of olive oil to move things 'round so she can go to da pawdee box. Anyways, sendin' lots of purrayers.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  4. Hoping you had a Happy and safe 4th!!!! Sending purrs, prayers and love!! catchatwithcarenandcody

  5. Happy Belated 4th! I hope these 2 babies are doing better.

  6. We are hoping that your care will make the kittens put on weight and eat more.

  7. Hope the kittens will be OK. They are absolutely adorable!


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