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Friday, August 14, 2009

Furry Friday Fotohz

Katie: Mom iz playin wif colorz...dat is da kittens and Maxwell Tiggur. Pleeze pur fur dem and usnz. Weze nots out uv da woods yet. Mom iz gonna puts an ad in da Eagle tooday fur dem. Ize may not likes deze alienz who cum frum nowherz...

Daisy: Deyz mai babiez, Katie! U iz weerd! U be nise to dem!!!

Katie: Daizy... you iz weerd. how diz big fings gets here?? Ur tummy too small... I thot u hads kittens! Dez not kittenz!!! deyz iz alienz an geenormus!! Dey gonna takes over da world!!

Daisy: Katie, dey cumz out ta see da world bout 11 weekz agoh... dey wz littel den and blind n stuffoms... an I feds dem milk and dey grohed.
Katie: oh dats iz weerd... Ize goh hides in da kitchen!! and dats Maxie fink him iz dehr Daddy! Silly boy... you gotted nootered. well u kin likes dem den. Ize gohs hide over hear.

Daisy: Katie, u iz just nevur gonna unnerstands bein a mommy...

Katie runs under da table: I dont likes deze noocummerz howsumevfur dey gotted here, but deys iz here so now dey shoods goh bye bye!! To furever homez!! I gotted one, soh dey goh getz one tooze...not tooze dis humane stuffoms place... dey make babiez goh over da bridge... I dont wants dat. Dats what dey doo to mee cuz Ize a slappy gurl and too smart fur mais own fur...and Bootsie run
away frum peeplez. noh noh noh...MOM!!! Bootsie and Ize stay wifs u??? Weze be goods gurlz.Yes, Baby Gurl... u stays wif me... cuz I knohs how to get u to be goods cuz I lufs u... Just stays inda house... otay? Diz scary out dehr wif trainz n carz. While I figure outs dis electricity n stuffoms.

Purrs n purrayerz fur da babiez ovfur da bridge dis week...

Charlie n Turnip speshully.

Katie n Katie Too


  1. Here's hoping some good forever homes come forward real soon!


  2. Oh, sweet babies! It's so good to see you all again - we just got back to blogging today after taking care of our sick mom for the last 4 months. We've missed you!

    Rocky & staff

  3. You haven't mentioned the old cat for a while. How is she?


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