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Friday, January 15, 2016

Blog the Change - Thank you from Guero and Silvia #BtC4A

Today is Blog the Change for Animals Day.

I have so many stories to choose from of how I answered the call to help animals in need over the last 20 years, and especially for the last 10 years blogging. When I think of all the cats and dogs I have helped... didn't realize until now the changes I have made in so many lives. All I can say, is thank you God for letting me help...

Yet I think about my mistakes instead.  Ain't that human?

Right now, I'm thinking about - if I hadn't answered a Craig's List ad for Silvia needing food and litter... if i hadn't found out that she might get evicted from the motel. she and her fur babies are living in, before she could find a new job... If I hadn't started a fundraiser to keep Silvia and her fur babies from being homeless...  Where would sweet Guero be?   Sweet, sweet Guero.  I have fallen in love with Silvia's five kitties, especially Ronnie, the original spokes purrson on the You Caring Fundraiser (Guero has taken his place), who loves to jump on your shoulders.  Yet Guero has taken a very special part of my heart.  

I knew about Brian's Pee Wars at Brian's Home and Max Max at Noir's Nook back in 2013, yet I had not personally encountered a kitty boy who needed help for a small urethra.

And now Guero will get his life-saving surgery. I had never tried to run a fundraiser on my own before.  Thank you Sherri of the Painter Pack  for having the courage to start a fundraiser for yourself and your fur babies to not be homeless... You were my inspurration! 

From helping Silvia and her cats not be homeless to Saving Guero's life...
Thank you kind readers. You are the one's who have truly made the difference.  
Because of you, Silvia can keep hunting to find a long term job while she cleans a newly constructed home and not worry about her babies, especially Guero.

Guero may be having his surgery on Monday.  More Furry Updates soon.

Purrz and Prayerz
Katie and The Katz
Silvia and her furbabies,
Guero, Ronnie, Gordo, Natasha and Fur Mom Narcisca.

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