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Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Goods, The Bads, The Purrtee and The Wanted Poster

Hiya folks,
We haz updates before we show our art photos.
Been a furry rainy week with hail storms on Tuesday... 

Dis photo am from KSN

Hours before the hailstorm,
Katie Mom took photos of pretty roses with Uncle Mike's phone.

And photos of Jolly almost completely healed from his surgery! Vetericyn made a big difference in scar healing so well. Jolly's Mom sprays his wound with Vetericyn everyday. Because of you and Katiez Furry Mewz, Jolly's life was saved. If you missed that story:  Jolly Needs Purrz  
Jolly looking good

And then the furry next day after the hail storm, Mom dropped Uncle Mike's phone in the toilet.... and the phone didn't have a memory card. All the pictures were on the phone.  Thankfully the phone started working again two days later and Uncle Mike gotted all the photos saved... but the camera and the flashlight no longer work.  At least Katie Mom sold a kitty ring on Facebook and maybe an old TV today (waiting to hear back).

Silvia and Alex's kitties are doing goods, save Guero had a pee battle doing okay today - and rains brought in Private Fleabug scouting out a new territory for flea wars... time for Advantage ($$)... 

Because of all the rain, Daddy Alex not work this week.  Hail storm Tuesday left crack in car windshield. After borrowing 80.00 from his work to fix it, glass co. did lousy job... why they do that? Now a gasket may have blown - white smoke from exhaust. Uncle Mike and Katie Mom are going to check those gaskets cause Alex gotta work next week!  Any bits of greenies would be furry apurrshiated. (Hoping mom's computer be good soon and then we can makes magnets for our kitty friends! -that's a really long nother story...mol)

Thats all the updates fur now.... Here am some fun art fur today!

Jolly the Escape Artist
(This effect takes tweeking to get the shiny and colors just right)
Sleepy Natasha

Purrz from
Katie Kitty Too
Jr. Reporter,
Katiez Furry Mewz

Feline Art Friday Link Up (click Feline Art Graphic) ... And Athena Cat Goddess Linky Today

Feline Art Friday Link


Sunday, April 24, 2016

A Birdie Selfie and Silvia's Gordo Needs Purrz

Hey wait for me! Where are you going?

Take My Picture!

Now aren't I just the handsomest bird here in the Aviary?
Us Katie Katz am taking break from Selfies again to share a very friendly bird at the Sedgwick County Zoo. He likes looking at humans as much as humans like looking at him! - Purrz from Katie Kitty Too.

See also Nature Link up at

This am Gordo, reporting today. Auntie Katie and Mom Silvia went to Zoo for Earth Day (free on Thursday April 21 even tho Earth Day is 22nd).  We don't know what kind of bird this is. Do you know?

Friday, I gotted a bad tummy ache and puked in the bathroom. Mom Silvia had to take me to vet yesterday and I got shot for my tummy. 

I am feeling better, but don't know how to tell Mom why I gotted sick.  Might be that broom I chewed on cause Mommy won't overfeed me! And I wants something to nibbles on... Why don't they make chewing gum for cats?

Mom had to use 80.00 that could have paid on rent this Tuesday. Auntie Katie haz 80.00 from donations and selling stuffs. Can you helps us with 70.00 dollars this week to make up for Mom taking me to vets? (If you can, please use the donate button at the top of the right column so you don't get charged for donating.)

I iz sorry I gotted sicks and used up our rents money... I try not get bad tummy ache again. Daddy Alex may gets some mason work this week if weather stays dry.

Please keeps me and my Mommy and Daddy in your purrz.
- Gordo, who not like tummy aches.

P.S. - Auntie Katie says we will catch up on visiting furry soon - She had to helps her Mom (Nana) this weekend.
Loves and Purrz, Silvia's Gordo and the Katie Katz.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Earth Day At the Zoo Lions, Goats and Zebras

Sedgwick County Zoo: Free to Visit on Earth Day

Photo Goat Fun.... mol. 

Hey George, Let's eat the lions!

Hey Charlie, that looks like your mama... Baaaa.


Your Mom or Dad Human can make this art photo for you at 


Katie Kitty Too,
Jr. Executive - Katiez Furry Mewz

Certified Eccentric and Ornery. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Wordless Fun Annie May and Doobie in Loves

Does we looks alike?  Dis my mommy's brother and I loves him...
 -Annie May

(Your Mom or Dad Human can help you make this photo by going to 

Sunday, April 17, 2016

If Flowers Did A Selfie

Would they look this pretty?

Katie Kitty Too here...

With the age old question...
do flowers like to have portraits of themselves?

We may never know...
So we leaves the mystery there...
Do you has purrtee flowers in your garden?

Hope you hads a wonderful Sunnyday today...
Even ifs you gotted rain (we did) or snow likes in Colorado. 

Katie Ann Kitty Too
Jr Repurrter, Katiez Furry Mewz.

Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin: yet I say unto you, that even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.
-Matthew 6:28,29

Bibi at the vet Friday the 8th
Updates on Kitties from last Sunnyday...

Nana's Bibi Still needs lots of purrz.  Bibi only had a few days of antibiotics before she started fighting Katie Mom and Nana.  Her scratched Mom's arm really long and bit her too.  And now she hides all the time. Mom will try to get a urine sample to take to the vets tonight. 

As far as the Mom knows, Jolly is healing up very well. And not getting outside... Will keep folks updated on his healing.

And.... some furry good mewz! Enough donations came in to buy the control arms for Silvia's car! And guess who the mechanic was that put the control arms in? Uncle Mike and Silvia's room mate Alex... Both arms were put in the car on Friday! One was harder to put in than the other. Two were bought called sway bar links that connect to the control arms - only 10.00 each and were put in on Saturday.

Thank you everyone! Such a relief to have reliable transportation.
Now with a reliable car - Alex can get more work this month and be able to pay the rent.

Will need help for this Tuesday as Silvia has not been able to sell her laptop and tablet yet and Alex has not been paid yet for work he did recently.

Please use the donation button on the side if you can send some change for this week's rent.

Please keeps Bibi, Jolly and Silvia in you purrz,
Katie Kitty Too and Katie the Mom.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Bibi Selfie at Vet and Other Cats

Hello? My name am Bibi. I not talk here alot
Cause I do not like computers.  Here am my selfie at the vets on Friday.

I do not like vets... I do not like cars... I do not like meds...
I do not like Sister Katie... especially giving me meds.  I yell and growl and open my  mouth and she pokes me with syringe and I swallow yucky stuffs!

I do not like you Sister Katie. Leaves me alone!

I like my Mom. I am 13 years old and furry cranky. I drink water out of Mom's cup and Mom holds it for me.

I like Sheba food, but I do not like KD Prescription food.
but Mom says I has stage 1 renal disease. I may have to
leave her soon someday and I do not want to do that either.

Right now, I has to take yucky liquid amoxicillin... and I'm going to protest
every day twice a day! Please pray for me... I do like purrz and prayerz,

Katies Fursister


Hello from Jolly! Here was my furry furst selfie
After I gotted stitches...
Auntie Katie you come visit me and make more selfies, okay?
I no likes being in big dog kennel!
If you comes over, you help me escape yes?

Katie: NO... That's why you are in that kennel, silly. You found a way to escape out of your Mommy's basement and got in a fight again! No... you needs to get well.

Jolly pouts... You come over and give me a yummy?

Katie: Sure... but you stays in kennel, you silly boy. And your mommy gonna take you to gets nootered... we'll talk about that later.

If you missed Jolly's story:

Jolly's Update
Jolly, The Neighbor's Kitty


Guero's Happy Sleepy Selfie after surgery (his tail is there somewhere...mol).

Hiya Furry friends of the Internetz,

Thank you so much for helping me have my surgery.

I'm alive and doing really good!  As you can see from my happy, sleepy selfie in my special bed! This am my bed and my brothers and sisfurs and kitty mom don't gets to sleep in it!

Now me needs to ask you a question. Did you know that cars have arms? My mommy and daddy need their car fixed so Daddy can get works.  The car's ball arms on the front tires need replaced and gonna cost 250 dollars for parts and labor.

Only 95.00 for each ball arm and 50 fur da labors. We buy the part first with your help.
And then Daddy can go working out of town and get real moneys... not from people who steal monies! Can you helps please? (you can use the donation button at the top of this blog or use send gift to friend at paypal using laugh_safely at yahoo dot com.)

Auntie Katie says we still need 100.00 for rent on Tuesday too.  She's trying to sell stuffs for rent. We really needs the car fixed! Dat car means Mommy and Daddy can looks after us kitties sooo much betters!  Thank you so much fur being my friends and saving me.

Guero and Fambly.

Monday, April 04, 2016

Update On Jolly Cat and Silvia

Update: Jolly back home inside Monday afternoon... he's a pistol - they really try to keep him in. Will keep you upated on his healing.. Purrz, Katie Kat
Jolly, my mother's neighbor's cat came through surgery Saturday night and is back home since Sunday morning. Stitches are at least 3 inches long! Cost to save his life: over 600.00. Needs to stay inside until well. Neighbor called me last night though that he may have accidentally escaped their house... Don't know if he is back home yet. 

Please keep Jolly in your purrz and prayerz. So thankful that 360.00 was paid before surgery using paypal donations and Care Credit. And a vet tech donated 10.00!

Had to pay another 76.20 Sunday morning and remainder to be paid off in three monthly installments (plus a 35.00 processing fee to I Care). Thank you so much for your purz and donations so far! Even though 200.00 earmarked for Silvia had to be used on Sunday, because of one furry special purrson, will be able to pay Silvia's rent tomorrow!

If you can help with Jolly's bill and to keep Silvia and her kitties from becoming homeless, please see and click on the donation button or use the gift to friends option at paypal and send to laugh_safely at yahoo dot com

Silvia went to interview at Marriott today for a housekeeping position.  Her roommate Alex has work in another town, but their car needs seen by a mechanic. I'm going to ask dear brother to see what needs to be done. Will let you know how much funds to get it fixed. 

Silvia is sooo close to getting back on her feet, yet she is getting despondent and worried she will have to find a home for her 5 cats and stay at a homeless shelter.  Soo hard to find one home for Silvia's fur babies. And the only no-kill shelter is so small and struggling to keep afloat.  Guero is finally healed and then lose his only pawrents? How sad would that be for this sweet baby and his fur family?

Thank you for all your purrz and prayerz.  Helping cats in need keeps me going too. (I need your purrz to help find homes for the furbabies in my care too.)

-Katie Kat.

Sunday, April 03, 2016

Looking For Lulu Selfie and Purrz fur Neighbor's Kitty

No Officer, I not seens dat cat afore... Is her single?

Hey Lulu - how you get there??? 

The Mom helped me make this fun Selfie. Pawsible by using this effect

 The Mom has some furry impawtant mewz to shares...
Elly May And Molly - Kin to Jolly

Our Nana's neighbor - has a sweet black cat named Jolly. He is Elly May's Daddy and brother to Molly, Elly May's mom. Molly and Elly May are staying at the Mom's house.

Jolly had to have emergency surgery to save his life last night. Dangerous abscess by his ear. Don't know how he got hurt - possibly deliberate.

Asking for help and purrz. Had to make down payment of $360 - $200 from donations earmarked to pay Silvia's rent on Tuesday and 130.00 from Care Credit. Even a vet tech donated 10.00.

Do not know yet what final bill will be or outcome of Jolly's surgery. Please pray and share and spare some change with paypal donation button on the top right. Will update everyone on Jolly's condition as soon as info available...

Thanks and may God Bless you and your fur babies. ♥ 
Purrz from Lulu and Katie the Mom.

Saturday, April 02, 2016

Caturday Pop Art with Doobie and Guero

Moom! Wakes up! You forgotted dis am Caturday Art Day!
Hurry Up! Weze soooo lates... Look Mom what I founded.
I hope sumbuddy comes bys to see how cute I am in differunt colorz....

How did we save this photo without ordering? Well there's a Hack for that. You hits the print screen on your compooter - top right of your keybord.  Then you open your favorite photo editing software and paste the image - then crop image to photo you made!  The Mom used, a free photo editing software.


Dearest folks on the internets... would you likes a magnet with your kitty on it in Pop Arts??

Can you please helps my friend Guero's Mommy? 

She really needs rents on Tuesday cause a bad man stole dehr monies. Weze just asking fur change. Katie Mom am trying to sell old TV stuffs but no biteys yets.

Mom says you can paw the Paypal Donation button on the side to helps. Then sends a photo to laugh_safely ats Yahoo dot com and the Mom will makes a magnet fur you!

Friday, April 01, 2016

Reading To Your Cat and Other Furry Mewz

Purray!!! - Time Fur Furry Good Mewz Friday
and Urgent Stuffs
Hey Furry Friends! It am April First...
The Mom scoured the internets and found Mewz abouts an exciting purrgram:
Groupon promotes Cat Readers

"Everyone knows that cats love to chase things-strings, lasers, mice, you name it," Groupon says. "It turns out our feline friends also harbor a voracious appetite for literary classics and want to be read to just like our children. But with the pressures of modern society, who has time to read to their cats?" 

The four readers prices range from $15 an hour fur the Cat Whisperer to $5,000 per hour for the ’80s Sitcom Star.  Mom thought her could be a reader too, buts when the Mom checked, the deal was closed...

Howsumever we did find real mewz worth reading... Ifn's you has nebber gone to Brian's (Brian's Home) Forever Home Wanted site - you am missing out on lots of Real Good Mewz and listings of pets waiting for their furever homes...

Likes this cute sweetie at
who mysteriously walked out of a cornfield and right up to her new Daddy... "Please takes me home!" and Daddy did! According to The Dodo: this kitten shows how cats have "supernatural skills for finding just the right situation for them."

Be sure to bookmark and subscribe to

There's always REAL Furry Good Mewz There like.... Kitten Cuddlers wanted in Orlando
and Free pet vaccines for low income...
This am Katie Kitty Too Repurrtin fur 
Katiez Furry Mewz 
Guero is doing great! but still needs purrz

First the good Mewz. This past week's rent was paid from the last of the auction money and two donations. Guero Is HEALED from surgery finally... no more seeping. Purray! Yet he did threw up yesterday... Vet said may be something he chewed on. She may have to take him back tomorrow... and we are out of funds (I had to pay third year taxes or lose my home)... plus more bad news. 

Brother Tiger, aka Gordo
Silvia's room mate Alex just finished basement work worth 400.00 and the guy he worked for only gave him 50.00! They were depending on that money for rent. Silvia wants to find the guy and report him, but he used a false name and disappeared ..
and No Rent means homeless kitties...

Due to little work available at Labormax, Silvia found a job typing up dictated briefs for a lawyer's office. She did a practice brief this week and should get paid briefs to do next week, but no possible money until April 11.  Need 150.00 asap for next Tuesday.

Please Pray and send whatever you can, using the PAY PAL donation button at the top right...  (so you dont have to pay YouCaring)
Purrz from Katie and Katie Too.