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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Caturday Art: This Little Kitty am Found Home

Sweet little skinny kitty was lead by her kitty angels to a friend's porch. She is under a year old, with unusual markings. Her wears a calico tabby tuxedo  (bib and white feet), a Manx Poly-dactyl girl, pregnant too ...

 I posted a really yucky night photo three days ago on Facebook, saying if she returns, will need a home asap. She showed up again Thursday to eat on friend's porch everyday, then yesterday morning, I coaxed her to let me pet her and hold her, took her into the bathroom where she gobbled down enough food for two kitties. 

After crying in the window and worrying about the other kitties in the home, she finally settled down on a towel in the bathtub and cried softly before closing her eyes to get some needed rest. 

An hour later, a very good rescue friend called me - she has a friend who has been looking for a Manx kitty for almost two years...

This afternoon she goes home to a real loving Daddy purr-son.  Thank you kitty angels for helping this baby find safety, love and home.  Home Sweet Home.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Chiquita's Daddy has a home now

When You support Katiez Furry Mewz - good things happen!
Chiquita's Daddy

Chiquita's Daddy, Chico is a beautiful blue / lilac point boy - caught on Monday, now has good home. Will be checking for microchip just in case. He found a home with silly Scribbles... MOL. Her favorite past time is licking people's hands. She was also a rescued kitty.

Scribbles, she likes licking hands

Chiquita (above) Honey Peach (below)
Chiquita and Honey Peach are now good friends. We will be finding them a home together.

More Furry Good Mewz Next Times!
-Katie Kitty Too,
Jr. Repurrter.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Poke Poke Cutie Selfies From Cat Show

Oreo grabbing fur camera
Poke Poke...  Oreo Robin William here...

Hey you internet folks out there!! We haz photos to share from the Wichita Cat Fancy Show back on February 5th, on the Mom's purrtthday.

Want to see some???

Furst ofs all, Gordo is doing real goods from hims surgery. Thank you evfurry one for helping him!

Please purr for Ronnie, one of Silvia's cats - him gotted his tail hurted and had to get a shot yesfurday. He runs out of motel room and nots looks fur cars or nuthin. A purrson tried to helps keep him from car coming and grabbed him, but that purrson jerked hims tail too hard trying to catch him. Hims tail was sprained and gotted a shot fur dat... still wants to runs outside and not look where him am going.
  Good thing if Mom Silvia yells his name, he stops...Thanks fur your purrz.

Katie Mom haz not gotted that aluminum building torn down yet, still on the list of things to do - we sure hope that Mom gets helps fur dat from her friends - too bad Flash Cat can't help, him busy saving cats somewheres. Dats moneys in that building to helps us kitties in need. The Mom will be selling some rings on eBay from a furry good friend who donated them too. More Mewz later.

Now fur some kitty selfie photos!

Cowboy, a young Maine Coon from Texas and hims helper.



Cadbury, a kitty looking for a mew home from PALS Animal Rescue - He dids real goods in the household pet cattygory. 


Blaze, the kitty who gotted best House Hold Pet.

And of course there were  KITTENS!!! Two Silver Tabbies learning about the kitty show and having funs.  More photos later... 

Purrz from Oreo Robin William and the Katie Katz.
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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Thankful to Know Asthma from TOXIC LILIES BEWARE!!

Hello internets, this am Guero, the kitty you saved last year... I am doing lots and lots goods. I had the same surgery that my brother Gordo had last week. Well I has a furry impawtant message to tells you

Yesfurday Auntie Katie gotted mew flowers from her hubby Purrson... and there were lilies in them...

And yesfurday afternoon, Auntie Katie Gave Mom Silvia a branch of Lilies to put outside on her window sill not inside where us kitties could get to them... cause Auntie and Mom knew that ifs we chewed on a lily, we could get furry sick.
Now here is the parts that none of us knew.

Mom Silvia carried the lily into the motel room with her, holding it to get water to put it in vase and set outside....They was not even blooming yets save for one that had broken off and was getting all wilty.


I got a good wiff of the lilies and gotted an asthma attack just from the fragrance and possibly pollen. Mom Silvia rushed me to Vet - my lips were turning blue. I COULD NOT BREETHES!!!! 

Thank goodness Mom got me to vet on time and vet poked me with shot to saves my lifes and gets me to breathe again.

Then today a kind person paid that bill.

We are so thankful for knowing lilies am bad!! Yet now we knows that I can't haz Lilies around even to puts in water and then outside!!

Pic from Cat Wisdom 101
BEWARE - Kitties can get asthma from lilies.

Auntie Katie also gets asthma attacks from some flowers if they are inside.

and No Lilies evers again for Auntie Katie and her Katz. 

That's just too scary.

Here am more to reads about Lilies:

Purrz of thankfulness,

Guero the Internet Cat 

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentine Flowers, Jolly Home, Gordo Healing

Miss Honey Peach here helping blog today.

The Mom got her Valentine flowers today from the Dad Purrson...  The flower shop was too busy yesfurday to send them. The mom just wanted roses... yet look at all them other purrty flowers and lilies!

Mom doesn't know where to put this big vase! 

We would want to help out by knocking it over in the living room (pictured)

So right now am on the kitchen counter...
I don't usually get on that. 


Yesfurday, Jolly's bill was finally paid and he went home to be with hims family...

He went to Heaven Furever last year on May 28th. Only three years old. I did not get to meet Jolly. I don't really like boys, yet Jolly was a furry good boy who always wanted outside. He was too nice a kitty and gotted beat up by an unknown cat who had a furry bad disease called Leukemia. His mom had not gotten Jolly that shot... furry sad. 
You can reads more about Jolly Needs Purrz.


Guero is doing well - drips a little, will take a long time  to heal.  You can read abouts hims surgery here: Gordo Emergency Surgery

Katie Mom and Uncle Mike got a whole truckful of appliances to recycle this week (have to take motors out first -Kat) and then this weekend we haz a trashing pawty! kinda sorta - Katie Mom and Uncle Mike going to take down an aluminum building. I don't know what aluminum am must be likes gold or sumpin.

All the Mewz Fur Today... More tomorrows.

Purrz from Miss Honey Peach
who am teaching Chiquita how to be a lady.

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Gordo Came Home Yesfurday and Selfie Stuff

Me Natasha!
Hiya Blogging Friends!!
Natasha with my pretty selfie am Repurr-ting Today!!

Guero Home and Hanging Out in Kennel
Brother Gordo came home yesfurday!!!
So far Gordo is eating well and even gained weight while at the vets. He almost knows where to stand in the litter box. Auntie Katie gotted Mom Silvia puppy pads, Feliway refill and let Gordo borrow a kennel cage to rest in. He hated the cone at first and fought it like the Tiger he is and made a pee mess on the blankies on the bed - calmer today.

Me and my brothers and Mama Narcisca think he smells funny - Ronnie bit Mom Silvia's toe last night cause him mad that Gordo smells funny. I can't wait til Brother Gordo doesn't smell funny no mores. Then I can loves on him.
Guero Home and Hating Cone
Well remember last post we said the bill was $600?? Well yesfurday Mom Silvia and Auntie Katie founded out when they went to pick up Gordo - the bill was $660!!! Mouses!!! 

At the time yesfurday, we had paid $380 from funds raised and donations. Yet then Auntie Katie and Mom had to figure out how to pay $280 vs $220. Because of our kind loving friends and family, and appliances and junk metal fur recycling (and 40.00 from credit card - Katie Kat), we managed to haz enoughs to pay dat $660.00. But we still had to use funds fur our rent dat am due on Tuesday. 

So far, we has $30 toward our rent and needs $120.00 more. Uncle Mike and Auntie Katie am picking up more appliances and stuffs but we gonna needs a hundred at least to just keep Gordo and us cats and Mom Silvia to has roof over our heads... and then there am special diet food that Gordo needs...

And all us kitties may be changing our diet from Purina Naturals to another kitty foods... Two of my brothers had yucky surgery to now go like girls cause of foods and water not being right ph balance. And Ronnie gotted UTI once too and him not get sicks usually. 

Thank you fur all your purrz and helps fur us kitties... Thank you fur helping our Mom Silvia look after us and has a better lifes. We loves you soo much!

And cause we loves all our real goods friends and folks helping us - Auntie Katie am making a PRIVATE secret Ninja Hideout Blog. Just our donators, purrr warriors (and KFM commenters) will gets to see dat blog. There will be lots of photos of us kitties and more details of how all of us are doing, including my kitty family and all the kitties that Auntie Katie helps. More details about that furry soon. (One of the surprises mentioned in previous posts, exclusive to our Purr Angels and Hero Donators,  and then frequent KFM commenters and close friends. - Katie Kat)  

Here am more selfies afore we go... We shows you Mama Narcisca next times....

Purrz from Natasha.

Happy Guero that you saved him last year same surgery

Ronnie aka Johnny the escape artist
Cute lil ol me, Natasha

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