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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Angel And Her Mew Feeder Toy

Angel am furry smart...


Katie Mom found me this feeder on clearance... just afore Chrissymouse. Me needs interactive toys to keep from not eating so fast... and eating too much. I needs to gets my girly figure back!  Thanks Uncle Mike fur helping Katie Mom gets this toy fur me!  

Purrz, Angel the Fetch Kitt

P. S. Natasha went to the vets this morning fur he asthma shot... we show you her photos tomorrow.

Holiday Slide Show!! Thanks Peaches, Paprika and Mom fur this loverly show. Our card am right after Jan's Funny  Farm



  1. Now this looks like a fun toy! Your kitties are very lucky to have gotten this. :) My kitties are very food motivated, so they would probably enjoy something like this.

  2. That looks very cool! My Sister Gracie likes toys like that!

  3. That toy looks like lots of fun! And what a great way to help kitties eat a little slower. :)


  4. Brando and Humphrey say...."It doesn't take much to impress a cat!" BOL!! MOL!!

  5. That is a cool toy. Our Mom thinks we boys need to work for our food, too! She said we are fat!


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