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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Caturday Christmas Art and Flash At Vets Selfie

Hiya - Katie Kitty Too hanging out in the Puter Room... this am photo from like months ago - cause I am napping at the moments while Mom does all the typing.  
We wants to wish all our furry friends and kitty heroes a merry merry Hanukkah and Happy Christmas Season.
This year they am togethers on the calendar like they supposed to be... cause when two human calendars line ups with the world going round the sun, the Gregorian  and Jewish Calendar has holidays same time! 

Here am our Christmouse Arts (so far)...  As purrmiced fur Caturday Arts which was interputted by Hero cats needing vet visits and lots and lots of snows.  See rest of post below the ( === )

We haz our banner badge with the kitty who started this bloggie about ten years ago. That's Me!! Katie Kitty Too. I am 13 going on 14... from my Gotcha Day in January. I am already 14 from my birthday which was sometime in November. Please copy and puts on your bloggies.
Inside am so delightful

 And then our cozy Christmas Card with Max, Me and Bootsie staying warms. 


The Mom found card in MS Picture It, and Helped us get in these cute warm clothes and funny paw gloves, then we posed by the fireplaceWe still needs to makes a fun Hanukkah Card...

Dis our Happy Christmas Card Postie to all our furry friends cause we loves you furry much!

Purrz and Nose Kisses,
Katie Kitty Too, Maxwell Tigger and Bootsie Woo and all the Mewzers of Katiez Furry Mewz


Flash's Vet Visit Selfie
Now fur The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Moms... and Flash the Hero Cat...

By Maxwell Tigger.

Friday afternoon, Katie Mom gotted the patio table tent all done with blankies and tarp over the table... (howsumever, we am going to gets a warmer blankie under the table likes a mummy sleeping bag that am warm to zero degrees) ...and putted straw and blankies in the doghouse on the porch. Flash was loving the warm doghouse - when Katie Mom and Uncle Mike went to get dinner fur Nana and stuffs, Flash was curled up in the doghouse all warms. 
(Now fur those who wonders about why Flash outside alla times, well hims Daddy has several cats and they come and go in the house so Flash can go home anytime and gets warm. He likes Uncle Mike's house bestest. He does come in Uncle Mike's house alot, yet him been fraidy of us indoor kitties then him wants back out and goes home. He likes staying at the Patio Cafe so Katie Mom fixed up the doghouse fur Flash when him wants to hangout. Him litter manners aren't the bestest and when him stays in Uncle Mikes house, him stays in the bathroom and datz my room right now... but that's about to change...maybe. I don't likes Flash yet - Maxwell Tigger.)

Katie Mom and Uncle Mike gotted home lates, about two in the morning...Sometime between 7pm Friday and 2am Caturday, Flash must haz gone to saves the world and came back with his ear hurted...again

So our fearless humans tooks me, thats Maxwell Tigger outta the bathroom and I gotted to stay in Uncle Mike's bedroom for the night while Flash stayed in the bathroom.

Our fearless humans had about 4 hours sleep Friday night before having to take Flash to the vet Saturday morning. We really don't know what happened but hims ear that had surgery for a hematoma years ago had gotted hurted... pawsibly from another kitty who comed to eat or some varmint. Flash gotted hims wound cleaned out, antibiotics and a shot for swelling. Flash am staying at the vets this weekend while hims ear gets better. Katie Mom will pick him on Monday...

Good thing Caturday morning the snow wasn't falling much yet so Flash could go to vets.

Yet by afternoon, it camed down really hard and heavy... Uncle Mike and Katie Mom were doing all sorts of stuffs like getting foods and warm blankies for us kitties and cat foods and dinner fur Auntie Silvia cause her car not started and foods fur Flash's Daddy cause him am disabled.  

Then they finally feds themselves and Nana too way late last night. So that's the story of yesfurday...

and now the humans wish they were napping on Sunnyday... Instead, Uncle Mike am feeding us and helping Flash's Daddy gets stuffs... and Katie Mom am blogging. Sooo cold today again.

At least I gets to takes a nap in the sink while Flash am at vets. Him will haz to stays in bathroom when he gets back.

Purrz from
Maxwell Tigger, Jr Repurrter,
Katiez Furry Mewz.


Purrz. Esss... Katie Mom miscalculated abouts the donations we gotted.. and we am soo thankful we gotted them, yet just enough for Auntie Silvia's rent and cat foods, not enough to gets Revolution yet. Howsumever, after me stopped eating limited diet foods, the rash on my neck was getting better same time! So Mom been feeding me grain free dry foods and Sheba Salmon and rash am going away! Might just be flea wars and not foods. Mom sure hopes so.

Guero am doing some betters after holding hims pee earlier this week and scaring Mom and Auntie Silvia... Thank goodness cause just found out that Guero's Mom Narcisca am not doing goods today and needs your purrz. Her been throwing ups... She may haz to sees vet on Monday. -Maxwell Tigger.


  1. Poor Flash, we sure hope that ear gets all better soon. Your cards and sweet photos are super wonderful and Happy Holidays from all of us here.

  2. My gosh, things are so busy at your place. Hope Flash's ear heals soon. Thanks for hopping with us. Wishing you all happy, happy holidays. Love the Santa Cat and Hanukkah Cat sitting together. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  3. Feel better soon Flash and Guero and his Mom. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

  4. Hope Flash's ear gets better soon. Love your pics and cards!

    Happy Christmas and Holidays to you too :)

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  5. Aaaaaaaaaaw Katie Kitty, you be lookin' so purretty. Glad things are gettin' better. We don't quite unnerstand da flea wars??. Mommy had a serious purroblem once and her bought some Bengal flea and tick stuffs. Da fogger she used outside 'round da house and da spray she used in da house. Yes, it's poison, but so are all those other things, revolution, etc.. Anyways, once she did dat, da flea wars was over. Course, all da kitties got a bath and/or treatment with a natural treatment called BioSpot. Back then it was like $10.00 fur 3 spot ons. It's now 'bout $20.00 fur 3, but still, is much cheaper than da other. And so long as mommy didn't spray da Bengal directly on us, all is well. It's one of da safest on da market. And it also comes with a guarantee. Sendin' purrayers.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

    1. Will check into the Bengal flea and other stuffs, specially fur using outside around the houses thats what we needs...keeps the varmints out! Thanks Dezi and Raena! -Katie Kat and Katie Kitty Too.

  6. Katie and family, take care over Christmas and let your kitty buddy not get hurt (he is so silly saving the world (right?)


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