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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Making a Warm Outdoor Kitty Tent With Bear and Doobie

Last photo am under a table on the breezeway. Flash The Hero Cat has already snoozed here last night.

More Photos to come:

Blankies over the top of the table and covered with tarps... and a bale of hay across the back vs trash can and milk crates.

There am a dog house that Katie Mom fixed up last year, but no kitties wants to use dat... maybe cause on the patio...or needs a back exit. We don't knows. Katie Mom and Uncle Mike gonna moves the doghouse into the back yard and see if kitties will use it then. Mom can finds the photos of how her made the doghouse insulated.

We am going to works on a kitty shelter made from a plastic storage container next. We show you how we helps furry soon.

Purrz from
Lil Bear And Doobie
Mom's Kitty Shelter Helpers

TOMORROW: Thankful Thursday Kitty who am eating at the Patio Cafe and mores...

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  1. It was so nice of your kitties to help make a shelter for the outdoor kitties! I'm sure that the outdoor cats will see it as the best Christmas present ever. You guys are pawsome!

  2. Thanks for the great info, we probably need at least one more shelter out back.


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