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Friday, December 02, 2016

Sammy Balloon Pilot Flies Over Kansas

After visiting Dezi and Raena in Oklahoma, 
Sammy of One Spoiled Cat Blog had time to fly over Kansas
and Stops to see us Katie Katz fur a minute.

We met at the one and only castle in Kansas - Coronado Heights near Lindsborg Kansas. 
There's a stone table inside. We all sat down and hads bacon sammiches...

We shared the story of finding Lil Bear's head at the castle a few years ago and we laughed and laughed.

and bearz-head-am-bin-found )

And then Sammy had to go on hims journey...
We waved at him as he passed by...

Bye bye dear Sammy and Easy... we am going to miss you sooo much.
Sammy and Easy furever OTRB.

Purrz and Hugz
from the Katie Katz.

We are joining the
Pet Parade today... 


  1. Whoa that looks like fun did you find and mices in that stone building?
    Thank you for joining the hop
    Hugs madi and Mom

  2. How exciting! That looks very old!! I think Sammy had a wonderful time visiting all his furriends!! xx

  3. That was beautiful gang. We sure will miss those two special guys.

  4. Wow! I had no idea there was a castle in Kansas. Pretty neat!

  5. My mommy and I loved and had tears too, looking at the beautiful balloon drifting off with Sammy, fading as he went onward to his new home. Thank you for a dear blog, and for the pictures in Kansas. xxx

  6. Sammy must have enjoyed his visit. Too bad he had to leave.

  7. Great trip ! We're sure Sammy enjoyed it. Purrs

  8. What a pawesome place to visit wif Sammy!!!

    Matt & Matilda


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