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Thursday, December 08, 2016

Furry Thankful fur No Snows and Loving Frindz

Hiya Flash the Hero Cat here, hanging out near Uncle Mike's Patio Cafe...And I have some furry impawtant mewz to talks about. I am a hero cat after all and sometimes being a hero doesn't take running faster than the speeds of light like me.

I am so thankful fur the bestest buffet evers... lots of dry foods and canned Friskies to eats. Uncle Mike and Auntie Katie let me and my house mates eat out at the Patio Cafe to helps out our Daddy who is on a fixed income.  I am thankful to share food with Charlie, the orange fraidy cat who lives in Uncle Mikes lawnmower shed.

There is a mew abandoned kitty that comes by to eat with me... Auntie Katie will try to get a selfie. I know that kitty is my cousin, because he has the same markings as me, just he is small and has longer hair.

Auntie Katie and me am furry thankful that the weather man was wrong! Furry colds though (20 degrees) and I am in the sunny spot - yet no snows yesfurday!  So I can hang out in the sunny grass and think it's 40 degrees instead.  

Thank you so much fur you purrz on Sunnyday.

We loves you  sooo much. And thank you Timmy Tom Cat fur asking if we needs help.

Can you be a Kitty Hero and helps the Katie Katz fur Chrissymouse?
8 yr old Bootsie needs checkup fur snoring.

Auntie Katie paid all the bills, including bills that Nana, that's Auntie Katie's mom, can't pay and now there am no money fur foods until after Chrissymouse - that's when the monthly check will come in instead of just before the holiday like there was fur Thanksgiving. 
Max needs special foods for allergies

Auntie Katie runs out of moneys evfurry month, usually halfway through and Uncle Mike has to buy evfurrything including helping Nana and Auntie Katie has foods until the end of the month. Yet this time only December 8th! And Uncle Mike not gots moneys to pay hims mortgage and bills and help too. Uncle Mike looks after several KFM kitties at hims home.

Auntie Katie needs moneys to buy more foods fur us  outdoor kitties and indoor kitties dat all her fambly am watching over...
plus got kitties needing health checkups and stuffs. 

And we gots to has a bale of straw and a tarp to keeps the weather off the breezeway between the garage and the house...  and meds to fight the flea wars and spay kitties... Be sure to looks out fur a mew page that has photos of  all us kitties so you can get to know us mores...and sponsor certain kitties if you likes.

Remembers KFM Kittiez am in different places. Next year, Auntie Katie am working on getting a rescue license and finding a home outside of city limits to starts Katiez Furry Mewz Rescue and Sanctuary... (might has a mew name Contest next year!)

 .... If you checked the tags last Sunnyday, you might have figured out the friend we am bin praying fur... da kitty fambly that KFM helps... their mommy hurts her tailbone furry bads and can hardly walk ....please keeps Silvia in your purrz... her in lots of pain and can't work fur 8 weeks.) 

This loving kitty Mom asked not to do a You Caring fur them anymore... so Auntie Katie am going to start a mew funding (maybe with Go Fund Me) fur Katiez Furry Mewz and that will helps out alla kittiez of KFM, including one amazing and loving kitty mom who can't works...

Right now you can paypal to laugh_safely at to be a kitty hero...

Because of Heroes like you who help all year long, Katie Katz and even neighbor cats like me haz food and a warm place to call home fur Chrissymouse.. or home away from home...

Please pray for these two cats in the window....Molly the Mom and Kitten. They still need caught at Auntie Silvia's motel, spayed and taken to a safe place as soon as possible... they didn't show last night. Molly the grey kitty may be pregnant again and having her kittens... in the brrring cooolld.  I will look fur them this weekend.

Purrz from Flash
the Hero Cat

off on another heroic adventure to save cats and kittens evfurrywhere.



  1. Dang, I'm glad the emergency is over. Wonder what's wrong with YouCaring, I'm a YouCaring Ambassador. Hugs to all those special ones helping a super helper like you. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

    1. Hey Brian.... thank you so much. The emergency was I thought I was going to have to look after five cats asap... All goods now - didn't have to yet. Just was thinking that maybe I could try Go Fund Me - wasn't You Caring - it was someone wrote To Silvia saying she shouldn't be asking for help and they don't even know the situation. Some folks who help like Go Fund Me because they don't have to pay a little extra. Yet then the folks needing help get less. All Goods. We loves you and Thank you fur being our frindz... Katie Kat.

  2. Hey all! I hope our small help is enough to give Flash a paw when he is out looking to save kitties!
    Purrs to all


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