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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Furry Thankful Fur Our Friendz

Chrissymouse and Hanukkah am almost heres!

So we gives thanks with lots of cheers!

We saids it afore...
we saids it agains

We am furry thankful
fur loving friendz!

Cause you loves us, we can haz vet visits and foods and warm homes, toys and blankies to nap on...

Flash's Super Hat Defies Gravity
Without your loving helps this year... many kitties would not haz gone to vets. Like Guero (pic am below) would not have had his life saving surgery. He would haz gone OTRB.

As Chrissymouse and Hanukkat gets closer and this year gets closer to the ends... we are so furry thankful to haz loving friends....

If you haz been our hero and helped this year in anyways at alls, Remembers to be on the lookouts in your mailboxes and emails fur a furry goods surprise! We don't knows whens so we can't tells you... Katie Mom says that's a secret and everfurry buddy may gets their surprise a different day next year.

Even commenters and purring heros will gets a fun surprise thank you! (we can tells you dats it will include a bio of all us kitties... and more)

Purrz and Nose Kisses today
from Katie Kitty Too, Bootsie Woo,
Silvia's Kittiez and
all the Mewzers at Katiez Furry Mewz.

>^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^<

Ifs you can helps us get through to the mew year, Silvia am applying fur works this week, but nothing definite yet and she needs to pay for her phone this month to get return calls.  We still has some kitties who needs vet checkups...

Annie May am bin acting likes her cannot go potty... Lil Bear keeps not wanting to drinks waters (may be a tooth ache) and we still needs more flea treatments.  Bootsie  needs checked fur snoring when her go sleepy... and we still has two girl kitties (Annie and Lulu) needing spayed. Also please purr fur the outdoor kitties who have not shown up, Feral Charlie for more than a week and Bobby the shy Cat (see post) for several days...)

We am just asking fur wittle bits to helps Katie Mom cause dehrs no more monies fur anything (seriously, just helped pay the escrow on Nana's mortgage - except enough to takes Nana out fur Christmas dinner) til next Wednesday. We are going to be selling almost all Katie Mom's furniture and lots of art stuffs too while Katie Mom looks fur part time works that will help support us kittiez. Please see the Paypal link at the top of this bloggie or the P.O. Box too.
-Purrz from Katie Kitty Too
and The Mewzers. 

Brian's 8th Gotcha Day


  1. Hello there, Katie Kitty Too and all! We sure hope you're all having a meowy Christmas season. We're sending you all lots of warm wishes!

    I saw your comments about creating a drawing for you, and I would be happy to! I apologize, I responded to your comment on my blog from a week or two ago, but I should have contacted your more directly. That's my fault! Katie Kitty Too, just have your mom send me a picture (or pictures) that she has in mind for the drawing. My email address is We can't wait to see lovely you, Katie Kitty Too, and to start drawing you!

  2. You are all such cuties. I am praying you all are healthy for 2017!

  3. Too cute!
    Have a wonderful holiday season...

    Noodle and crew


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