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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Our Fearsome Hero Flash Returns and Gordo at the Vets

Last Sunday Gordo, One of Silvia's Kitties was not feeling well at all. He had a mild fever, would hardly eat or drink and his pee was foamy.
His brother Ronnie lay near Gordo all day to comfort him.

Dr. Mohney, Gordo and Silvia
Early Monday morning, Brother Mike and I took Silvia and Gordo to see his vet.  

Thankfully there was some credit on Silvia's vet account and Mike and I had some money to spare...

Mike, Dr. Mohney and Gordo
Checked his temp and swabbed him... Definitely had UTI. Got Antibiotics and a shot for swelling. Gordo is starting to feel better. He is eating and drinking more water. Silvia and I don't know why poor kid keeps getting UTI's every few months.

Gordo glad to go home

Updates on Guero and Mama Narcisca: Although Guero was holding his pee for several hours last week, he started going normally, thank goodness, but he has trouble figuring out where the box is without his boy parts and sometimes he has trouble with all the fur growing where fur did not grow before. He is still susceptible to UTI's - Thank Catness that he is doing well for now. 

Mama Narcisca is being bothered by itchy skin and is pulling her hair out near her tail - could still be mean fleas. KFM was able to get Advantage for Silvia's kids a few weeks ago, yet the fleas here have been resisting the chemical in Advantage. Looking at other safe alternatives... More about that in another post.

(We loves Dezi and Raena so furry much! About the products Bengal and Biospot that Dezi and Raena suggested in last post's comments - Each flea treatment uses a different chemical to kill the fleas, some chemicals are more dangerous in how they work than others... Hartz, Sargent and Pet Armor use the worst chemicals with the most possibility of hurting or killing the animal that it is supposed to protect. Unfortunately, Biospot is not natural and contains the same ingredients as Hartz: Etofenprox and S-Methoprene, which caused asthmatic reaction in one of my cats. These parasiticides have caused seizures and killed many dogs and cats all across the nation. Several vets in my town have records of animals dying or had to be PTS due reactions to Etofenprox and S-Methoprene. I am thankful that Dezi and Raena are not part of those statistics. Not all animals react, but too many - that if humans were being harmed these two chemicals would be banned. Bengal may be safe enough to use outside the home, as long as there are no other cats out there... I will do a research page about the differences in Flea products furry soon.

Flash's adventure at the Vets Continued from Last Post. Flash stayed at the Cat Motel at Broadway Animal Clinic over the weekend...

Flash gives me the Bionic Flashy Eye... you can't keep me from saving the worlds!
Mike and I picked him up Monday afternoon. (The vet lets Flash's Daddy, Mike's neighbor keep a running tab. So we did not have to pay the bill yet.)

Flash Meyowled the whole time back to Uncle Mike's house "Why you holds me in carrier?!? Me must saves the world from evilness..." - since his hero powers were no match fur the special carrier we haz to use to keep him from going faster than the speed of light... MOL.

He is staying in his bathroom studio apartment with Iron Man (toilet) until his ear heals and the weather is warmer...

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  1. Dang, we are sure swnding purrs and prayers all around.

  2. My aunties Primrose, Blossom and Snowdrop used to get UTIs all the time. They were stress-induced but once the peeps figured that out, and made a few adjustments, the stopped getting 'em, completely. purrs

  3. I'm sorry to hear about the UTI. Those are such a pain. I hope it resolves easily and quickly.

  4. Purring strong for those kitties
    Timmy and Dad


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