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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Emergency - Purrz 4 Sammy and Mores

(THIS POST AM TWO PARTS - We missed blogging on Caturday.
THANK YOU FUR TAKING TIMES TO READS This Furry special Post... )

Bear in a Box or three
Bear imitates Mike driving car.
HiYa - Little Bear Am Finally here with the Sunday Selfie Mewz...
Twas my turn to share my Bear in a Box Techniques.  Howsumever, We hads emergency this morning. We am furry lates cause Katie Mom and Uncle Mike had to drives Sir Sammy Purrzalot to ER... 
Dis am my impurrsion of Uncle Mike driving to the vets...

Why dids my cousin Sammy go to ER??  We haz bin fighting The Flea Wars and poor Sammy bin hiding and pulling outs hims furs since Friday.  Sammy so sweet that him hides when him not feel goods while Me, Benjamin Lil Bear, Tellz Mom Ever Thing!!

Sir Sammy at the ER
Katie Mom checked Sammy on Caturday and him was pulling hims furs out of his tail now!!! Dat boy needs to yell mores at Mom to tells her what fur....  Her put some soothing stuffs on hims tail and killed fleas with oil, water and a comb.  Her planned to takes Sammy to our vet on Monday to gets Prednisone and Revolution... cause her had to go gets more meds fur Maxwell Tigger and Oreo anyways... dat is if we hads enough in Care Credit to gets everything.  Katie Mom said we was waiting on a credit card coming in the mail from Walmart so we coulds gets Frontline or Advantage fur evfurry pawdy.

Sammy just wants Loves...
This morning, Katie Mom was checking Sammy and him been licking and biting himself all night from Da Battle of Meen Itchiez. His urethra sheath and scrotum was sooo swollen. Him could not go potty and him not swollen on Caturday.  Katie Mom showed Uncle Mike and then off to ER. They wents at 10:30 AM. ER sooo busy, by time vet saw Sammy, swelling down some, thank goodness Sammy could go potty.  Sammy so sweet that even though him hurted him just wanted loves... Me wouldz haz been climbing wallz... waiting fur vet.  I haz Vet Phobiaz and needz Feliway.

 Vet furry nice and has cats on her farm. Her checked Sammy's bladder and him wasn't full. Katie Mom and Uncle Mike gotted Sammy to vets just in time.  Sammy gotted Revolution and liquid prednisone fur him hurted parts. 

Sammy was goods and tooks first dose of liquid yuckies at ER.... Me would haz been fighting. That Sammy sure don't know how to get out of taking yuckie stuffs.

All costed $145.15 - but only 50.00 in Care Credit and 25.00 on a card.  Uncle Mike helped but him not paid bills or gotted Christmas purrsents yet or nuffin...They didn't get back til about three this afternoon.... Sammy be taking meds for weeks.... hims gonna need collar to help fight the Meen Itchiez.

Cans anypawdy help with ER stuffs? Katie Mom not gots credit to go gets Maxwell Tigger's Meddies or hims special foods now. Oreo am taking meds fur rash from mean fleas too.  Now we can't go gets dat meds tomorrow.

We wants to thank Timmy Tom Cat fur being a Hero and helping us buy our foods cause we waz all outs on Friday. 

Katie Mom tole me vet talked about getting Revolution fur big dogs cause dat am cheeper and then give a little bit to all us kitties instead of paying lots of greenies fur kitty doses.  Haz anypawdies Mommies and Daddys dun dats?  Any helps wifs deze flea warz woulds be so goods...

Purrz from Benjamin Lil Bear
Junior Repurrter,
Katiez Furry Mewz.

 HEROES ARE ALWAYS AMONG US.... Sunday Sermon with Katie Kitty Too...
Katie the Mom and Katie Kitty Too here with Part Two.This am Double Post due to ER today for Sammy... we just hads to share...

Fur all who am our heroes this year, especially fur Auntie Silvia and her five cats, and strays she feeds outside. We have 2 more cats to trap so Auntie Silvia and her babies can find another place to go...  Auntie Silvia is a Kitty Saver and a furry Hero... without her, several kitties would not be alives or has loving homes now.

Ronnie Loves hims Mommy Silvia
Back a few posts ago, Silvia was planning on going to California to be with her sister... right now, her sister is asking her not to come... this is not place to share.

 The reason that Auntie Silvia asked not to do You Caring no mores nor to writes about her.... a purrson wrote to Silvia on Facebook that she was overusing You Caring and proceeded to tell her what she should be doing without first asking the situation or how they could help... right when Silvia had just hurt herself so badly - sprained her back and cracked her tailbone - trying move an object without help. Talk about bad timing... Now Silvia cannot work without pain. Because of this, Sherri Painter of the Painter Pack (on Facebook now) encouraged Silvia to keep going - took Sherri two years to get back on her feet. 

At least five more weeks before Silvia is healed... and only if she can stay off her feet, which she can't without funds to help her and her cats have food and shelter.

We are furry sads and in shock to find out who this purrson is...  this purrson did not writes us and find out WHY WE ARE STILL HELPING!!! 

We don't know what was actually said or what her intentions were, we just gonna cry cause their writing caused a gentle hero to put herself in danger for the sake of the cats she loves (and dats anuther story).  All we am going to do is ask if you can keeps on helping a True Kitty Hero... 

We are helping cause Silvia loves so much that she would hurt herself... she has no family but her cats. Silvia is a true hero, the kind who never want anything fur themselves, who given a choice would put themselves in danger to save someone or an animal... Right now, we needs all the purrz we can gets to save two girls and get them trapped... we needz purrz thats someone will step up to take them in - what we have been waiting on, a place fur them to go.  And we need purrz to finds a place fur Silvia and her kitties - who have no one to call family no mores...

Thank your fur your purrz,
Katie Kitty Too
Jr. Sermon Teller
Katiez Furry Mewz


  1. kWe can only send purrs and prayers to everyone right now since our green papers are way low too.

  2. Like Brian we can only send purrs and prayers right now, but our mommy says if you can send her an e-mail ( with specific types of food and other needs we may have items we can send. We are so sorry that Silvia's sister has withdrawn offer for Silvia to go to CA and that she's had a Facebook problem. We have heard that has happened to others. Bear driving is hysterical. Good luck to all. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  3. Hope Sir Sammy does ok. I have used revolution and it got rid of every single flea! It was wonderful but you have to be diligent and do it every month aside from winter! Good luck!

  4. We're sending lots of purrs and prayers as well, and healing energy. Let us know what kind of food you need as well. (

  5. We hope Sammy feels better soon. Sending love to all of you :)

  6. Some money coming your way, I hope it helps some. purrs ERin

  7. We are sending our love, support, purrs and prayers. Some green papers too!
    Timmy, Dad and Family

  8. We just sent mew a little bit of help... and we're sending lot's of purrs, prayers and love!

    Basil & Co xox

  9. I am sorry I am getting to this late. I hoe things are OK


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