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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Merry Chrissymous n Happy Noo Yearz

Ssssshhh..... Mom am sleepin agin.
Sum bad bug called ColdVirus dun bit our Mom last Windzday n hur bin sneezin an feelin awfulz fur almohs a week!!

Hur slept rit thru Chrissymous Caturday! Srsly....
We purrz dat u hadz a goodz Hannukahz, Chrissymouse and havez a Happy New yearz!

We gonna makes Mom go see da doctor tommorowz.... plz sends heelin purrz n stuffoms...

Hur gots ta gets dem drawingz dun! day waz all half dun Last Toozday.
But dat buggy dun bit hur and hur not want bugs to bites da drawingz soh....
We gonna sleeps on Mom til hur purrz bettur.

Purrz to One and All!!!

Katie Too
Bootsie Woo
Daisy May Daffodil
Maxwell Tigger.

And da Foster Kittiez
Sammy, Toby, Miri, Jaspur, Justin (aka Boo Boo), and Jordi.....

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mommy bin catchin up on drawings

Dis am Pogo (5x7) and Bell as puppy (5x7) an dey
went to VAHorsenut


=^..^ =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^=

Dis 8 x 10 am all done!!!!
(dat bads scanner cant see da eyez rites.) Dis one waz fur Starshin at Starshin's Stuffage

=^..^ =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^=

Dearest Alassandra and Charybdis, Ginger Jasper, Samantha and Clementine, Our Mom is workin on yur purrtraits rites now. Hur gotted alla da first sketchums dun today on all fur... um four and hur hopes to mail dem sumtimes dis weeks. Den you haves um fur New Yearz!!!
(Below are da photos mom ams workin frums: Calico am Charybdis, Ginger Jasper am Red Purrsian, Clementine am Red tabby baby and Samantha am Tuxie!)


=^..^ =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^=

In case Mom dosent lets us have da compewter agin dis week.... Haves a Purry Purry Christmas!!!

Katie Ann Kitty Too
and Da Katz Gang....
Bootsie Woo, Maxwell Tigger, Daisy May Daffodil

and da furry six orphans.... Jaspur, Jordi, Justin,
Toby, Sammy, and Miri.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Mai brufurs all otayz

oh hai.... dis am Sammy PurrBoy

My brufurs gotted all nootered on wendyzday

Day amz doin purrtee goods

and dey looks like healin purrtee goods so far.

But dey iz hiding in der carryairz...cuz dey am shy and still a bits sore.... dey amz eatin otayz... one uf dem ate too mush wendsday nite and barfed.... yuks.

mai bruffers are sooo shy babiez and silly hissy sumtimes. Not ME!!

nope.... Ai lurves mai Katie Mom... hur am Mama

Ai tellz hur....
Ai wuf u and den I kisses her. srsly i do dat.

But I am shy of big male hoomanz.... I lurves mai gurls... Katie Mom, Miri mai sisfur and da vets lady.

I'm da baby.... Gotta lurves me!

Mama give longer repurrts after shabbat day tammoo rowz nites.... I finks.

Miri... how u spell tamoo rose???

oh..... Tomorrow nites!

Bye bye.... Mama sez me n Toby am nex to gets our stuffoms shrunk... we don know what datz am iz but me n Toby am lover boyz and gotz small stuffoms so we aint gonna miss dat none!

otay. kthx purrr prrr purrrrrrrrz

Shabbat Shalom!!!
Psalm 91
John 3:16.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Da Three Jayz Gets Nooterd

Hiya effursome buddies!

3 uvs Mai brofurz am havin dere boy vets tyme tooday.... and me am glads - dey playz ruffs wif me. Now maybe dey gets calmer....

Ai iz gurl so no boy vets tyme fur me!!!

Miri looks at Mom.... Ai have gurl vets tyme???
oh.... Miri runs away.

Not Toodayz!!!

Plz purr fur mai brofurs dats dere nooterin goez okayz,

Lady Miri Gentlepurr

From left to Right:
Jazpurr (white) , Justin (black) and Jordi (white, bicolor eyes)


Thursday, October 07, 2010

Doggiez and Bunniez

Here am the drawing I'm sending to the gal who ordered three. I am still working on the other two dog photos she ordered (below).


Here am a wile bunneh dat Mom drawed.... We likes dat.
Am missing parts of himz earz....
Katie Kitty Too
This bunny is about 6 x 8 on 8 x 10 cardstock.
The Beagle is a 4 x 6 Mailing it with the Beagle drawing below to a dear selling friend at

Next Blog Entry: Maggie and the six kitties Update!

Katie Ann Kitty Too.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Whare ourz postums?

Mom! Whare ourz postums?

What happin to u?

Did u get to vets? Am u betturz now?

We am furry sorry. Must infurm u dat our Mom's brain waz broked… her had go to vets on Thirstyday. Get hur brane glued bak togevurr. Miri mades hur takes pillz. Yucky Pillz…. Now Hur am betturz.

Purrz n Stuffs, Da Kitty Nurse,

Lady Miri Gentle Purr.
Srsly… Have any of you been wondering about..... " What happened to Katiez Furry Mewz?
What happened to The Purple Kattery?
Where are my kitty drawings for donating funds to help your rescued kittens?
Q. Earth to Kat!!! Earth to Kat!! Where are you???
A. Oh Hi. Where have I been? Besides my computer crashing the first of September and that I sprained my drawing thumb almost two months ago and is only now really beginning to heal??? (I did try to do some drawings with a brace on and messed them up…. Being almost 50 is not fun.)
I found the parts of my brain that have been missing since late June.
Q. WHAT??? That makes no sense…. Wait, where were your missing brain cells???
A. Well, the ADHD / Depression monster took them.
Q. But how did that mean monster get your brain parts?? I thought ADHD monsters were a myth made up by teachers in league with a secret conspiracy to control our children.
A. No they exist... and this one found a weakness in my force field… yep. I was on the wrong medication. Force fields don’t work without the right amount of Seritonin Re-uptake Inhibitor
Q. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!??! Should we notify Mulder and Scully from X-Files?
A. I haven’t a clue, but it sounded better than my cat ate your drawings…
For anyone who knows someone with physical brain impairment or experiences misfires in their own brain will tell you that the brain can actually trick the person into thinking that they are fine, all the while decision making functions are thrown into a blender with some crushed ice, bananas and strawberries…I wouldn’t drink that smoothie if I were you.
So here is where everything stands right now. I have been given a new prescription for a stronger SRI dosage per day. Pray for my brain…. Seriously.
Everyone will get a drawing done… but I have to reschedule things and try to do it as fairly as possible.
Secondly, some folks ordered drawings but didn’t pay in advance. Some folks made down payments. Some folks paid in advance 'cause the kittens I rescued needed funds ASAP.
One friend ordered three drawings of dogs in advance. Two of the same dog – one when younger, one when older, and a drawing of another dog. I have finished the drawing of the dog when older.
One order already paid of a dog is waiting for another drawing (not paid) of a bunny to be shipped together.
One friend paid in advance asked for a refund due to change in how many animals still in possession.
I will be sending a personal email with more specifics. Here is the general list, which will help keep me on task and help you all know what I’m doing, too.
  1. I will be updating my blog about what happened and will be sending personal thank you’s to all who helped send money to aid the kittens (now 6 months old and still need homes and FeLV Testing!).
  2. One friend who paid in advance has different babies now and wants to wait for me to draw them later, but keeps da monies for da Rescued Kitties!!! (THANK YOU!!).
  3. The friend with three drawings – I will send the drawing of the one dog for now. Free.
  4. I will do the bunny drawing next (free) and send it with the dog drawing already paid.
  5. I will do the three who sent money through the Blogosphere Auction to help with my sweet kitty rescue.
  6. I will then begin working on the drawings that were ordered in advance: first the friend who initially paid in advance and the two left from the friend who ordered three.If none of the above fits you… and you hads a drawing ordered, plz be looking for your specific email with more details… it am all goods.
    My sincerest apologies to all for my broken brain. It is in the process of being glued back together.
    Please, please send any questions or comments.
    Your forever friend and actual crazy cat lady…
    Kat-Renée Kittel

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Miri duz da post

And dey callz it Kitteh Luvz....
(Sammy on the left. Miri on the right. )
Miri likes Sammy purr purr brothur goh sleepy wif me.

Miri looks fur Auntie Katie Mom

Aunty Katie.... where am da posts fur Sunnyday n Monnyday and Twosomeday?

Katiez? ooh dat Katie Mom am sleepin agin! What matter? Mom duz u needs go to vets?

Gotzta do fings maisalfs...

Miri opens da bloggin postums.

Hello.... Hellooo? Dis am Miri wif updates on us kittens. On Satumday Katie Mom and Miri goez in truck on long rides to see vets. Miri like vet lady. Hur am nise.

Miri still gotted wormz.... dey iz badz make blood in mai stool. Katie Mom tooks Miri home and gaves all da kitties and Maggie Mom a pill called Drontal. Miri not likes dis pill. Am yucky. Mom feds pills wif stinky goodness. Still yucky. Make Miri eat all da pill. yucky yuck.

Mom puts flea stuff on our shoulders am called Advantage. Bye bye Fleas...

Miri tummy feel grumbly... go potty. badz worm init. bye bads worm.

Mai Brufur Jordi am bads boy... him not see goods so him goez growly lots.

Me tellz bout Maggie our Kitty Mom in nuther Post

K Thanks

Bye Bye.

Lady Miri Gentlepurr

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Fixin Da 'Pooter

Mom, derz da purrblem.... It am broke...

Miri Fix it fur u


Toby hand me da screwdriver! Gotsta take dis hards drive out and gets dem files off uv dat.

Now we puts dat hard drive in dis machine. Sammy do dat. Otay Miri. Starts copyin dem files now!

Miri dem files all saved yet?

Fixin Pooters am hards work!

(The Mom Update: Going to use my old computer with the slow CPU until the new hard drive arrives in the mail. Getting all the files copied over to the old PC...

Blood has been showing up in Miri's stool for the past three days. Going back to the vet this morning with a sample. Will keep everyone posted)

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Da Computur am Broke

Well sumbuddy broked da compootur.... Soze Mom sez weze makes short updates. Dat weerd compootur just started makin a bads noize. Mom thot it waz da fan, but it mite be da hard drive.
Mom tried ta wake da compoorter dis mornin, but it cant finish wakin ups! It just keeps tryin ta start dat opurratin system.

We hopes dat da hard drive am nots deaded cuz Mom just puts bout ten purrty photos on it and no copies uv dem.

If it am da hard drive, Mom will hafta finds a company dats restores stuffoms from hard drives dat got dead motors.

Miri and Sammy and Toby went to vets on Monday. Miri's lungs sound okays.
Sammy had enlarged lymph glands and waz sneezin sohz him am taking pillz fur dat.
Toby am okays, just wanted to go too. Him am 4 1/2 pounds!
Sammy was almost 4 pounds. Miri over four pounds.
Da Vet lady tried da natural flee killer stuffs on dem, and day okays wif it. Whew... Mom was worried dat stuffoms mite be badz fur dem. Turned out dat Mom hads a rash, but kittiez were okayz! Mom gonna do sompin diffurnt for da shy babiez (Justin, Jordi and Jaspurr).

When Miri Sammy n Toby gotted home, dey all went sleepy fur hours and hours.... and growed some more! Sammy am over 4 pounds now! Yay! Him was all skinny n stuffoms after da last growing time. Da vet thinks dat Sammy am younger or sompin den da other kitties and will be a big boy cuz of hims big earz.

Sammy gotted sompins bads doh. Him haz juvenile glaucoma.
So does Jordi, the bicolor white. Dat meen da kittens can go blind later.
Mom am gonna cheks Jaspur and Justin to sees if dey haz bads eyes too.
And Unca Mike caughted Maggie! Hur am in a big crate to keeps hur safe til hur vet visit, but hur am hiding in da kitty carrier dat Mom puts in da big crate. Hur am all hissy mads rite now. We cant show u a photo til compootur am fixed. Mom am borrowin Unca Mikes PC.

Weze hopes to gets Maggie hur lady opurrayshun furry soon so dat hur not gets tired out from morh kittenz. But hur am all hissy spittin rite now... cause hur nots never bin in da Insideland afore.

Plz purrz fur da compootur and alla kittenz cause deyz needz homes dats understands dem.

Purrz n Stuffomz,
Katie Kitty Too
Assitant Blogger Gurl.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunnyday Photos and Updates

Easy Like Sunday Stuffoms....

Look... Weze Growed!
And still fits in one chair!

Miri in the back, Sammy in the middle and Toby in the front.
Still got some Rexness going on... There are two main Rex mutations:
Wavy/Kinky underfur without guard hairs (Devon & Cornish - passive gene) and Curly guard hairs (Selkirk - dominant gene).
My babies seem to have some kind of incomplete dominant...

Can't see Toby's white bib and toe in this pic.
Toby is getting more guard hairs in, but his fur is still curly and the guard hairs are wacky looking.

Miri and Sammy have an appointment on Monday. Sammy will get checked for FeLV. Sammy is sneezing and Miri is still hacking once in a while. I hate Miri to go on Clavamox again.

Miri just started having good bowel movements versus diarhea from the meds killing good and bad bacteria. I am giving her acidophilus and flax seed to help her gain back the good bacteria.

Two of my shy babies are getting a bit braver...
Jazpurr of soft white fur (wavy tummy furs) and Justin of smoky fur.
Thought Justin was a black kitty, but all of his furs are white tipped in black. Hardly any guard hairs on Justin, just kinky underfur tipped in black. Him is furry purrty, furry shy yet likes being held and him loves to be with Toby, gentler black sorta tuxie boy.

Jazpurr is also sneezing now. Gonna have to figure out how to quarantine some sniffle kids from the non-snifflers... or just give them all meds?!?

Below is Mr. Cranky Jordi of coarser fur and kinky whiskers. (Bi-color Rt yellow eye, Lft blue)... Still responds to being picked up, tummy rubs and back skritches. Furst he has to hiss at you to let you know him not happiez.... unless you givez himz chicken. Den him happiez. Maybe him has itchy fur from bad fleez n and grumble tummy dat needs acidophilus... hmmm dats good idea.

Just purchased a new product from PetSmart. A topical between the shoulders that uses natural stuff that fleas hate, like mint and citrus! Can't wait to see how it works. Just couldn't see using something else on sniffle, sneezy furr babiez.

And made a new friend who can help me find homes!! And she also wants me to draw her 8 cats! She actually had one her cats at PetSmart! Sweet long haired white boy with the pinkest nose.

I am going to start giving them an herb blend on a regular basis that is good for their liver, which can get overworked with FeLV.

Just found this at Animal Wellness Magazine:
From that article:
"Although Lexus continues to test FeLV positive, she remained symptom-free until February of last year, when she had a severe asthma attack which was quickly alleviated with a properly administered homeopathic remedy. After her attack, Lexus vet started her on a glyconutrient and has remained symptom-free ever since. She no longer has fevers, lethargy or poor appetite, has gained some much-needed weight, and happily rules her guardian’s house."

Interesting.... I'll ask my vet about it.

Katie Kat.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Miri Thank You 4 Helping Me

Thank you all for helping Miri! Here is a recent video to watch fur Sunny Day.

Thanks to Cat Blog Auction, sweet little Miri ( short haired tabby) is doing better after antibiotics for bronchitis. Here she is playing with brothers Toby (tuxie) and Sammie (long-haired tabby) and my camera strap!

Miri is still coughing a little and still needs a followup visit with Cat Hospital of Wichita.

Her brothers have wacky, wavy and curly Rex like Furs.

Toby and Sammy have done a bit of growing, but are still small for their age. The lump underneath their ribs is hard to feel now... their bodies are in an awkward growing stage which is part of the picture. Still, enlarged liver is a sign of FeLV.

All the Kittens may have FeLV and will have to be tested.
Please keep purring for a forever home for these sweet guys. Toby, Sammy and Miri are all smaller than normal size kittens at five to six months old.

=^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^=

Their harder to tame down brothers are bigger, yet making progress with understanding. Had a Helen Keller moment with Jordi (bi-color white) today. He finally connected the giver of chicken, my fingers and scratching his ears! He even smiled and relaxed his face. What a good boy!

Will get some more updates on the three wilder boys and new photos. I hope I can get the bigger boys neutered this coming week using vouchers from RETAIN. Want to get them neutered at Kansas Humane Society because they will give them shots and test for FeLV as well. I hope if they test positive that K.H.S. will still neuter them while they can get over the surgery easier.

Thank you all for your kind donations to Maggie's Kitten Fund. I know your purrs and support are going to make a big difference in six kitten's lives.

Katie Kat
aka Kat Renee Kittel

Psalm 91

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sorry so lates in posting dis... The Mom iz tukkerd outs.

(Shhhh.... Miri am sleepin.)

Dr. Jones said that the wheezy sound is now in her upper respiratory only and the congestion is moving up into her trachea so she can cough it up!

She said to continue the rest of the antibiotics and bring her in for another check up after that.

She doesn't need Prednisone!! Which is great because it is not good for growing kittens.

Miri has also gained a whole pound of weight and has grown some more!

She is still a little girl for 5 months old.

Miri and Jaspurr (the biggest white kitty) are the only ones showing straight furs.

Justin (Brownish Black), Jordi (Bicolored Eyed White) and the long-haired boys all have some sort of kinky or curly furs or whiskers.

Seems that the underhairs are more kinky and the top furs are more straight. have to look up which Rex mutation that is closest to theirs which I hope will help them find new foster Moms who can lovingly look after them with patients and purrz.

Gotta a new problem with the furbabies.

Sammy shown blinking at the flashy box has an odd lump under his right ribs. Toby seems to have it too, so must be an enlarged organ. It is in the spot where the liver should be... enlarged liver is a sign of luekemia. Making an appt for these two sweet hearts who purr all the time. Sammy even purrs when you pick up his brother. Will get him tested for
Leukemia as well.

More updates soon on these curly critters.
Katie Kat

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning. . .
- Lamentations 3:22-2

"Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you...
The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid."
-Hebrews 13:5,6

"And whosoever shall give to drink unto one of these little ones a cup of cold water only in the name of a disciple, verily I say unto you, he shall in no wise lose his reward."
-Matthew 10:42

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Miri to Vet in the Morning

Miri (in front) and Sammy (in back)

Miri's breathing has not improved enough with the antibiotics.

She is still chronically wheezy and hacking, just not as frequently.

Taking her in to Dr. Jones at The Cat Hospital 9:15 CST
Dr. Jones wants to run some more tests.

Please purr for Miri's trip and her tests.

New auction info fur Miri of purrtraits of your fur babies.

Sketch Drawings Up For Bids!

Bidding on the sketches ends August 19 at 11:59 pm est.


Bidding update Friday August 13 5:50 pm est

$12.00 Ginger Jasper
$10.00 Alasandra
We are taking bids for the top ten highest!

This week we are offering sketch drawings by Katie Kat.

I am pitching in to help sweet Miri get some more $$$. One hundred percent of the money raised for Miri and her brothers goes for their expenses. Miri has improved but is still having trouble breathing. She is on her last round of antibiotics and will need a checkup and possibly prednisone as well as spaying. It is still unclear whether the only problem is infectious bronchitis versus chronic asthma as well. There are still vet visits to follow for all the kittens. The boys will also need to be tested for leukemia and be neutered.

There are a limited number of sketches offered so be the first to bid and keep checking to make sure you have one of the top ten highest bids to assure that you will receive one. If you have a winning bid you will be contacted after the auction has ended and at that time you can pay for your sketch.

To bids on a purrtrait, please go to

Hiya every purrson,
Our Mom am sooo grateful fur all dats u iz doing to helps hur wif dis overwhelming task of saving deze here kittens and dere Mom and all da expenses in doing dat.

- Katie Kitty Too

Will be capturing Maggie as soon as she can (Miri and her brother's Mom) to get her spayed and tested for leukemia.

Unknown how Maggie will react after capture. We am purring that Maggie will calm down and be able to be adopted versus going back outside as a homeless feral. Will try to get a better photo of her. She is a very pretty grey tortoise shell.

Purrz of thanks for all you are doing to help me with this ginormouse task of saving these sweethearts who deserve a chance. I know that Maggie in her own way asked me to take care of her babies after they were weaned. I promised to do my best.

Katie Kat

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Toby's Wordless Wednesday

Sir Tobias Curlyfur of Purrzalot (aka Toe-bee!)

=^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^=

Update on Miri:
Miri is still having some trouble breathing. Yet she is acting like a normal kitten - running, jumping and zooming all over the place. She is halfway through her treatment.
Dr. Jones is changing her antibiotics today and I will be picking them up later.

These kittens are carrying a Rex mutation gene of some sort. All the boys show some signs of wavy or curly fur. Also, Miri and the black fur babiez are changing color from brownish to silver grey undertones. Pleze purr that this special Curly trait will help them all find homes, even the feisty three J's (they still hiss, but then lick my fingers! Silly boys).

7:25 AM on Wednesday - going to take two neighborhood male cats to the low-cost spay and neuter this morning. Still have two more males in the neighborhood and Maggie, the kittens Mom, plus Daisy and Bootsie of the Katz Gang. (Daisy and Bootsie are scheduled for the 20th.)

Thank you all for your purrz and impurragement. Will hopefully get to your blogs furry soon.
It has been like one thing after the other. My mother is disabled and has several emergency things going on right now. My mother's health is very poor. Some financial and legal matters have to get done asap.


Monday, August 09, 2010

Miri on Monday Improving!

Miri is improving from the antibiotics. Been three days on. She is still hacking, but the wheezing has lessened and the hacking cough sounds more upper respiratory versus in the lower parts of her lungs.

She definitely has a lot more energy! She has been romping with her brothers, but still goes back to her "safety zone" sometimes, which is a chair in the living room. She likes to hide beside the laundry basket and watch her brothers playing and "the world" from there. The photo shows Toby in the hamper and Miri on the outside playing.

The Clavamox is liquid form and she hates the taste.
Wanted to share my solution.

Try this with your babies by using their favorite treat.

  • I wrap her in a towel and feed her a bit of chicken.
  • Then give her the med in an eyedropper by poking the dropper in the side of her mouth.
  • After she's swallowed most of it - some drips on her chin, I feed her some more chicken.
  • This is really working! She is tolerating the nasty stuff cause it is sandwiched between chicken bites!
Please Purr dat she keeps getting better. Hopefully next visit she can get her shots.
All the babies will need testing for leukemia... I'm just glad that Miri's immune system is working well right now.

Well every fur baby has fleas again and treatment was just two weeks ago.

Our town is having problems with Frontline working to get rid of fleas this year. Seems like the fleas are getting tougher. Will be calling Dr. Jones this morning to see what she recommends instead. Hopefully it isn't too expensive. Six treatments of flea meds... $$$$.I might be able to give the tamer babies a bath using flea shampoo, leaving the more expensive flea treatment between the shoulder blades to Justin, Jazpurr and Jordi. The three J's are calming down sooo slowly. Chicken seems to be the magic ingredient.... They still hiss at the slightest new thing, but will lick food off my fingers and Jaspurr sleeps on his back with his tummy up now!

They also don't like sharing yummies... Jazpurr will growl at Jordi and put his paw on his head.... "dis am mine!" Course then I get some off the plate and give it to Jordi anyway.

Thank you all for helping these babies... I am praying for a new Mommies for all, especially a loving patient place for the three J's, someone used to working with partial feral kitties.

More updates furry soon.
Katie Kat