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Friday, January 08, 2016

2nd Friday Blooper Photo Round Up - January

Hiya folks, 
Angel and Katie Mom here.

We're joining The Pet Blogger Bloopers Round-Up
which is on the 2nd Friday of each month. Hosted by The Lazy Pitbull 

And since I might be getting a forever home furry soon.
Katie Mom and I gonna share one of my blooper photos today.

Katie Mom was just bout to takes my photo hiding in the paper strips... 

but I just had to catch that camera strap!

So click and boom! There's my face up close and purrsonal... mol. 

The Mom gotted a text message last night from a couple in Hutchinson who has fallen in loves with me!  Whoo Hoo!  Her and I am waiting to finds out if they can adopt me... they has to ask their landlord first...

They gots a doggy and Chameleons! Wow!
Oh do keeps me in your purrz thats Katie has finally found my furever home.

In other mewz... Guero am doing really well...
Katie and Silvia thinks dat canned foods from Hills prescription may be doing the goods he needs - getting rid of the yucky crystals... 
Us Katiez Katz are sure purring fur him... Silvia has been working some too.  So we see how much her gets paid and then we will know what helps we needs fur dat rents...

We lets you know furry soon... cause all we gots am 20.00 toward rents fur next week and still need 223.00 dollars to cover the vet bills.  Please use the links on the sides for You Caring or Paypal if you can helps.

Also, the Mom will be starting an auction tomorrow fur her furry furst painting in 2016!

Stay tuned tomorrow fur details... 
The auction will be on a separate page and you can click on dat page at the tops...

Purrz from
Angel and Katie Kat. 

Not too late to join the blogger bloopers photo round up! Join in the fun!


  1. I'm loving these bloopers that we're all posting...I don't need to delete them anymore!

  2. I am glad Guero is doing better. Good blooper, this hop is going to be fun.

  3. I sure hope that forever works out for you! Nice blooper.

  4. great blooper pic, I hope you get adopted soon


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