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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wordless Ellie May Likes Crochet and Purrz 4 Guero

1:36pm UPDATE ON GUERO!  Silvia took Guero to the vet this morning because he was lethargic and not eating or drinking.  Guero is on sub fluids, but still not peeing well yet... Vet is convinced that Guero's opening is too small (vet consulted another vet).  Guero needs surgery to nip the tip off... so he can go.... Cost will be 600.00 if this is his only option.  I can take him to my vet for a second opinion, but still need funds for that as well.... Please need help to host an auction asap... Thanks and God Bless.


Wordy Part:  Ellen of 15 and Meowing sent crochet fishies and stuffs last year - Ellie loved the fishy - blurry photos from my silly phone..she looked so cute.. had to share anyway... Please keep her in your prayers that I can find her a special needs home... see previous post: Ellie May and Molly Mom Need Special Home )

Update on Guero...Stopped by Silvia's last night to pay rent from donations... Guero's sides seemed tender where his kidneys are... and he wouldn't drink water yesterday. He does not have diarrhea though. Silvia messaged me on FB a few hours ago - that he is very lethargic.  She will be taking him to vet this morning. I hope I can make it to go too - this poor boy has been suffering since November. 

I am worried about the possibility of reaction from too many Convenia shots as well... he had another one on Monday...  Hoping to get him an xray finally today or asap... Silvia has about 50.00 to put toward the xray... cost is about 80.00 for the xray alone... don't know at this point if he will need to be sedated (another cost), since he is acting weak.

Thank you so much for your prayers.

Katie Kat and Ellie May,
Silvia and Guero.



  1. Sending many good wishes to Guero. Hope his visit to the vet goes well and he feels better soon.

  2. We send our purrs and Prayers to Guero. Goodness this poor boy has been through a lot. Love you Guero and Mom Sylvia too.
    Timmy, Dad and Furs

  3. Mega prayers from all of us. We sure hope Guero feels better.

  4. Poor Guero! It really stinks being sick -especially when you are sick for a long time. Cinco, Manna and I will be purring and praying for him.


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