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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Jolly's Last Selfie

Jolly's Last Selfie: 
Courtesy of

Two and a Half Year Old Jolly went Over The Rainbow Bridge yesterday....  

Back in April, KFM helped save Nana's neighbor's cat Jolly from a terrible abscess from a bite wound... (see Jolly Needs Purrs)  His wound healed just fine.  Then recently, he began rapidly losing weight and refusing to eat. Yesterday, took Jolly to Doctor Johnson of Willowbend Animal Hospital, where he was diagnosed with Leukemia and liver failure. Jolly's human mom and dad and their two daughters arrived after the diagnoses to help Jolly go home and tell him goodbye...
Courtesy of

KFM helped pay for the vet visit... Jolly needs funds to pay for his urn, paw print, nose print and clippings, which will be at least $185.00. The Memorial Service is now called Pet Traditions (formerly with Pet Angel) - 2260 N Ridge Rd Suite 120 Wichita, Kansas 67205 (316) 651-6333. At the moment, Jolly's Mom and I were told that they prefer Katiez Furry Mewz to gather the donations for security/privacy reasons.  

Please help Jolly be with his family by donating to laugh_safely at using PayPal gift to friends (no fees) or send donations to Jolly %Kat-Renee Kittel P. O. Box 771268 Wichita, KS 67277 (Or the button in the side column, part of your gift goes to fees...)

Purrz and Love,
Katie Kat
Katiez Furry Mewz.

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Sunday Sermons with Katie Kitty Too
Please gets out your bibles... Todays reading am from Psalm 36:6 cause me wants to tells you more abouts how God so Loved the World like it talks about in John 3:16 and verse 17 too. We talked about dats on May 15
(See Katie Too's Furst Sermon)

and how us pets don't know how not to choose God, we just knows him. See God gave humans a soul that can choose, but Him loved the worlds too much and so animals just has spirits that knows and loves the Creator (who am Ceiling Cat to us kitties) cause that's how we am made.

Now what Psalm 36:6 says, is dis - "O Lord you preserve man and beast. How priceless is your unfailing love." 

Katie Mom toles me that word preserve there comes from the Hebrew word "Yasha" which means "save," "deliver from moral troubles" and "give victory over."  And dats da same word that am where Yeshua comes froms... dats Jesus original name in Hebrew... The name Yeshua am two words put together, Yah and Shua for God and Saves. The verb Yasha am from the same two Hebrew words, God and Saves.  So dat how me knows I am preserved, saved and am going to Heavens... just like Jolly who went to Heaven yesterday.  

Please keeps Jolly's family in your purrz while they miss their sweet boy... Jolly, the Escape Artist loved hims family furry much. Me heard him say one word afore leaping over the Rainbow Bridge, "Happy!" Me thinks him loves Heaven already, cause he always wanted to run outside, rain or shine... now him has forever grass and sunny days...

So dearest kitties and doggies, please have your humans remember this verse in Psalms cause dats furry impawtant...  Psalm 36:6 - "O Lord you preserve man and beast. How priceless is your unfailing love."

Purrz and Prayerz
Katie Kitty Too
Junior Sermon Teller
Katiez Furry Mewz.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Breaking Mewz Flash Saves Kitten From Tornado

FLASH Am in the Mewz!!!

Caught on Camera, Flash was seen saving umpteen humans and a kitten from a tornado in North Western Kansas....He then undid the tornado by running backwards faster than the speed of lightning!! 
Kitten saved from Tornado gets autograph from Flash...

Asked how she feels after being rescued and actually caught while in midair, Callie the Kitty said, "Hims my Hero!!"

More details furry soon.... see also
Flash the Neighbor's Cat

 (Art Photo Editor courtesy of 
/ Newscaster / Kitty and Frame)

For more art on Caturday

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Flash, The Neighbor's Cat

FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF LIGHT..(or the camera shutter mol)  He's off on another heroic adventure. (we'll go blog hopping after we get back from saving the world
- Flash)

Wednesdays with Create with Joy


Please check out: Break Out of Your Blogging Niche to Make Strides in Cat Welfare
- by Deb Barnes


Sunday, May 22, 2016

Hey Looks what we gots!!!

Hi, this am Natasha and My mom am Silvia. I nevers done a post on the internest before

Ronnie: That's Internets... yeah... Gordo and Guero usually talks to everyones... now it our turns!

Natasha: Well Gordo would be playing but he ate that spider we were checking out Friday night around 1 AM... Mom told him not to eats that!!!  Then him got furry sicks threw up all hims foods.  Mom Silvia had to take him to the vet Saturday morning.

Then Saturday Afternoons, Auntie Katie brought our box from the post office.

Wait til you see what we gots! The gifts are from a furry special friend on Facebook.  By the way, I am sitting in the shippin box... I loves boxes.  Mommy Narscica checked out mew toys too!

Some of you that follows us may have remembered how Guero gotted sick and stuff a few weeks ago with a UTI. Mom Silvia and Auntie Katie gotted helps to pay Guero's ER visit from the nicest peoples in a Face Book group called Just Cat Things... well all our goodies cames from one of those nicest peoples! We loves her and she am our mew friend!  Mom Silvia even gotted chocolate and a gift card so Mom can gets foods.  And we gotted lots of treats too!

You won't believe what happened though... These humans called admins of Face Book Just Cat Things Group kicked our mew friend out for helping folks, like she helped us!!! In fact, thems admin humans deleted our post asking help to take Gordo to ER 2 weeks ago... They is means and not talks furry nice to peoples when asked why they delete stuffs and kick folks off.  (updated - Auntie Katie wrote Guero vs Gordo before)

There am a lot of Nice humans who joined Just Cat Things though... So Auntie Katie am going to start a mew face Book group called Cat Mews Purrs and Prayers for nice humans who wants to help each other and share mewz and advice and purr fur each other!

Auntie Katie will tells more about that later... Rights now me show you my mew balls!

Ronnie:  Hey.... where's something for me!
Hey Mom, I want that!!!!

Gordo watching Natasha, Ronnie Play

Please keeps Gordo in your purrz though. Him gotted Cerenia to make him feels betters... from eating the spider.. Thank Mewz that the Spider was a brown male. It bit his tongue. A bad female spider would have killed him.

Angel the Fetch Kitty tell what her gots in another post...

Purrz From Natasha and Ronnie....

Sunday Selfies Blog Hop!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Toby and Katie Kitty Too Time

Hiya Folks, me hasn't shown off my handsomeness in a furry long whiles.  Sorry me don't haz a hats... Auntie Katie's Picture it am not installed on the pooter right now... If you woulds loves to see me in a hat, let Auntie Katie know and her will show me offs in a hat another Sunny Day.

Me am Toby and my Daddy am Mike... A long times ago, me was running back into the house from checking out some grass... and Daddy didn't see me and closed the door... Wham! Right on my tail...ouch!!!  Me hads to have some of my beautiful long tail tooks off.

Now my tail am shorter and cutes... maybe Auntie Katie can gets a photo of my mew tail sometime.  You can reads about my terrible tail adventure here: Toby's Tail

Well me thinks I takes a naps now... furry cool today and weze gonna haves rains.  Daddy Mike and Auntie Katie gonna check Auntie Silvia's car and gets it working goods again...

We am purring fur Auntie Silvia and Uncle Alex cause they ams living from weeks to weeks not knowing if they will be homeless. And this here town am not furry goods about helping animals if they gets homeless - that shelter just tells kitties goodbyes too much... and I don't wants kitties to have to go there nevers!!!

Me knows whats shelter cages am likes - Me was in  scary cage after tail surgery over night! Me can't imagine how scary to lose family and home and be in cage! And cause you am scareds and dont know nobodies they send you over the rainbow bridge? Why that right?  Why there no be places thats has rooms and nice people? Why the only life care place in this here town not gets enough moneys to has a real place for their babies (LAPP)?

That's why Auntie Katie am fighting so hards for Silvia and her babies, Gordo, Guero, Natasha, Ronnie and Mama Narcisca. You can sees their mew photos on Auntie Katiez National Geographic

Thank you fur enjoying my selfies today... Please keep Silvia and her babies in your purrz.

Since dis am Pentecost Sunday, Katie Kitty wants to tells you a furry short sermon afore we goes...
Ahem... dis here am our reading frum the bible todays: "For God So love the world that Him gave His only begotten Son, that whosever believes in Him should not perish, but has everlasting lifes..."  Dat am in the book of John, chapter 3 and verse 16. 

Now looks at that word "world." Now John didn't writes the word "people" or "humans" or "men."  Daddy God told John to writes the word "world" there. Katie Mom says thats the word Kosmon in Greek and it meens WORLD likes the whole thing likes me and all the creatures and creation and everfurry bodies!!!  So next times some human tries to tells you thats cause you ams an animal dats you not goes to heavens cause you can't choose to believes in Him - do not listen. They just jealous cause Jesus cames to save the whole worlds, especially us fur babies who can't choose nots to loves God. Why woulds us pets wants to choose not to believes in Ceiling Cat? That's just ridiculous... weze already knows dats God am there and weze listens to Hims alla time We just dont haz ability to unknows God and choose not believe like humans does.

How you think we knows how to finds our Mommys and Daddys or knows a storm am coming? Now you folks who don't choose God or likes Ceiling Cat can stay on Earth. Me when Ize leaves, Ize going over that Rainbow Bridge and be wifs God... cause him Loves the World He made... otay... I'm done. Amen.

Dats my furry furst sermon... if you would likes me to tell another sermon next sunny day, please lets me knows... cause me would loves to share wifs you.

Purrz from
Toby, Katie Kitty Too
and Katie Mom.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Photo Art Purrview, Sweeties and Mewz Fur Purrz

Hiya folks and Happy Art on Caturday!

Today we am purrviewing Magix Photo Designer 7.

Guero's beautiful gold eyes turn
Whole picture into Gold.

The Mom used the Magix Photo Designer 7 option Effect, Dent/Bump. You can change the Colors and Intensity of the effect too.

Magix Photo Designer 7 am free to try and can be found at CNET Download Magix Photo Designer  Easy to use and you can cancel effects after trying them too.  Save as option am easy to find.
Here am a photo of Guero

...cropped, then turned a soft pretty hue by going to Effects Menu: Color Filter, Color With Gradient, Gradient Option: Glow 4, Dye After: Blue.  

Easy cropping function am saved using Image Menu then Crop To Mask. Yet unlike Paint.Net - no ruler on side and top to keep track of crop size though.

Oval crop option: circle kept being too big and when Mom tried "crop to mask" - didn't work.

For photo effects, Magix Photo Designer has beautiful options, yet for everyday free photo editing, the Mom still purr-furrs Paint.Net -

- Katie Kitty Too 
Jr Repurrter
fur Katiez Furry Mewz

Please keep Silvia and her kitties in your purrz. Not only is the exhaust on the car acting up, but Alex and several other construction workers were ripped off this week by a subcontractor who skipped town with the money... and the job wasn't even finished! 

Alex is filing papers, but he's really upset. He's a hard worker and an excellent mason... Thank God for the kind woman who sent enough money to cover rent this next week.  Please email me if you would like more of the story...

Purrz from Katie Kat
and Katie Kitty Too.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Twilight Zone Blooper, Toes and Friendly Fill In Hop

Hiya Furry Friends. As Promised, some Bloopers by Katie Mom. 
First a sideways video... that was supposed to be upside down. 
We dont haz real Scary the 13th... just a freaky video upload from the Twilight Zone.

Traveling Exhibit Guitar:
The Instrument That Rocked the World. 

Katie Mom tooks Nana to see
Traveling Guitar Exhibit fur Mother's Day.

Which Way Am Ups?
Katie Mom started recording parts of a video at the exhibit.  After phone camera was sideways by mistake, Katie Mom turned phone back upright. But when video plays on phone, images am sideways and then upside down!?! Mouses!

Yet uploaded video on compooter and You Tube plays upright, then sideways!?!  Twilight Zone!

Funnier upside down though. We waz hoping to show you the upside down version. Mol.
Katie Mom and Auntie Silvia
Tried to get photos
of Guero's cute pink toes...
(FYI who don't know... Guero am one of Silvia's kitties. Auntie Silvia and her fur babies lives in motel and we helps them not be homeless. Please see our last post fur thankful updates - Thankful Thursday Beautiful Sweeties

(You Caring Fur Silvia Espinosa

Still too much sun coming in the Motel window to see Guero's  toesies in all their pinkiness.

Here am better photo of Sweet Guero and hims toesies...

Weze also joining a mew fing with 15 And Meowing and McGuffy's Reader fur Friendly Fill-Ins.
Here am the sentences you can fills in today:
WEEK 1: May 13, 2016
1. I want to stop ________ and start ________________.
2. I haven't ___________ in __________________.
3. I believe ____________.
4. My earliest memory is _____________.

Here am me's, Katie Too's answers... I want to stops Mom from typing and start having more lap time where me can go nappy. I haven't seen a baby bunny since I was likes 2 years old.  I wanted to be hims Mommy. He was furry soft and sitting in the grass in the back yard.  I believes in Ceiling Cat, cause my earliest memory was walking right into Mommy's Friend's house cause me was on mission to finds My Mommy.  

Mommy's Friend lived in another town gazillion miles away. Yet I walked into Mommy's Friend's house same day and time Nana's (Mommy's Mom's) Russian Blue Cat Kitty went over Rainbow Bridge. Her lived over 20 years old even with FIV. This day was also one year anniversary of mommy's brother's accidental death.  My name am Katie Kitty Too for my mom Katie and fur Kitty cause my mommy and me was meant to be. I am now 12 years old.

Purrz from
Katie Kitty Too
Jr. Repurrter
Katiez Furry Mewz

(Friendly Fill Ins Blog Hop)

Blogging Bloopers Friday May 13th
hosted by Lazy Pit Bull Blog.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thankful Thursday Beautiful Sweeties

Hiya furry folks and Humans...  Katie Kitty Too repurrting.  Our bestest thankful Thursday - cause of all our furry friends who loves Silvia's Kitties...

The weather am been raining and raining for two weeks and Daddy Alex not been able to do brick work... Katie Mom said concrete, but really he is a brick layer and does mason work.  When it rains - no works and no ways to pay rent and help Silvia and the kitties.  

Last weekend there was only 75.00 fur rents. Katie and Silvia not know whats to do cause the room had to be paid on Tuesday. - 150.00.  Monday Katie Mom was gonna gets on You Caring and plead fur more helps... Then her looked at Pay Pal and loving folks had sent enough money to pay rent this week and most of next week - and even to pay Silvia back for Gordo's urine test!

Katie saw all them donations and started crying... with me Katie Too in her lap. So I purred and got upside down and looked at Mommy... oh Mommy it all goods.

Gordo has Gold Eyes
Silvia used her pet food money to get Gordo's urine test last Saturday (May 7).

Gordo's test looked good - no sediment and no more blood like he had earlier in the week.  Thank Goodness Gordo is doing much better. 

And Katie Mom am so thankful fur a mew smart phone that her could afford - clearance fur 35.00! A wonderful Lumia Windows Phone. 

We show you some purrtee photos her tooked of Silvias kitties wif it.
Mama Narcisca

Guero and Mama Cat

Natasha in a Box

Ronnie aka Johnnie

Me, I'm just thankful that mom can type, hold me at the same time and take my selfie too!
Although it not furry easy....mol.

Purrz, Katie Kitty Too. 

Stops by tomorrow - cause weze gots Bloopers! We're joining the Blooper Blog Hop Sponsored by The Lazy Pit Bull