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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Some Selfie Updates and Guero Needs Purrs

Hiya Folks, Pearl here... with my Selfies getting compared to the Baking Soda box again! 
I am growing lots - mostly longly - I iz a long waisted girl. I'm doing some betters - But still gots the sneezes. 
 And my poohs are purrty goods. Just had my last worm pill yesfurday... And I sometimes know what a litter box am.

I'm just confused. Katie Mom thinks it am my stuffed up nose. Dis here house that Katie Mom gots am all dusty with somthin called basement. Which means that Katie am looking hards fur me another place to go! And Katie's asthma getting worse and her coughing too. Dats Basement needs sealing...
I don't know what that means - cept Katie, me and da other kitties at her house gotta finds another place til dats basement gets done! 

So please keeps me in your purrz dats I can find another foster Mommy this week or my forever Mommy... I gotz to gets over this nasal stuffs!  - Thanks fur all your purrz,
-Lil Pearl who am getting lots bigger, but confused about litter boxes.

Hiya Folks, Katie Kitty Too Here
Haz you ever seens a Bunny Rabbit in a Victorian dress??? Well ... Katie Mom found a print dats pretty likes dat. Her don't know who artist am. Weze gonna gives dis here drawing to the next pawson who donates to helps us kitties... the frame and all am 8 x 10.


Speaking of pawtraits... Katie Mom am getting dats Puppy ready to mail! Just gotta go gets a photo mailer to keeps it stiff during shipping... 


Da kitty that Silvia was feeding is safe and with a foster in Leon, Kansas! Katie Mom drove Black Kitty (not his name) to Augusta Kansas and the foster picked him up from there. Him gotted a vet checkup and all negative for FLV and FIV. Turned out he didn't have a wound on his face, just a bad rash from fleas. Mom say him am furry nice and getting along with other kitties. The foster lady tooks some photos but dey all looks funny... - cause him so long waisted! 

Maxwell Tigger's rash am getting betters!! Hooray! Now him can gets his Revolution fur dem mean ol fleas.

Well Uncle Mikes Car not gotted fixed! Them auto doctors couldn't find parts fur dat... and so insurance supposed to gives Mikes greenies and da car...Mike say he looks fur part himself den. Well we wents to picks up car and not put back together!!!!

What??? Now gotta waits to pick up car next week..and Mike has to pay for dem to puts it back together and fix the bumper frame?? Dats furry weird. Progressive peeples not tells the auto doctors dat Mike needs him car back together. They almost tooks title to car! Mike already tolds onda phone no he keeping dat how Mom gonna has sumpin to drive? then he go into office and they took the title... Mike say gimme dat!  Me think thats a lot folks needs the slappy award.  Well we trying to finds some catnips to come from all dis stuffs - but Uncle Mike not likes catnip... we lets you knows.

Katie Mom and Auntie Silvia applied to a research call center last week... they gonna be hiring 300 peeples to talk onda phone and ask folks questions.  It part time stuffs so thats goods fur Mom... and they gonna needs bilingual Spanish callers too.  Silvia applied for a housekeeping job yesfurday also. Please purr fur dats job pawsibilities.  But right now no rent fur Tuesday.

Well the next thing needs a lot of purrs... 
Even though Silvia cleaned and cleaned the room, Guero was found string and accidentally gotted stuck in his teeth and throat while everypawdy was sleeping. Silvia tooks him to vets yesfurday morning and the vet gotted the string out and gave him a shot fur inflamation. Yet after they gotted back home, Guero kept feeling likes dat string was still stuck in hims teeth and hims throat all itchy. He started gagging from the itchies and been throwing up yesferday. Silvia tried yogurt and pumpkin and Shannon Coons of us Three Coons hads a home remedy and she tried that too. Guero am eating a little this morning. Please purr dats hims tummy calms down today. Otherwise it back to the vets Monday and No more funds left to cover another check up and meds fur a tummy calmer (or an xray if there am more string in hims tummy.)

Katie Say dehrs more to talks bout... but weze tireds... time fur a morning nap and prayers fur stuffs and miracles to happen... likes having moneys fur a different smart phone that blogger will let us blog on so we can updates sooner!!!

- Katie Kitty Too.
Jr. Repurrter
Katiez Furry Mewz.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

A Barrelful of Updates and Art Too.

Pearly Updates Furst

Helloo!?! This am Pearl... I get to help write most of the blog today.  I wents back to vet this morning. Thats why we am lates with Caturday.  My lungs am much betters. I still gots nasal congestion so Katie had to buy me more yucky pills... Dr. Jones am furry nice and played with me. I like her temp thingy goes in ears...and makes funny noise! Katie missed taking my photo when I jumped and looked at thermometer... What you make sound in my ear for?

Katie thoughts I was almost 3 pounds... nope. last time I weighed likes 2.40 (not 2.80)... Today I weighed 2.60.  I gaining slowly now.  Having lots of pooh cause of yucky pills doesn't helps gain weight though.  And I don't get the litter box thingies just yet unless I'm in my sleepy kennel.  Imodium made me jittery. I hates jittery... I feel like giving Katie the bitey then! Katie Mom gots me some yogurts fur my tummy instead.  She let you know if I likes it and if dat helps with me has less potty accidents! I likes eating Iams and that foods gots prebiotics. Katie gonna gives me more Iams and less Sheba fur now.  

Puppy Arts
Has you seen Katie Mom's pretty Puppy arts?  Her am almost done with dat... Just gots to brighten eyes, do more shading and finish background. Den her done. Her say it not purrfessional... what dat mean? I don't remember meeting any puppies afore, I might likes to play with a small puppy though. When her done with puppy then the puppys mommy will buy the drawing. Katie going to lets the Mommy decide how much it worth to buy.
- Purrz from Lil Pearl Electra

Maxwell Tigger Has Rash Again
Hello Internets. I don't blog alot. I like to stay laid back and out of the way. I'm actually a very big fraidy cat, although I do love a good game of track ball and hanging out in a cool sink. I'm one of Katies oldest cats, around 7 or 8 years old... Mom needs to check the calendar.  You may have read about me last month when I hurted my paw. (Maxwell Tigger) All healed now. If I could just get rid of this rash.  I'm taking little pills every day and seems to help. When the rash is down, I will have Revolution in case fleas am the culprit. Could be seasonal allergies or could be foods.  Please keeps me in your purrz.  -Maxwell Tigger.

On Monday, Katie has to takes Uncle Mike's car to the auto doctor, cause she gotted rear ended... (Insurance will be fixing the bumper and trunk)

Thanks to his mew Mom Liz sending photos, 
Young Mitchel wants to share more handsomeness on Selfie Sunday!

And now fur some really purrful mewz...
Silvia and I were sure she would have a part time job with a rescue friend doing housework by this week. Several scheduling conflicts, accidents and Facebook glitches later - hasn't materialized  May still be a possibility - yet past time to check other avenues. For those who have asked what about McDonalds or Walmart or anywhere? She has applied to both and more.  We haven't updated lately because of the generosity of caring folks, her rent and food has been paid. All your help for Silvia and her cats have gone to her and no one else. Yet that job we were counting on may not materialize. I was so sure that the rescuer who found Mitchel was going to interview Silvia and have her go out on a job by now, that I tripped on the don't put all your eggs in one basket sign...  Here we are at square one needing 150.00 for rent next week. 

Silvia's heart is so compassionate... 
This kitty comes to Silvia's motel room every night looking for food and someone to love him. KFM is trying to get him local help with a foster and vet attention. Right Now, he needs funds to be seen and someplace to go after the vet visit.  Wichita Animal Action League may be able to take him in and keep the kitty at their vet for the 3 day hold, get his FLV/FIV tests and antibiotics for wound on his face. If he is negative for FLV/FIV, he can be placed with a foster. Looking into other possibilities too of someone who can take him in.

He's very shy, but friendly. We may have someone who can help get him on Sunday, but not sure where he will go after that.  All up in the air and needs lots of purrs... I am hoping if any amount of funds comes in for him, that WAAL will step up to the plate and help. I don't have anyplace to keep him and Silvia can't risk her kitties either.  WAAL just needs a good faith effort up front that some funds will be there for his vet bill.  FIV/FLV test, possibly lancing the wound and antibiotics, plus something for fleas and worms...

Thanks and May God Bless you fur all your Purrz, Prayers and Support of God's creatures great and small...
-Katie Kat.

Purr.S. As you can see by the photo above, I'm drawing again! And I would love to draw your sweetheart for any donation to help Katiez Furry Mewz. 

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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Pear In A Pearl Caturday Arts and Some Good Updates.

Hiya folks on the internets - dis am Pearl. Ifs you hasn't reads about my miracle rescue, please go heres: Pearls Furry Furst Selfie Ever
and Pearl bloggie Posts - Here I am at Cat hospital on Thursday evening. Dr. Jones had already checked me out. I weighed almost 3 pounds! I getting lots of good foods!  Dr. Jones was furry nice. She said my tongue was purple... cause I nots getting nuffs oxygen. Her said I hads pneumonia and still hads round worms, even though I tooks lots of yucky meds before!

Her wents to go gets me some meds and I looked fur a way to gets down.  And then I started hacking... Dr. Jones came back and gaves me Baytril antibiotic and Drontal for wormies.

So yesfurday (Friday),  Dem wormies was deaded!  I has to takes another Drontal in a few weeks.  By yesfurday afternoon, my tongue gotted pinks! I was so happy to breathes better dats I wanted to play fight with Mommy Katiez fingers and toes... So Katie tries to gets me to play softer... how you do that? I likes chomping on fingers and toes... why Katie say no? How else me tells her I wants down?  Katie say I haz to calms down and then I gets down... I don't get it yet. And why do i haz to goes in box when dehr am mewspapers near by?  Katie Say I gots lots to learns! I am almost 3 pounds now and almost 3 months old!

Anyways Mom Katie say that internets am magical place where all sorts of things cans happens... and looks where I founds myselfs... in a Pearl! I'm a Pearl after all... Here am our Arts on Caturday!
Pearl Effect at Wish A Friend
Me so glads that Mitchel - I gots to meet him - am doing much betters. Him getting bigger too and loves his mew home with Stormy and Worf.  

Me hopes to finds mew home too! Katie say I gots work on my manners first, likes not chewing on fingers, plus using the box and not the mewspaper.  Me discovered sleeping in the sink! Mom try to gets cute picture of me doing that.

Purrs from Pearl 

(who am too Electric to be Electra now... mol)

Dis hear am Katie Kitty Too Repurrting on Ronnie:

Ronnie's Mommy Silvia gaves him some cottage cheese yesfurday and den he coughed up dats bit of toothpick. He gotted seen by the vet yesfurday and gots a shot to feels better. Him may gets xray on Monday to make sure he not hurted no mores.  Katie say Ronnie am always getting into things and chewing them up... Auntie Silvia has to watch him alla times. Hims a furry silly boy 

Well Katie Mom said we was going to mention Blog the Change for Animals and link up, but the site am down. Dis hear am their blogging Badge.  Ifns we finds out more, den we will add something here...  

Katie Mom tries to Blog the Change and helps animals likes Pearl, Mitchel and Ronnie alla time.  Please keeps my Mom in your purrs her am furry tired and depressed today. Too much to do and no times to do dat. And after all her hard work trying to gets somethings done... someone else drops the ball and dat ball fell down and rolled away somewheres. -Katie Kitty Too.

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Thankful Thursday and More Purrs Please

Please check for updates: I have to get Pearl to vet now... 

Hiya, Katie Kitty Too Here...
We hads stormy rain all day.... Katie Mom just nows gotted over here to Uncle Mike's house to blog abouts our doings... dis gonna be likes the quickest, lastest thankful thursday and purrz evers... so please excuse some ramblings. we might edit laters.

Furrst of alls it am almost 5pm CST and Pearl gots an appointment at 6:15 withs Cat Hospital fur a checkups and second opinion. Her am eating goods and almost figuring out what a litter box am... but hers breathing and gurgling and sneezy sounds not any betters... Her tummy gotted less bloated and her poohs are looking solider but not dark. Her been taking dis new meds called Doxy cycline instead of Amox.  Thanks to Erin the Cat Princess, we can check in with the cat expert in town and see what Dr. Jones thinks.

Yet weze gotted some more purr mewz: Silvia's Ronnies chewed up a sharp bit of toothpick the other day and him not eating now. Him throws up and stuffs.  Today him threw up blood and poohed some blood.  Silvia has run out of credit at Arapahoe and now Ronnie can't get to vets... him really could use an x-ray and that would be hundred dollars!!!  

Silvia needs purrs too cause her ran our of blood pressure medication and this week she was going to get with Gae, a rescue friend that cleans houses but Silvia had court wed and thursday about that bad man (him gone from motel now! Whoohoo!) and stuck cleaning motel rooms to pay back the motel owner for taking her to emergency room for hives on Monday.... Both Silvia and Gae have phones not working! So weze all hoping they can get together next week so Silvia can makes some money for rents. In the meantime, gotta figure out money for rent on Tuesday.  Please purr that Silvia can gets Ronnie to vets asap!   

Silvia needs to get him to the vet and get an x-ray (100.00) or something for his stomach to help him pass the object. May have to take to ER, but don't know yet. Please Paypal to laugh_safely at yahoo dot com or call Arapahoe Vet Clinic after 7am in the morning Friday... 2776 S Seneca St, Wichita, KS · (316) 262-6491 after 7am CST.

 Now fur some thankful mewz...

Thank you Brian and Terry of Brian's Home for Paying Mitchel and Stormy's vet visit! Dey am doing goods today.

Mitchel loves to groom Mommy Liz's hair and stuffs... We loves him so much. 
Mommy Liz said, "He's a lover too. spent a chunk of last night playing in my hair and purring. kisses galore."

Just a sweet little cat.
Purrz, Katie Kitty Too
Jr. Repurrter

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Pearl Growed and Mitchel's Urgent Mewz

Pearl am Growed... 

 Pearl went from 1.33 lbs to over 2 lbs in seven days! Her am at least 8 weeks old. Katie Mom started her on a different antibiotic yesfurday. Her am still sneezing, but gots lots of energy and eating goods... Please keeps her in your purrz. 

Tons of Thanks to Erin the Cat Princess, Pearl still has funds for blood work or xrays if she still keeps having breathing trubble. Will keep ever furry one posted...

-Katie Kitty Too, Jr Repurrter

5pm UPDATE: Liz took Mitchel and Stormy to Carbondale Veterinary Clinic at 3:00pm CST. Mitchel knocked down a pepper plant and Stormy chewed up a pepper, then threw up and nearly passed out... Stormy got something for pain and inflammation. Mitchel had an upper respiratory infection. enlarged glands and tummy sick. My vet had only dewormed for round worms. Mitchel got a tummy calmer, steroid, antibiotics and another broad spectrum dewormer.

Bill was $202.48. Any amount toward  vet bill to Liz's paypal snowbearsmom at gmail dot com would really help. Will keep you posted on how Mitchel and Stormy are doing. (Liz also makes beautiful rosaries if anyone is interested in exchange for paying) -Katie

Mitchel and hims mew friend Worf (see Mr. Worf and Stormy):
EMERGENCY PURRZ PLEASE / CALLING ALL PURR WARRIORS.  Mitchel needs to go back to vet asap!

Mitchel started a low grade fever again and lethargic this morning...does not want to eat. Drinking water. Vomiting again.

His Mew mom Liz Cornish needs to get him back to vet asap. (Mitchel is negative for FIV/FLV and previously tested for Distemper/Parvo.) 

He responded well to Amox and mirtazipine last time, funds needed for blood work and tests not done before. She goes to Carbondale Vet Hospital in Topeka, KS.

Yet the vet isn't set up to take payments over the phone. Please send what you can to his Mew Mom's paypal - snowbearsmom at gmail dot com vs sending to KFM - that way she can use it asap. Paypal email is snowbearsmom at gmail dot com 
(Will find out if her vet can take checks mailed in care of Liz' account.)

Thank you fur your purrs and helps fur Mitchel. 

- Katie the Mom and 
Katie Kitty Too, Jr. Repurrter.

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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Pearl Toe Selfies and Mitchel at Forever Home.

Hellooo??? Dis here Pearl...

Guess whats I dids? I gained a whole pound in a week!  Wanta see my bigger toes?

Katie Mom Say dats I growed! I still has burpy tummy but my poohs am all solid now and I ams goods with a litter box.  I loves to play with everything! 

Dats clavamox not working much though. I gots breathing purrblems.. Katie Mom trying hards to helps me breathes through da congestion. Her gived me Golden Seal - dat tastes yucky. But then I eats my turkey foods! I loves turkey.  Katie Mom gonna call doctor in morning and ask fur different antibiotics... I may go see a nice lady at Cat Hospittle too.  Katie Mom sure needs to finds another foster to looks after me. Her not has rooms for a bigger me! And dehr am concrete dust at her house... cause somthing called unfinished basement... Another home be betters where I can breathes. Katie gived me pine litter.  No clay dust fur my litter box!Pleaze keeps me in your purrz... -Little Pearl Electra.


Hi Everyone, Mitchel here...

Stormy and Mitchel's Ball Track Toy
Mr. Worf wondering who that kitten am...
Friday evening (July 9th), I traveled two hours to meet my mew Mom inside of PetsMart in Topeka, Kansas. I wasn't sure what was going on at furst...Katie sure surprised me! I loved the car ride though, but we gotted to PetsMart in  Topeka ten minutes afore closing. So I didn't git much chance to say Hello or goodbyes... Katie gived me a kissy then into my Mew Mommy's carrier.  I love my mew home! I gotted two housemates. Stormy and I are learning to likes each other. I brought my ball track toy and he likes it alot.  Mr. Worf doesn't know what to thinks of me yet. Katie and me will keep you posted...You can reads about my mew housemates and my Mom in this postie: Mr. Worf and Stormy

Purrz from Mitchel the Mew Kit on the Block!

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Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Pearl of Wisdom Fur Wednesday

Follow up Vet Visit Fur Pearl Electra

Negative For FIV and Leukemia! Hooray!!
(Vet Visit made pawsible by Brian's Home.)
Her Gained over a third of pound - might just be foods in her tummy tho.

Pearl still has congestion and uncomfortable gassy tummy pushing against her diaphragm and lungs, making harder to breathe. Katie Mom been rubbing her tummy, yet bubbles move and hurty. Her needs lots of purrz. Her taking Clavamox and loves all things turkey...eating Sheba turkey and turkey baby food.
Katie Mom gived her a bit of watered down Goldenseal fur her congestion.  If any of your Moms and Dads use Goldenseal, Katie Mom needs the dosage. Her can't finds dat.

For her mewraculous rescue story,
please Reads Rescued Kitten's Furry Furst Selfie Evers

More on Thankful Thursday right here....(Hopefully)

-Katie Kitty Too
Jr. Repurrter.
Katiez Furry Mewz