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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Friday Misadventures and Purrz Plz

Angel the Fetch Kitty
Hi Every Furry Buddy, Angel the Fetch Kitty Here.

For kitties and humans who follow us on Facebook and You Caring, you might have seen a post yesfurday about Silvia's kitties getting out of the motel - well just two got out, yet that was scary cause it happened when Silvia went to PetsMart with that yucky car that needs new CV joints fixed or just plain sold.

The latch plate on the motel door came off and the door
Naughty Ronnie...
wouldn't shut. Ronnie decided to open the door and let himself out and Mama Narcisca followed. When Silvia came back, she had to get them back inside. One of the feral kitties that Auntie Silvia feeds tried to fight poor Mama and Ronnie never pays attention to cars when he's outside. Thank goodness no kitty gotted hurts and they am back inside and safe.

Last night, Uncle Mike, that's Katie Mom Bruffurr helped put the latch back on - him was furry tireds from working 54 hours all weeks just to make ends meet... Mouses! what are you going to do with all them ends? I hope Uncle Mike ties them together so I can chase them instead of chasing my tail. Cause that seems to be what all the humans are doing like Katie Mom and Auntie Silvia just to keeps looking after us kitties.. that is if they hads tails... Always not enough moneys to look after us. Right now Katie Mom just has 40.00 in the bank until Wednesday when dehr be moneys in banks again.

Silvia still owes 137.00 to the motel owner for vet bills. She went with another human to a furry yucky place called a bar to see if she could wait on tables, too awful. Humans there smoke and say bad stuffs.  She couldn't breathe - had to go hospital for breathing treatment last night. (and prescriptions but can't get)

And about car with parts needing fixed - might have to find someone to buy that works on their own cars.

Katie Mom and Auntie Silvia on Monday are going to Apply at a place to work that calls folks and asks them questions... (NORC, a survey research call center looking for bilingual help), and apply on Monday. 

There is only 90.00 toward rent next week and need 60.00 more and the 137.00 to pay motel owner back from vet bills or he may not take rent until paid back. Katie Mom am going to keep looking for a ministry that can helps or loving purrson that can give Auntie Silvia and her cats a place to stay.

Mom thinks we founds our favfurit place to play with photos.
Last month, I talked abouts waiting for Turtles To Cross so the porch would be all painted and I could go watch birds and stuffs... Come see how purrty the porch looks now!  I inspurrcted the porch and gave the new paint color my apurrval. Too bads its too furry cold today to stay outside.

Katie Mom helped me make purrty arts at Photo This was under Artistic, Magical, Magic Stars 


 Naughty Smart Ronnie using Photo Mania - Artistic, Painting, Cartoonizer:

Auntie Silvia is a sweet lady and I likes her furry much. Ronnie, Guero, Gordo, Natasha, Mama Narcisca depends on her to loves them. Please keeps her in your purrz...  

Love from Angel the Fetch Kitty.


  1. Adorable photos!

    We hope and purr for you and the kitties that all will be well xx

    Athena and Marie

  2. That had to be scary dealing with the escape artist. Purrs to everyone from all of us.

  3. That is scary that the kitties escaped, I am glad they are OK.

  4. We hope Silvie and her cats can find a nice place to stay so she can get back on her feet.


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