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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wordy Wednesday Thanks From Guero Purrz Fur Bibi

Got the blood panel back on Guero - His kidney panel was in the good range - Purray!!!
Thank you every one for helping us get that blood work done... He needed checked after his bout with
fever and the big D, especially since he wetting hims bed while he had fever last week.  This week he is doing well. Thank you soo much!!
He is more susceptible to infection though without his urethra.  Purrz that he stays well.

Guero Monday, before blood panel
Bibi at the vet last month
Katie Mom checked on previous blog post last month about Nana's Bibi and realized that we never told about her checkup at the vets when her was bothered about her ear or mouth. We updated Facebook and forgots to update the blog!

Mouses!!! If had beens really bads, we would haz lets you know fur sure. Well Bibi's ears were fine, her teeth were fine - she had fleas bothering her. Mouses indeed!! Nana's house has never had fleas. Bibi been flea free fur years... Well her gotted Revolution to starts and then will gets another one in about a week and next month too.  

Bibi has had Chronic Kidney Disease for several years and is 15 years old this year.  After her vet visit, Bibi decided to change which litter box to use. She started using the one down in the basement that she had not used in over a year.  The litter in the box was furry old.

Bibi Resting in her carrier
Katie Mom cleaned the downstairs box fur her a few times and put fresh litter in. Then Bibi stopped using the downstairs box and is not using the one upstairs either. 

Nana and Katie Mom don't know where her am going potty.  Yesfurday she went poopy in front of the microwave.  We don't know why she won't use her boxes... same litter, yet maybe the litter smell has changed.

She may be using the blankies on the spare bed.  If the change has to do with CKD - then we are furry worried.  She needs to be seen furry soon and check her blood work and see if the CKD has advanced. 

Please keep Bibi in your purrz... 
Nana needs your purrz too...

- Katie Kitty Too
Jr. Repurrter
Katiez Furry Mewz

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  1. That sure is good for Guero. Purrs to sweet Bibi from all of us.

    1. Thanks Brian. Nana sure hopes to find out where she is going...
      Bibi is due to find out how the chronic kidney disease has progressed.

  2. I'm so glad that Guero's results were good! I will be praying that he stays healthy. :) I hope that you are able to figure out what is going on with Katie too. Potty problems can be really frustrating.

    1. Oops, I think you meant Bibi...MOL. Katie Too is helping Mom do the reporting.
      Thanks I sure hope we figure what BiBi is doing. May be the litter changed scents and she doesn't like it. I am going to look for an unscented clumping litter and try that instead.

  3. I am glad Guero is OK, I will be praying for Bibi too.

    1. Thank you so much! I sure hope we figure out what Bibi is doing.

  4. Yay for Guero ! We cross our paws for Bibi. Purrs

  5. What a great news for Guero!!! I am so happy he is doing well! Lots of health and good news for sweet Bibi too.


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