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Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Ginger Baby, Pearl, Silvia and Lost Kitties Found

This am National Senior Pets Month, Me dats Katie Kitty Too am doing the mewz today. I am 13 years old.  We haz mewz about the Lost Ginger Kitty, Pearl and an update fur Silvia and some thankful mewz to shares about tomorrow!

Some good mewz about the lost ginger baby girl... Her name am Peach. Katie Mom tooks her to ER Vets to check for a micro chip and her had one!!!  Little girl Peach am actually 3 years old and spayed. She had been missing for about a month.

Here am sad mewz... her previous daddy had left her with his room mate's mom cause Peach clawed the furniture...(and her clawed outdoor furniture of a neighbor?) instead of training her or clipping her nails or even using cute claw covers. (Peach has not clawed on anything so far) The room mate's mom lived over 8 blocks away from where Peach was found. She was not kept inside and had to cross dangerous busy streets to wander so far away... a motel tenant may have found her, looked after her, but then left her behind. Dat daddy person said he would talk to his room mate about taking her back and call us today.... Katie Mom doesn't think we gets any calls. So we am looking fur Peach a mew forever home.

PEARL UPDATE: A lady dats we haz been waiting to hears from finally texted Katie Mom last night abouts adopting Pearl!  Her has a doggie who loves kitties and needs a fun housemate.  Her wants to meet Pearl next week. We hopes dats dis am the goods home fur Pearl we haz been waiting fur....

And Guero wants to say, thank you for helping my Mom yesfurday! 
We gotted our rents, car insurance and guessdid whats? Those tires were fines. Auntie Katie and Mom Silvia wents to see Honest Man yesfurday and founds out tires was okay! Save that one has a leak and Honest Man tightened dat valve (we am crossing our paws). Car tie rods needs replacing was causing da rumbling...  dis other place just trying to sell tires and tell bad stories...   So Auntie Katie and Mom gonna finds out how to get tie rods and fix dem.

One more fings! Ifns you wants to reads good story...
Ninja da cat was losted here in our town while on vacation and gotted found and wents back to her family in Florida last weekend.  Purray! We tells more about dats tomorrow...

Dats da Wordyful Mewz from
Katie Kitty Too
and Guero Todays

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  1. I think if the Peach human calls you should say she ran away, she needs a real forever home. Hooray for good news!

    1. Weze purring dats Peachs furever home be founds... -Katie Kitty Too

  2. Well, good mews and bad mews fur Peach. Maybe her human just needs some educatin' 'bout cats and claws. We do hope Pearl gets a pawsum home and we's sendin' purrayers. Hopefully she'll be in her furever next posty.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  3. From Karen Lucas I was heart sick to read the latest information about Silvia and am sending all the prayers I can send that she will completely recover.

  4. Yay for senior pets! Some of the best times come when a pet is older. I'm glad that Peach and Ninja have been found. I hope that Pearl loves her potential adopters! :)

  5. We are glad for all these wonderful kitties YAY


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