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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Guero Update and Purrz Please

We missed sharing on Veteran's Day -
yet everyday can be a day to thank those who protect and serve. Some good places to read about Cats who served:

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Pizap Heart and Umark for Text
Silvia's Guero Update: Guero was seen by vet at  El Paso Animal Clinic in Derby Thursday evening. He was given a vitamin B shot, metronidazole shot and prescriptions for Metronidazole and clavamox. 

The shots helped initially - he stopped having the runs every few hours and got some needed rest Thursday night.  Friday,
He took the Clavamox fine, but not the Metronidazole liquid so I went back to the vet (40 minute drive there and hour back due to construction) and got the Metro in pill form.  Still hated the pill and hacked it back up this morning and drooled from taste (yucky!)  Silvia also gave him a bit of Imodium yesterday and today.

This morning Guero kept drooling from the Metronidazole. Imodium didn't seem to help. He had messy stool this morning and some blood in it, he was laying in cat bed and lost control of both urine and stool. Went back to El Paso this morning for check up. 

Now back home, he is alert but hiding under the bed - raised bed high enough for cat beds and storage - yet you can see in his eyes that he doesn't feel well.

Both Arapaho and El Paso vets concur that Guero is due for blood work ($80+) because of surgery a year ago that removed his urethra... Please pray for Guero that he gets over being sick and this is not a sign that something is wrong with his kidneys. If you can pray and send some funds to get his blood work - Guero will thank you from his sweet heart... -Katie and Silvia  (funds in paypal right now are earmarked for rent on Tuesday)
Dreamscape Graphic - Winter Solstice

(Update on Silvia's Gordo - his thyroid is still on the high level of normal, but he is back to eating and has gained some weight - Still unknown what is causing high thyroid. I am going to try the Pet Well Being products for thyroid and see if that helps.)

Pearly Girl may be staying with foster after all...

and Peachy am still looking for her forevers.  

More Furry Mewz next times...

Purrz from Katie and the Katz.


  1. Purrs and prayers from all of us. Have you tried any slippery elm for Guero?

    1. No haven't thought about that one. He's still running a fever.

  2. We shall keep purring and sending healing love. Also sharing.

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  3. We are sending out lots of positive thoughts for Guero! Frodo will catch a mouse just for him!

  4. Purrayers and POTP for Guero and all your kitties.

  5. Healing Pawkisses and Purrayers are on the way to you all <3 <3 <3


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