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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

I has sick Mom... and other Furry Mewz

Katie Kitty Too
Hi everyone, Katie Kitty Too Here, with Wednesday post before Thanksgiving.

The Mom am furry sick - her came down with yucky sore throat and sore glands yesfurday evening and running a fever too. This morning her has upset tummy.

Uncle Mike bought thermometer last night that not works! All showed was 98 - And Mom had the chills. If you go buys thermometers - get digital one... don't buy dis one by Geratherm - might not work. Hard to hold in a humans mouth - too wide! And furry hard to read....

Mama Narcisca is doing better after being attacked by Molly the feral cat outside.  Her always lets her sons and daughter eat first though. She is so much smaller than they are. She will lick their heads while they eat and then she will eat after they are done.

Ricky Raccoon
Auntie Silvia and Katie Mom are want to catch outside cats that come to eat, especially the two furry nice boys, Swirly and Ricky. Swirly has not showed up for several days. We hope he has found a home to loves him. Ricky Raccoon came by last night, but was scared off by Silvia's car alarm acting weird. We have a furry nice lady that will take Ricky and Swirly and she could have taken Ricky last night. We will has to waits another day.  Two days ago Auntie Silvia's car drivers door decided to lock and unlock all by itself and then start alarm. Come to find out the remote thingy was burnt out... Auntie Silvia doesn't use the remote thingy so her didn't know what was going on.  Another motel resident was able to make it stop, but he wants 100 dollars for all the work he did.  Auntie Silvia am applying fur several jobs this week, yet we don't has 100 dollars to gives dat guy fur the car. He should have said that to begin instead of afterwards. Uncle Mike am going to try and see if he can work on the CV joints. If Auntie Silvia gets a job with cleaning service her needs to has a car to go from house to house.

Nana's Bibi has not gone to doctor yet. Her hid yesfurday as soon as Katie Mom came in Nana's house...

Her still needs blood work done. Katie made appointment fur today, yet now Katie Mom am sick.  We hope that there am a doctor on Friday or Saturday we can take her too... Katie wanted to takes Nana out to eats tomorrow fur Thanksgiving... so please purr her feels better furry soon. Right now her am furry dizzy and after her helps me with the mewz, Katie Mom am going back to bed.

Thank you fur all your purrz.
Katie Kitty Too
Jr Mewz Repurrter.



  1. guys...hope yur mom getz ta feelin soooper better soooper quik....heerz hopin everee one haza sooooooper grate burd free all ewe can eat pie day two morrow anda happee week oh end ! ♥♥

  2. Sending strong healing purrs to your Mom and all furries with problems; our paws are crossed that one and all will make a speedy recovery.
    Purrs ... Rainbow

  3. Aww, this weather is getting everyone sick. I hope your mommy feels better soon!!
    Maybe some turkey will help! :) heheh

    Happy Thanksgiving Eve & enjoy the rest of your evening!


  4. Dang, we sure hope the all better find the Mom super soon. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us.

  5. I hope that your mom feels better soon! There are a few nasty bugs going around. I'm just now getting over one. Yuck! I totally agree about kitties being great for making you feel better. :)


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