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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Thankful Fur Friends and Guero Urgent Update

Saturday UPDATE: Guero saw vet that a rescuer uses Thursday evening- had a fever. Doc gave him a Vitamin B and antibiotic shots.  Started on Clavamox and Metro - not doing well on the Metro. He did get some rest Thursday night.  Still having the runs some - he did have imodium Friday. Taking him to that Vet this morning because he is throwing up food and drooling from the Metro. Will do Saturday post later today....

12:23pm - Update on Guero: Silvia thinks that Guero ate the food meant for the girls - he doesn't tolerate the Purina Indoor that the girls eat.  She called her vet and he wants to see Guero tomorrow morning - makes no sense to me - a cat can get very sick and dehydrated... He said to keep trying to get him to eat. I have a can of prescription thats helps with diarrhea. Praying it helps Guero.

Thanksgiving am coming soon... 

We wants to thank every furry paw and friend fur all the amazing support that Katie and the Katz has received this year so far...

You are helping Katiez Furry Mewz start an amazing journey of helping pets and pet owners in need. KFM will work toward becoming a real non profit rescue and help organization in the coming year on our journey to finding a home/place to begin a no kill cat sanctuary in the near future.

 And Now here am Maxwell Tigger Todayz Mewz:
Hiya evfurry pawdy... Thank you fur all your purrz and prayerz fur me... I am doing some betters with dat bad rash.

I am taking my meds and eating new foods... My tummy rash am betters, but my neck rash am taking longer to heal.
Katie Mom doesn't know yet if dis new Natural Balance foods am the best fur me. We will keeps you posted.

Pearl and Nice Lady
Lil Pearl liked her visit to see a nice lady and her dog. The nice lady liked her too. Yet it was not the match made in heaven that we all hoped fur...nice lady needs an older kitty.  Even though Pearl did not find her furever home last night, the nice lady gave 20 to buy foods and litter! Dat was furry nice.  Howsumever, the nice lady wants to meet Peach on Saturday. Even if dis am nots good fit fur Peach, the visit will give Katie Mom a chance to see what Miss Peach thinks of dogs....
And now fur the urgent Mewz needing helps asap and purrz... Guero is not getting better from the Big D... He received a Depro shot yesterday and some fluids by mouth at Silvia's vet who wanted to wait til today for antibiotic.  He needs to be seen today ASAP - but we need the funds to do so.

His runny stool is so bad that Silvia was up all night cleaning Guero and the floor, plus trying to get help to take him back to the vet today. 

Here am what her wrote to Katie Mom in the middle of the night:  "Can you update your blog please on Guero...he is way sick...diarrhea. I don't care about my rent I'll live in the street - I rather him be cured.. I'll manage being homeless and I'll see what I do with them Tuesday (cats whether to take them to a shelter).  I'd give my life for them I'll walk the alleys streets at night. Just to keep these fur cats taken care of. If you can update blog plz"

We have to find a way to get him back to the vet today... and still have rent for next week of 150.  Please can you help and share? We mostly do Facebook - any sharing on other social media would really help... just link back to this blog post and let folks know they can contribute by paypal to laugh_safely at or to Arapahoe Vet Clinic by calling (316) 262-6491.  (We only have 12.00 available in Care Credit - and Silvia's vet does not accept it.)

Purrz from Katie and Maxwell Tigger


  1. We sure hope dear Pearl hits the jackpot soon and that sweet Guero gets things under control.

  2. Oops, I forgot to say thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.

  3. I'm purring for Guero and hope he gets well soon. Poor baby!

  4. We're all purring for Guero, hope he makes a speedy recovery


    Basil & Co xox

  5. I am praying for Guero. Why didn't the vet give him an antibiotic? Have you tried yogurt? That would help his good gut bacteria.

  6. We hope Guero feels better soon, we're purring for him. Purrs

  7. We really hope Guero feels better soon!

    Noodle and crew


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