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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Urgent Help Needed: Silvia is moving to California

We interrupts normal Sunday Selfies fur very impawtant and urgent mewz: 

Calling all cat bloggers
from Kansas to California,

and evfurry one who has fallen in loves with Silvia and her kitties!

Silvia is extremely exhausted from no sleep and worrying about cats and her car needing fixed badly (CV joints and possibly the transmission.)

The cats and Silvia are stressing out from their living situation due a person who shall remain nameless. Gordo needs to be seen by vet for his stress UTI. Needs to go to ER. Or we will try to get him to his vet in the morning. But KFM funds are at their lowest - 12.00 in Care Credit available and that's all.  Gordo needs to be seen as soon as possible, because he and his fur mates may be taking a trip!

Her sister wants her to move to California where she can start over...  and the cats can come too, but long drive and we will need more carriers and the car fixed!!! 

Otherwise, we are looking for any transportation that can get Silvia and her fur kids to her sisters in California in Los Angeles, Ventura suburbs....  and places for her to stay and rest along the way.


I may still have to look after her cats for a short while. This means I may have to board Angel at a vets while I get things ready if I can't find a home for her.  Angel is occupying the room they can stay in at my house if they need to - I need to find a home for Angel. 

There may be a kitty transport that goes through Kansas on way to Washington state - may be able to take Silvia and the cats to California - 

Ronnie Johnny
I am also calling on all kitty bloggers from here to California and evfurry one who loves kitties - can you help be a part of a Mewracle???  We needs to sort this out as soon as pawsible within the next two weeks.

Fur all the loving folks from France to New Zealand and all over the U.S. who has comes to loves Silvia and her babies, this is a wonderful thing for them...

Mama Narcisca
Please comment to lets me know  how you  can helps make a mewracle happen..before Christmas... Pay it Furward and saves them all. PLEASE SHARE WITH EVERYONE!!

Ricky Raccoon

We are going to trap the friendliest outdoor cat who has a home waiting for him. Raccoon Kitty.  Sadly, Swirly may have gone OTRB... a car dealer said they found a large cat hit by a car... We may be able to trap a feral Mom and her daughter - please pray - they are hard to catch.

Gordo really needs your help today as his bill may be over 150 just for ER. 

We need about 80 more dollars to cover rent for the next week while we sort everything out, getting the cats safe and Silvia ready to leave Wichita... 

Please keep Silvia and her cats in your prayers... We really need it. 

-Katie Kat


  1. HI, this is very good news, a fresh start and less worries! Heres to some of our US pals, or a cat lover on route to save the day! Wow are so sorry that you may have lost Swirly, life on the outside is way harder than in, and the worst things do happen. Be strong, it may not be Swirly, which will be wonderful news.
    Purrs and Prayers ERin

  2. I am praying it all works out. I hope you can trap the outdoor kitties too.

  3. Good Luck Pawkisses and Purrayers are on the way :) <3 <3 <3

  4. Oh Katie & Silvia I have sent you $$$ through pay pal - not enough I know but the best I can do and am sending you all my prayers that everything can work out. I wish I knew how to get something trending on the You Caring web site so that more people would see it. This is Karen Lucas

  5. I hope we can help with a few $$. Happy Sunday Selfie!


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