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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Guero went to vets yesfurday and other mewz

Guero waiting for his temp to be taken... 

He was running a fever Monday night and showing signs of a mild UTI... refusing to eat.

Yesterday afternoon Silvia and I took him to he vet.
He received inflammation and antibiotic combo shot.

Cost was only 45.00. The vet waived the exam fee. He is eating today. Purray!!

Hoping to get all the outside kitties safe so Silvia can move out of motel and plan for trip to California. Thank goodness the weather is only cool 50 to 60 degrees. Tonight Silvia and I are going to try and catch Raccoon Kitty. Silvia likes to call him Squirly for his cute squirrel like tail.
Molly (left) Raccoon Kitty (right)

Ricky Raccoon
I am making a place for him to stay until he can go to his forever home in Winfield... 

Silvia picked him up last night and he kissed her forehead. He is just soo afraid of carriers. Going to try to put him in a big kennel that's easy to drop him inside. 

Siamese Kitty
Molly is more wild and too smart fur her own good... Her daughter the Siamese actually has too short a munchkin kitty.  Silvia was able to pet the Siamese kitten recently, but Molly swiped at Silvia for touching her daughter.

Silvia thinks that Molly maybe pregnant again. Her kittens never seem to survive.. except for one or two at a time...  Hoping after we catch Squirly, aka Ricky Raccoon, we can catch Molly's daughter. Molly will be hard to trap -  she is too leary of  cages and traps, but worth a try.

Sadly, we may have lost Swirly. He was a wanderer and thought he could cross the street anytime... still purring  that the kitty the car dealer found was not him - yet chances are that Swirly has gone OTRB. 

More mewz later...  Still getting over this bad cold. upper respiratory... taking antibiotics and stuff.
Healing Kitty gets tissue fur sick Mom...

Purrz from Katie 
and the Katz Gang.

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  1. There sure is a lot going on around you even though you're sick. Hope you get well quickly. And good luck catching the cats.

  2. Hope you catch them all as quickly as you caught a cold! Feel better soon.

  3. We have our paws crossed that you catch those outside kitties. And we're purring that you feel better real soon!


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