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Sunday, November 06, 2016

Maxie to the Vets and Hickory Hollow Selfies

Maxie's Lap Selfie at the Vets
Hello? Maxwell Tigger here on Happy Daylight Savings Day! 

I been breaking outs and gotted rash on my belly again and bumpies on my chin.

Uncle Mike and Katie Mom tooks me to see Dr. Vet man yesfurday. Him am furry nice, but I would rather hide in Mom's arms or Uncle Mike's lap.  I am very shy and loves everybody.  I has to takes pills again... Dr. says Mom needs to find out what I am allergic too, besides fleas...

  Angel did a Chewy Purrview and didn't much like the  Natural Balance Canned Venison and Green Pea. Guess What? I loves it! Chewy sent a whole case fur purrview. I haz not eated these ingredients afore. Please purr that Natural Balance will help me get over my allergies.

The Vet bill costed 166.00 and that included getting 8 Revolution fur some of us kitties. We still needs to gets about 11 more, but we has to waits fur more moneys.

I took my pills like a good boy this Sunday morning from Uncle Mike cause he put it in my new favorite foods!!!

Katie will lets you know how me am doing... And how Silvia and her kitties are doing too. Please keep Silvia in your purrz from her mini stroke this past week

Thank you fur your purrz and loves. - Maxwell Tigger.
Katie Mom gave Maria and Ernesto's Mom a ride to Hickory Hollow Animal Refuge in Leon, Kansas yesfurday afternoon to visit them.  (Impawtant: Wix website page created for HHAR -not by them- has outdated contact info of a woman fired for animal abuse... Mom am helping get site taken down)

Here am Maria's and Ernesto's selfies -
Ernesto and Mom scritches

Ernesto Chillin on top of the boarding kennel. He's pretty much a laid back kitty and wants to explore. He followed Mom Sheila into the next room when she was looking for a broom...

Peek a boo Maria


Maria would rather hide behind a kitty bed turned upside down... Bye bye Maria. Auntie Katie will put the bed back over you so you feels safer.  

This was after her adventure trying to hide behind an empty kennel and climbed halfway down the back and had to be rescued. Mom Sheila has that photo.. we'll share when we gets a copy.

Purrz from
Maxwell Tigger,
KFM Repurrter

 Hickory Hollow Selfies
Bubba am Big!!! Taller than Mom

Hobbit has big feets and short legs -  really sweet
Sweet Johnny lost the use of his back legs
One of the many dogs at Hickory Hollow
More Hickory Hollow Selfies next time!

Purrz from Katie the Mom. 



  1. Such beautiful kitties. And the horse is pretty too. I hope the food helps you. o sneaking other foods though. Prancie does well on limited ingredient diets til she steals someones food then pulls her tummy furs out.

    1. oh Dear Prancie, you silly kitty girl.... tummy furs belong on tummies!

  2. I love horses,they always have something interesting to say,xx Speedy

  3. OH, MAXIE, I hope you are well soon. Pimples? Are you a teen-ager? I'm sure the vet will fix you up well. Let me know when all is healthy again.

  4. Heres hoping you can find out what your allergic to, Maxwell, as you don't need to be losing any of that floof from anywhere, especially as winter is coming! purrs and prayers for Silvia too. purrs ERin

  5. Great bunch of selfies! Amarula has a theory that Maxwell is allergic to humans! And she also wants you to know that lil Bear can use the sidewalk anytime as long as there are tasty chicken involved!

  6. Those are all lovely selfies. I think I should get the horses here to do the selfies so I don't have to.

  7. I agree, that's a nice bunch of selfies. Purrs Maxwell, I sure hope your allergies get under control.

  8. Lots of cute selfies - Bubba is especially adorable.

  9. We hope you feel better soon, Maxwell Tigger. Going to the vet is no fun. You Mom took wonderful pictures of the kitties at Hickory Hollow.

  10. Those are some terrific selfies, gang. We sure hope you figure out those allergies soon, Maxwell!

  11. Such cute animals and selfies!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  12. You all look gorgeous in your Selfie today. Hope everything is fine with all of you. Healing Pawkisses to you all :) <3

  13. I really like all the selfies you took!!! Hope you are going to find out what you allergic to, Maxwell. Feel better soon!!!!!

  14. I am sharing for you guys. I dearly hope this are going to be OK.


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